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    Apple will be reading this thread. I've had an Apple software engineer from Cupertino contact me by phone to work out a fix for a Macbook mini DV screen issue, directly from posting on these forums.

    I have to give Apple credit when credit is due. They did a fantastic job of fixing that particular issue over a 2 month period and I was willing to give up a couple of hours of my time every evening to work with him before they released the patch out to the wider community. Apple rewarded me too for helping!!


    In fact I've dropped the software engineer from Apple an email this morning asking him to pass on my email about Maps to the powers that be and pointed them to this discussion thread.


    Here's hoping it make a difference!!!

  • barrydix Level 1 Level 1



    'Apple need to listen to their customers.' I've used Apple products since the mid-80s and in my experience they have never listened to their customers, or anyone for that matter (I used to work for an Apple reseller and they get treated worse than the customers). Fortunately for them they have always made very good products.


    The antenna debacle was probably Apple's biggest goof in their history and certainly did them a lot of damage in the short term but looking at the figures for sales of the iPhone 4S and now iPhone 5 just shows that people will forgive and forget - for now. If they keep doing this I think they will start to lose even their most loyal customers.

  • Geo82 Level 1 Level 1

    As I write this I am still in a stare of shock at how bad apple maps is.


    It's absolutely awful. As someone used used google maps everyday this is a huge issue for me. It's only been one day and already I miss google maps terribly.


    This is an abomination Apple!! What have you done!?!?!?

  • terrytrunce Level 1 Level 1

    Do Apple ever comment on issues of customer dissatisfaction (or fury even)? I can't recall them responding when deciding to introduce Airprint, rendering squillions of printers useless for direct printing.


    Am I devoid of an obligatory Apple masochistic gene that, should make me happy to be used as cannon fodder in Apple's petty squabbles with competitors? 

  • djscottenz Level 1 Level 1

    Have to agree, I am not that thrilled with maps. I live in Hamilton New Zealand and the resolution of the satalite maps looks like crap. It is interesting looking at those businesses and organisations credited to helping the maps application including satalite imagery by so who provided the satalite images over New Zealand? if it was digitalglobe then according to their website they have the most coverage and best results, is their lens dirty? out of focus?


    I was very excited about the new maps application but looking at such a crap satalite image I have to say I am very disappointed.


    More important I would like to point out that the iphone is a very corporate thing to own and as a business owner I loved that my customers could enter my business name in the search field of the old google maps app and my business location would appear. Having a free business listing in google maps made it so much easier for my clients to find me and most of my clients are avid iphone users who use their phones for directions (hence why I love the idea of navigation and voice in the new app)


    Can I ask what is the plan for business listings?

    Any plans to improve the satalit images?

  • MarieJ88 Level 1 Level 1

    So with my iphone 4 they steal my google street view & I get no 3D maps in return. Also no spoken maps??

    Iphone 4 is powerfull enough to support this.
    Very dissapointed in apple for this reason.. Maybe my last iphone ever!

  • jonathanfromleeds Level 1 Level 1

    "a great start" - Hahahahahaha!!!!  "a great start" - Brilliant!

  • widaw Level 1 Level 1

    I fully support your view on maps. I am also very disappointed. I live in Poland and do not use Flyover, but apart from that maps themselves are very poor comparing to Google. Many search queries come back with wrong destinations. It either needs to be fixed quickly or Apple should consider coming back to Google Maps app. From these two I would rather go for the second option.

  • Liquadia Level 1 Level 1

    Apps here are useless for me as well, I am based in the UK Wales, my local area on google maps as a terrain view are perfect! Sadly using the Iphones map app forget it looks like 1940's 2bit graphics.  Unreal


    Give me back my IOS 5 we should have the right to revert and not be forced to stay in 6

  • terrytrunce Level 1 Level 1

    I agree, never so much have I regretted upgrading - absolutely gutted, but it would seem we are stuck with IOS 6.


    It's Apple's way or no-way.

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  • matei_varachiu Level 1 Level 1

    Horrible maps. I'm from Romania and maps are incomplete (missing roads etc.). First time I'm thinking to switch to Android. Apple used to do great apps and products that just worked. Very very disappointed, Apple.

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    Why in the world would Apple Bring out a Half Baked set of maps!  I just put in directions for 2 known addressess and it come up with NO DIRECTIONS!  This *****! They should have just partnered with Google and used their maps.  I'm cancelling my iPhone 5 order TODAY!



  • Goflying Level 1 Level 1

    Utterly useless maps unless you live in the center of a big city that apple just happens to have mapped.


    Blurry, pixelated, incorrect maps - just downright awful - the kind of rubbish that one would expect from a Chinese apple knock-off


    I use streetview every single day, as do, I suspect, many others.


    Apple knows that ios6 maps are garbage, but they talk it up as if ios6 maps were some wonderful killer-app feature. Google and android phone manufacturers must be laughing all the way to the bank.


    Was litterally  just about to upgrade my iphone4 to ip5 but unless google releases an app with maps AND streetview, (not likely over the next few weeks),  I rather think I will be abandoning apple for good.


    Talk about apple shooting itself in the foot... Corporate idiocy (and FAIL) to the nth degree.


    And to make it worse.... No rollback to ios5


    Totally hacked off with apple.

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