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    There is an alternative and its called Android which is all about choices and even more choices. Hello Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the upcoming Galaxy S4 next year.

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    Ok. We believe you. Careful you don't run out of exclamation marks.

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    funny thing, I have to go on a business trip out of state this week, when my iPhone 5 will be delivered at home by UPS so I redirected the delivery to the nearest UPS store where I will be working all week.


    since I'm not familiar with the area, how am I going to find that UPS store with Apple Maps ? I may never get my hands on this brand new iPhone 5, maybe a paper map will help ? now, that's ironic...

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    I can't beleive that you would release this sub par map app and not even giving you a choice. I can't wait for the lawsuits to pile up against you for accidents caused by your so called new Map. I have been an avid user for many years now and pre-ordered the new iPhone 5 which I will be returning it for an android with Google maps.


    If Steve Jobs was still around this would never have happened.


    I hope that you can rectify this by allowing google back into the apps store.

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    Apple has made my life easier with regards to technology so I'm not about to jump on their backs and start hating and criticzing them.


    Help them out and start making the map better for everyone by following this article it's very easy to make the maps app better for everyone.




    Hope this helps

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    I have put off buying iPhone 5 because of this Map fiasco. Now I am surprising my self by looking at Android phones simply to get Google Maps and not have to be ripped off to the tune of $30 for a cable. Sheer Arrogance will sink the Apple sucess story.

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    I feel so bad for sticking up for apple and its success but now I feel guilty for doing so, how can they make so many mistakes in one move, google maps gone! YouTube app gone! Can't use new phone with pod stands or and other add ons! You are so greedy apple, I hope you choke on your bad apple decision. Now spit the pips out and listen to The people.

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    This is a huge step back.  A strategic failure on the part of a great company.  I am an apple fan, Imac, three Ipads, iphone, macbook air.  Made the mistake of upgrading IPAD and Iphone to IOS6.  I want to go back. How could you screw maps app so badly.  No transit direction, poor quality.  This is a huge fiasco.  Apple needs to clean this up quickly.  If this doesn't get fixed I will have to buy Samsung S3 next week.  I am so heart broken. Youtube and google maps were the heart of the amazing user experience and added so much to apple....I am all for competition, but not at the expense of putting up a subpar product.  3D doesn't add a lot of looks cool but what I need is to be able to search for local places (terrible on new maps) and find them.  Now I can't...I have to use google maps on mobile browser, a huge step back.  What were you thinking?


    Please put out a press release, appologize to your customers, swallow your pride, and make a deal with google.  Leave search, maps, and youtube to them.  Focus your efforts on making great devices and great software.  You are not a competitor in this space.


    Its the user experience that makes this company special...and Apple just screwed that up in a big way.

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    Agree with all your points except for YouTube.  YouTube is now available in the App Store and is much better than the crappy native version that used to be in iOS.  Install it.

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    Since the passing of Steve Jobs, Tim Cook has been watched very carefully by investors to determine whether as CEO, he would maintain the same vision and requirements for innovation, quality, and user experience. He has clearly put business interests and the conflict with Google ahead of all through of those areas.


    We did see AAPL shares begin to dip a slight last Friday. I believe Maps will cause many investors to conclude that Cook has failed the acid test, and the iPhone and Apple have been tarnished as a whole. Some are saying that Maps is evidence of poor decision making and Apple has now peaked.


    Let's see what the markets say when they open Monday morning. I for one will have my finger ready on the sell button at my e-Trade account.

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    where is the 'Like' button here?! love to give u millions.

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    I never post here, but I have to do it to say how much I HATE the "update" for Maps.  It is completely useless.  TomTom maps?  Give me a break.  I live in a CITY.  I need TRANSIT DIRECTIONS.  So horrible.  The MAIN feature I use this phone for is completely useless to me now.  At least give an option to pick which site ( or to use.  Horrible Horrible horrible.

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    LOL yes we can all help makeing it better.


    What a joke. Then Apple should make it an open platform. Honestly most of us payed a good chunk of money for this product, only to see it be downgraded by a Horrible operating system.

    Think Apple should pay users for each address they put in.

    It might also be a much cheaper way of getting this done.

    But I'm honestly not expecting anything to be done about this problem. Apple will as always just Ban people like us and put a lid on it. The fan boys will still praise the product. So do they really care.


    I like to see them prove me wrong

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    Quick question - Trying to restore back to 5.1.1.  Have the 5.1.1 file....but during the restore operation comes up with an error # 3194 message saying it cannot be restored. 


    Will not let me restore to 5.1.1....only 6.0.


    I am beginning to hate Apple.  Just bought a new IPAD....was in line to buy a Iphone5...but this upgrade to iOS6 has shaken my faith in apple.may have to return the IPAD, sell the iphone, and buy a Samsung. 


    Anyone have an idea HOW to get around error 3194?  Tried turning off affect. 


    If I can't get this phone back to it goes....Hello Samsung

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