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  • tbednarczyk34 Level 1 Level 1

    What's that going to do, how long have people been saying bigger screen. They will release it on the iPhone 6 coming out in 3 months

  • _SIKES_ Level 1 Level 1

    Maps is HORRIBLE!



    Ugly typefaces, not enough detail in a zoomed out field, misspelt street names, turn by turn is impractical and overall the app is hideous.



    I will surely be using Google maps when the app is released.



    What a disappointment.

  • Chelito19 Level 1 Level 1

    it seems apple was against the wall with Maps...they wanted to get rid of everything to do with Google as quickly as possible, but didnt want to have a phone without maps and turn by turn navigation, and it seems they did not hae enough time to develop a proper Maps app in time to perfect was either that or keep Google, which they are not in good terms with, so in the end were stuck suffering for t, but all we can do is complain directly to apple and theyll perfect it as quickly as possible

  • rbrylawski Level 6 Level 6

    prayme wrote:


    I'm afraid it's even worse than I first thought. I've looked around the area I live in Sussex and there is just so many mistakes I'm starting to think I must be dreaming, well more like a nightmare! Tom Toms original maps for car navigation are good but Tom Tom are not a mapping company. I hate to say it but I think Apple are on the slippery slope! I'm incredibly disappointed in Apple for releasing an app that is no where near fit for purpose!


    IF Apple want to retain their customers and the loyalty they have had, they really need to think about putting the Google Maps app back to download from the store.


    I am very very angry at Apple right now and my iPhone 5 that is being delivered on Friday is going straight back to them.

    OK.....I don't want to wait until October 5th for mine, so if you're getting a 32 GB Black, send it to me OK!

  • prayme Level 1 Level 1

    Ok :-)


    So what's Maps like in the US? Is it pretty accurate?

  • A812 Level 1 Level 1

    No more street view and public transportation route. Want Google map app back.

  • treemusic Level 1 Level 1

    I'm very disappointed to lose public transportation access. This is what I depended on my iphone most. I even wrote an article about commuting by mass transit using an iphone for Discovery's Planet Green. Here is the article:



    I am moving to droid after being an early adopter of the iphone since its first release.

  • _SIKES_ Level 1 Level 1

    I actually have a job interview to go to today, over the other side of the city.

    Looks like I'm gonna be getting the old Refidex out from 2006, which is still gonna be more accurate than this rubish.

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    Dear Apple,

    I am so very dissapointed with the new Apple Maps app.  It is almost impossible to discern the streets from the beige background of neighborhoods.  It renders really slowly, and jumps around like it's being shocked.  I am a huge Apple fanboy, but this is a complete disaster.  I told my wife not to upgrade to iOS 6 just because of the Maps.  When she and the kids looked at what it was doing, no one wants to upgrade.  Incredibly sad, because everything else you have done is genius!  I do appreciate the turn-by-turn navigation and recalculation of routes, but if you can't read the Maps app graphics - it's all for nothing.  Your satellite view just doesn't seem to cut it either, I'm afraid. 


    I tried my updated Geocaching app, and it was just horrid.  I had no idea where I should be driving.  If you zoom in enough to see the roads, then you lose perspective of the area.  If you zoom out just a few blocks to see your relationship to the world, the streets fade into the background.  There is just not enough contrast.  Google resolved this by making their streets slightly exagerated in width, and used wider black lines on the edges of the streets.  You would do well by following that example. 


    Please fix this soon.  You have emasculated a once awesome, and essential app.

    73 de af6pu Jim

  • rextheking Level 1 Level 1

    I live in the U.S. I updated today and used maps for the first time on my way home from work. It worked fine for me. Just as good as the app I used to use, i.e., mapquest. Sorry you're having problems in the U.K.


    Edit: I have to add that I was impressed with the satellite and hybrid maps.

  • ejmon86 Level 1 Level 1

    Also in the U.S. (Chicago).  Sadly, the iOS 6 Maps app got the very first address I entered very, very wrong.  Also, it performed very poorly after a few searches for popular restaurants around me.


    I am HUGELY disappointed in this application - submitted negative feedback online.  This does NOT cut it.

  • Rubb. Level 1 Level 1

    For me it actually works really smoothly. However there are sooooo many mistakes. Not just places names and locations either, but the map it self....showing land where there is only water??? Seriously apple?????


    And the turn by turn do I get the animated street-level view they used in the previews?? I can only get an overhead view...even in the citys with flyover :/


    However, the gps seems to be more acurate now...I'm actully in my house now instead of up the road!

  • Trumania Level 4 Level 4

    For any errors you see use the Report a Problem feature.


    Maps > Pull the page up (lower right corner) > Report a Problem.

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    Excellent suggestion!

  • chipperton Level 1 Level 1

    #1 While flyover is cool, I would much rather have the useability of Google maps. I currently live in Washington DC where I use the metro system everyday. I often venture off of my usual route, travelling to places (businesses, sights, etc.) I have never been to before. The new iOS 6 maps app doesn't do transit directions, it instead gives a list of other apps that could fill that role, but none of them come close to Google maps. While some of them may feature things Google maps didnt have, they generally don't provide walking directions, metro AND bus, satellite view, or alternate routes all in one. Google maps worked great for this!

    #2 So far, searching on Apple maps has been mostly frustrating. A search for driving directions to "Dulles Airport" (which is about 27 miles from me) comes back with directions to "Dulles Airport Taxi" 4.5 miles in near the White House, nowhere close to Dulles Airport.

    A search for "Dulles International Airport" comes back with "Comfort Inn Dulles International Airport". Even when I ask siri to give me directions to Dulles airport it comes back with the Comfort Inn ?!?!

    Will the maps app learn to weed out less desirable POI's? If I wanted the Dulles Airport Taxi, then I would search for Dulles Airport Taxi.

    Any suggestions? Will there be a Google Maps app available for download? Google has years of experience in anticipating what users want; Tomtom... well, they dont.

    Apple Maps... Dissapointing. Here is to hoping they learn quickly and come out with some fixes.

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