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  • carlessd Level 1 Level 1

    Does anyone know how to add a business to the apple maps app?? although its pretty rubbish it may help if people could add there business in the same way as google places!! so far i have searched all over the net and cannot find out how to add my business! surely this should be an easy step to improving apple maps and may be half the reason its business listing are not as good as google, despite supposing to have more than google!!!!!.

  • Ex-Apple Fan Level 1 Level 1

    Once you tell us that the vast majority of iPhone users don't care about maps then an hour later you say the lack of turn by turn was a Major week point in iPhone


    Then you tell us to give Apple time to fix the application by the feedback it gets from users who aren't many and who don't use maps . Then you say Google forced Apple to drop Maps.


    I don't see in all this context why Apple should force ME to use its lame maps application while all those who didn't upgrade still use Google Maps and are happy with their iPhone as I was too.


    What is the technical /legal / rational / logical reason for Apple not allowing me to use IOS 5 again? If I want to volunteer and help Apple enhance their Map application then I could do it because I am nice enough to do so.

    However, installing a useless application on my iPhone that is of no value in my region isn't appreciated. Furthermore, providing misleading advertisement is illegal and finally not allowing me to use the old version is a none sense action. Their maps has nothing to offer to me so I wouldn't use them and I wouldn't help them enhancing them. Then I am only left with the case of being "punished" because I upgraded.


    Do you see where we are coming from?

  • JBDelivery Level 1 Level 1

    I agree with the misleading advertising.


    I'm new to this support community(today!), and in a desperate attempt to get back a functioning Map application.


    We bought iPads precisely because the connection between the embedded calendar, contacts and maps worked so well. It had a pretty accurate map base, and so over the last 3 years, we've improved and upgraded our iOS each time, and even bought new units.

    Our little business now has 5 iPads of varying vintage, and we loved them.


    Then on a fateful day last week we upgraded the iOS again to get the "most beautiful maps ever" only to find that we now had rendered the iPads effectively useless for us.


    In one move, and following the Apple upgrade path, we lost the functions we had bought the devices for. We are so disappointed.


    This last week, we have spent hours on the phone trying to speak with knowledgable people at Apple - even driving 70miles to the nearest Apple store, just to return back to where we were.

    We discover that actually, Apple have locked that option.


    It's technically possible, but they have stopped us from going back. Why?


    So now, all other avenues explored, we came here. This being the longest discussion on Mapping - and Maps being what we use most for our business, I have read all the posts in this thread (yes really) and have come to some conclusions. I am sorry this is very long, but I'm trying to précis over 50 pages of posts in just one.


    My conclusions:


    1. Apple have released a Map product that doesn't work except for some lucky people in some US cities. It certainly doesn't work in the UK. It would appear from all the other posts, that it doesn't work in a lot of other places too. This isn't an idle comment, we have tried to make it work, and have fed back loads of errors, but we can't spend our time doing that just to attempt to improve a terrible product, when we had something that worked fine before.


    2. Apple have apologised because it doesn't work and offered alternates. I reckon we have bought all  of these now (some of them were very expensive) but none of them work with directly Calendar or Contacts. The old one did, and that's how we used it,  we're not dumb here, and neither are the people on thus forum. I think if anyone could have made an alternate work - we would have done! 


    3. I am reliably informed and it was confirmed on here that the functionality we use with calendars and contacts driving how we use the Map is only possible when the application is embedded in firmware. That means iOS maps - either Google for iOS5 or Apple Maps for iOS6.


    3. A simple solution proposed many times in this thread is for Apple to allow the choice for people to revert to iOS 5.1.1  - I have no idea why, but Apple appear willing to risk annoying all these people and their formerly loyal customers by not letting that happen. I think it's that lack of choice that annoys most. It would certainly remove 90% of the discussion here and solve our problem and that of many others. I just can't understand why this isn't allowed.


    4. Some other people on here have businesses that rely on Map functionality too, and have discussed legal action. I doubt we could afford to do that, and as very long time apple supporters (we still have an Apple II and a very early Macintosh) we probably won't go there. These people do have a point though, in that they bought a product with a function to use that function, and now it's been removed. In combination with point 3 above, preventing a return to what was purchased, I am sure that (as a former lawyer in the UK), Apple are in the wrong (in this country), but I guess we'll find out when these cases start.


    5. There seem some very genuine concerns being aired here on this forum, as people search here for a technical solution to what is undoubtedly a major issue. 

    It is for us.

    There however appears to be a minority of individuals who are here ostensibly to help people - but instead seem to just insult them, or blindly repeat what Mr Cook said about alternates in his apology. As explained in 2. above, these don't really work, plus it's an enforced additional expense. That's just not right.

    I'm really shocked and surprised at the "hatred" expressed here especially since this is supposed to be a support forum. On balance, the majority of this vitriol appears to be coming from where you would least expect it - from those people have apparently amassed points (which I presume means you've been helpful in the past). Just sad.


    6. It seems that there is some very one sided censorship and barring of accounts occurring, with anyone remotely critical whilst seeking to get an answer bearing the wrath of the Host.  I note that none of those individuals described in the last part of 5. above have been censored...

    I came here looking for a solution, and this arbitrary censorship it's made it hard to follow some things because of that. I think that if the company and product are as good as claimed, then it should be able to survive without such censorship. To censor is a desperate act from those who have no rational and effective response.

    To the host, please think hard before getting out the eraser...


    7. Those individual customers who have posted their concerns and woes on here whilst looking for help, have I suspect like us, also tried every other avenue to return to what they had. Their posts and experiences (where not censored) have been very useful in helping us make our decision. Some, but sadly a minority of those supposedly helping in this forum have also helped with useful information. Thank you to all.


    In conclusion,


    We hope that Apple will see sense, and within the next few days, allow the option to return to iOS5.1.1 to allow us to remain Apple customers.

    We will continue to report Map faults under iOS 6 - but because there are just so many, we will limit this, since we still have a business to run.

    After seeing the comments in press and Internet, combined with the state of the application today, we are not hopeful of a viable Map application from Apple soon enough, since they have too much to catch up.

    We would like to continue to wait and support Apple, but because of the place that Apple forces us to wait in (on iOS6) is not viable, I believe we are being forced to use other devices for our business. That will break a 25 year relationship between Apple and I.


    Sorry Apple.

  • lynnfromleigh Level 1 Level 1

    Very well sumarised.


    I would like to add that we are Apple consumers and not trolls of any other company.

    We just want back what we paid for

  • lynnfromleigh Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Carlessd.

    My business does appear on the Apple Maps app.

    I did not add it directly.

    Apple Maps picked up my listing on Yelp.

    Add your business to Yelp and it should then appear on Apple Maps

  • duckdive Level 1 Level 1

    This issue can not really be diluted by any side shows.


    In 3 years of owning an iphone, the functionality of the map service provided by Google was seemles and for me and my personal experience throughout Singapore, Indonesia and Australia, was without complaint.


    In a few days of using Apple maps, ive been taken down one way streets twice and Apple Maps requires very precise spelling of every last detail to find a street. One wrong diget and the app is unable to locate my destination.


    So to spell out my personal experience with a product i paid close to $1000 on the premise that it had the minimum functionality as presented to me at time of purchase, this product no longer performs reliably one of the tasks that I chose this phone for. It is no longer reliable and needs to be crossrefrenced and checked regularly.


    There is a solution, or infact, a number of solutions. The logical one is for apple to design a way that enables me to revert back to ios5. In this way, everyone walks away happy.


    Should modorator 747 wish to stay with Apple Maps, im very happy for him. Im also very happy for him to perform his side show here on this forum. But it wont dilute the issue. Apple maps is a toy of an application, good for people who commute to work and back daily on the same route. But people who use the app daily on multiple occasions have lost a massive and important function of their phone.

  • lynnfromleigh Level 1 Level 1

    Sorry carlessd it seems I need to update my last post.

    Although my business appears on Apple Maps, it only does so when I search within Apple Maps for my business by name.


    Going to my business location in Apple Maps my business does not show (other business names do show at my location but, physically they are not there and the data is incorrect).


    I too am now looking at where Apple gets the data from for the (incorrect) businesses that do show in my location and there appear to be some clues in this link:

  • lynnfromleigh Level 1 Level 1

    Another link giving info on where to add your business listings to get them to show on Apple Maps:


  • carlessd Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Lynnfromleigh


    I am also registered on yelp as a free advert but im guessing it still works.


    I can be found on yelp, yell and google maps but not on apple maps or if you ask siri for my business by name or location!!


    I don't know if this is because Cannock is Named Huntington on apple maps or not though!!


    ill have a look at those links and see if I can find anything if I do ill repost here to.


    also if you ask siri for your business category it doesn't show where it gets its data from which may of helped us to register our businesses!!

  • lynnfromleigh Level 1 Level 1

    Yes mine is also a free yelp advert.

    It shows up on Apple maps but only if you search apple maps using the business name.


    On Google maps you can directly add your business but I can't find any way to do that on Apple maps so hoping someone on here can help?

  • JBDelivery Level 1 Level 1

    We've also been working on our now non-existent business listing -  and even address.


    We can't find a way. If anyone has a solution please shout up.


    For us,  Apple Maps has a cloud covered satellite image of our location (just white), and even better the road we're on doesn't now exist.


    There are just six properties on the road (three farms and three small houses).

    In Apple Maps, entering our postcode takes you 9 miles away, and the nearest road shown is 2 miles away across a Fell.

    I am so disappointed in Apple for releasing this.

    I am even more upset that there is no way for people to go back to a working Map.


    Previously we had a Maps business listing easily findable on many search engines, a good clear satellite/hybrid view of our location, including the bus stop at the end of the lane (linked to a timetable), a good Maps detail text accurately giving the name and location of the farm, and also even street view of the entire lane - right up to the end.


    I'm afraid that not only does Apple Maps fail to work, it bears no remote comparison to what went before.


    I have posted the salient points of my previous post directly as feedback to Apple, but have had no acknowledgement or anything - is that normal?

  • le.bouch Level 1 Level 1

    That's normal. You may get a reply from _someone_ although I suspect your post was so well-written even the iLost deniars may have given up and gone to bed.

  • rbrylawski Level 6 Level 6

    Jumblemo wrote:


    Google created this, are subtly exploiting it, and their supporting trolls have flocked here to exacerbate the ire.


    Apple's Maps are rubbish right now, but they will improve and there are work-arounds that help to make the situation bearable in the interim. But from reading this thread you would think that Mapping was the number 1 criteria for buying a smartphone. In truth, it is one of many functions and while it may be sub optimal it is still viable.


    I won't slam this thread entirely, because Apple do need to take their community's voice seriously, but there really are some folks on here who are behaving like children.

    Probaby the best, most rational post in this childish thread. 

  • JBDelivery Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for that.

    Not often I get praise for my writing....

    My handwriting is like a drunk spider crawling out of the ink pot..


    I have written personally to Tim Cook, CEO;  Tom Moyer, Chief Compliance Officer and Scott Forstall, Senior Vice President iOS.


    I hope to get a response from at least one of them - since I know him.

  • Parlett Level 1 Level 1

    The reason the apple maps defenders have all gone temporarily quiet is because it's been overnight Sunday in the US.


    It is a fact that for most people in the US the maps functionality of Apple maps is approaching the level of 'barely functional'.  So that means if you are in the US and in a major city at first glance maps seems okay. What is very clear from thus thread AND scores of others on the internet, and yes I have read a lot of them, is that if you try and use the maps as part of tour regular routine for deliveries or to find addresses in areas you don't know or explore new areas to see what there is to do then even in the US you are in a heap of trouble. For the small minority of planet earth inhabitants (/ sarcasm ) who happen to live outside the US then you have a totally useless application. I live in the US but am UK expat. From a 5 minute play in the Birmingham area i fond and reported 20 major inaccuracies, i could have reported 1000's but I decided I needed to do things like go to work for myself rather than Apple.


    The work arounds work for a casual user. Clearly without the iOS integrations they are a crippling hit for a business user. For a business user relying on traffic coming from apple users on iPhone 5's it may even be putting people out of business.


    If Apple have admitted the software isn't any good, allow a regression path.

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