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Since upgrading to iOS6 the new Apple Maps is useless in the Uk. I looked at where my parents live in the West Midlands. All the place names are in completely the wrong places. E.g. Dudley is where Hagley is. Stourbridge is not even shown. Oldbury is about 15 miles in the wrong place. I noticed this in the space of 3 minutes! God knows how much of Maps is actually correct. I certainly wouldn't trust it to get me anywhere!




I know the reasons why Apple wanted to move from Google Maps but to release something that is just not fit for purpose is beyond me. I have bought many Apple products over the years, iPods, imac, MacBook, etc etc and this change to maps has left me very angry. I have the iPhone 5 on order for delivery on Friday and I am now seriously considering cancelling it and moving to Android ( I didn't think I would ever say that!). The rest of iOS6 is great but Maps has destroyed all the good in iOS.


Apple, please give us Google Maps back until your own product is equal to Google's offering.


At least Apple's huge mistake has saved me £600!

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    The new maps is a total disaster, just a bunch of pixels where I should have a clear satellite view and traffic does not seem to function at all.  The worst looking mapping system that I have seen in years. Simply terrible and no way of altering in settings

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    Sorry, I am wrong. Traffic does work with some sort of ugly dotted line at the side of the road. The rest of what I said is perfectly true. I now have mapping at about 100m per pixel, not as good as the 1970s Landsat stuff. Absolutely terrible and of no use whatsoever

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    What a blur and ugly sepia look to satelite images, I have already downloaded Google Earth that shows the same area in crisp clear images. Locations are few and far between in Essex, and some pinned in the wrong location due to incomplete Post Codes. Mostly upsetting is the inability to street view pinned locations. With Apple Maps, it's like walking backwards in a developing world.