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killa.k Level 1 (30 points)

I was using iOS beta 1 on my iPad but iMessage/FaceTime won't activate - kept telling me my password was incorrect, while it worked everywhere else. Some downgraded to iOS 5.1.1.


Today, I downloaded the public iOS 6 release on my iPhone, and it's not working. Still says wrong password. Because of this, I haven't yet updated my iPad.


Any help? Thanks.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1, White, 64 GB, Unlocked
  • Ayman2nov Level 1 (15 points)

    I had the same problem but I solved it


    Try to reset your network setting


    Then go to settings -> iTunes & App Store -> your apple ID -> view apple ID -> country region choose United States


    With None payment method


    Then save and try to login to your iMessage and FaceTime


    Don't forget to change back your country to allow the updates for your previous installed apps

  • killa.k Level 1 (30 points)

    Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately it didn't work.

  • Midozy Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi All,

    This is one of the most frustrating problem i faced since I got an apple product. I upgraded straight away just for the fact i can use my mobile number and apple id for imessage and now its not working.

    I tried most of the solutions on the net:


    - changed my location:

    -tried activating it from VPN connection in USA

    -restored 6 times with differnt settings

    - changed my apple ID password

    - tried differnt apple id

    I still get the same issue " telling me my password was incorrect "


    all the above and nothing. Apple really messed it up this time very very disappointed.


    any help will be very much appreciated


    ps: I love apple i own 1 iphone, 3 ipads 2 and 1 ipad 3, 2 iMac, 1 macbook retina. Just the fact they make stupid things sometimes just make me boil. 

  • killa.k Level 1 (30 points)

    Hmm. Haven't tried the VPN yet, though I doubt it'll work. Different Apple IDs work, and my Apple ID works on non-iOS 6 devices; it's just that my Apple ID won't Sign In on any iOS 6-equipped device.

  • Midozy Level 1 (0 points)

    Anynew any one? I am getting a diffrent message now " Can not sign in, Please Check your Internet connection and try again" offcourse I have internet as I can browse the Web and App store is working fine, its just imessage. I can do with it not working on Phone as I can use my SMS, but for iPad its frustrating, also I am missing the functionality that it integrates the mobile number and Apple ID for Macbook.


    Any Help will be highly appreciated.

  • Flynn Barrell Level 1 (10 points)

    I had a similar issue but mine said cannot verify username and password as it was aparently incorrect!


    To resolve this i went to generals: App store and clicked on my apple id. when a pop up shows click on view Applie id account. There select the payment process and select NONE in the type of card instead of your visa or mastercard. save it and then you can try getting into facetime., It should be good. It worked for me. Good luck. Lemme know how it goes

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    I got the same problem.

    With 5.1.1 it works fine.

    Now nothing works.

    Have you fixed it?

    Can you tell me how?

  • Midozy Level 1 (0 points)

    HI All, I think I finaly solved my issue - not really but at least now I am working again- I had a friend's brother who works in apple HQ to check my account and found out that no matter how many times I change my password it doesnt reflect on the server. It works but doesnt show up on his screens that I changed the password so the last password was showing 2009 - offcourse I changed password many times since than- so I figured out maybe its a region issue or Apple is ignoring the rest of the worl d. SO what I did was:

    - logged in VPN connection to USA.

    -Created an new apple ID and tested - guess what it worked. ( I have tried new apple id with no vpn and it didnt work) this brought me to the conclusion thatits the region.

    - so I went in to my original ID changed it to another email. than went back and changed the new ID to use the old email address and it was still working fine. offcourse t I had to remove all crdit card details and stuff from the old ID and anything that I bought is still under that ID no way around that, but now I have a new apple ID with the old email I wanted and its working on oall my devices. It took me nearly 2 months to figure this out and still its not the idel solution but for me it worked.

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    I'm kinda getting the same except all u have to do is make a new password NOTE:PASSWORD MUST BE DIFFERENT

    All mine says I that I have to wait for it to activate and I have waited 30mins!!

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    Thank you soooo much - it worked for me - was pulling my hair out!!  Amazing

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    It didn't work on mine    do u have any other suggestions ?

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    I have my Mac boot camped. I often notice that the time and date resets itself when switching from Windows to Mac.


    Perhaps, Facetime uses some variable associated with the time and date to authenticate.  I noticed the time was wrong and when I updated it, immediately I was able to log in after that.


    This line of thinking was inspired by Midozy's post when Region was mentioned.


    Thanks Midozy