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What is wrong with Siri? It is unable to place phone calls for me. This has never been a problem until this last week or so.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    A LOT of people are trying to use Siri right now. Give it a day or two.

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    I am sure the server that regulates Siri for us is overloaded with multiple people but my friends Siri opens apps fine after the update but Siri is telling me when I attempt to launch ANY app that "you don't seem to have this application installed on your phone." But I DO. Anyone know a fix for this??

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    I use an Iphone 4s with IO6. Siri is more often defect than working. I can dictate just once a few words, Siri works fine, for a second dictate with only 3 or 4 words Siri needs longer and longer and then finishes without notification and without any recognition. I use that with wifi and 6MB DSL in Stuttgartt, I always have a full DSL-Speed. So there must be a siri-Problem. Same Problem also in 3G and 2G.