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    wow! I actually made it worked!! people listen! click MUSIC on your iphone, then choose MORE right on the bottom part of it. After that, choose SHARED, you wil actually see choices like, MY IPHONE and the name of your library! choose your library! try it! it could probably work!

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    Ok, I used i-funbox (it's free) and deleted the three files below as someone had suggested earlier. 


    After I deleted the files, my library on the device showed that it was empty.  I was then able to synch up an album from iTunes to the device. 






    This totally worked! A great workaround until Apple releases a patch or fix. Thank you so much!

    I then re-enabled Match on the device, got the dreaded cloud of death, but I got a nice blue progress bar to go with it.  Took a minute or so for the blue bar to complete.


    Now I have all the iCloud music available from the device (approx 8k songs).


    I didn't need to disable iTunes Match for this to work actually. Here were my successful steps:


    1) Force quit the just to be on the safe side

    2) Download iFunBox @ [Windows version available too]

    3) Delete the following 3 files:

    • MediaLibrary.sqllitedb
    • MediaLibrary.sqllitedb-shm
    • MediaLibrary.sqllitedb-wal

    4) Launch again and wait for the cloud progress bar to finish. Everything works now!

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    That's not a bad idea, except the Music app keeps crashing. I tap it, and it comes up with a blank screen with no options to click on anything.  When it isn't crashing it has the Cloud symbol with the progress bar that goes nowhere.  I've tried shutting down Match in the Itunes and App store and Music settings, and I can't get past that.


    I've tried restoring, synching from my computer, starting from scractch, etc., and none of it is working.  The fact that my iPad2 is also doing the same thing makes me think there is something wrong with the iOS and the Match functionality.


    Combined with the Podcasts app that keeps crashing, the sudden disappearance of every video I have ever recorded, and the Maps app being quite terrible, this might be the most disappointing launch for a new OS I've seen for an iPhone. 

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    I'll try that when I get home. 

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    I have the same issue - a big cloud icon with a progress bar that doesn't move. I'm from the UK and I'm on a road trip in the US, next stop San Francisco. I can't connect my iPhone 4S to my computer because I didn't bring it with me. Wish I hadn't "upgraded" to iOS 6, now I have no music for the rest of my trip. After the outrageous disgrace that was MobileMe, I'm now paying for iTunes Match that doesn't work. Just about had enough, I intend on making a Genius Bar appointment in San Fran (if I can get one) and I want a refund. Wish I hadn't moved to iOS 6, this along with the useless maps makes me wish I'd stuck with iOS 5. Apple is going down hill rapidly. 

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    The best thing to do is simply backup and restore... Everything works fine afterwards. Probably not a bad thing to do for the phone once in a while. Everything is way snappier and battery life seems to be some-what extended.


    IOS 6 is def an upgrade from 5!

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    Seeing this on my iPad 2, upgraded from iOS 5 to 6. Got an iPhone 5 today and it works fine. Seems like something's funky with the upgrade process. Will try backup/restore iPad.

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    On 2nd thought, I will wait a bit for a fix from Apple. While the restore of my iPhone 4 data to my new iPhone 5 went well, any app that has its own login sequence forgot who I am, and I had to re-enter that info. If that's what happens in a full iPad backup/restore to the same device, I'd rather not do that all over again. I can live w/o music on my iPad for a bit.

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    Fix for iOS 6 with iTunes Match music and video app problems (items are empty or show 0.00)


    Alrighty folks, I have found something fairly easy to do to fix this if you want to today.  I have been reading through the posts, and one person had an idea I tried and it worked like a charm.  Being that today is launch day, I have done this a little different.


    First, I noticed this problem when I updated my old iPhone 4 to iOS 6 on launch day.  I noticed that my music and video apps were both acting up.  I let it go, hoping that on my iPhone 5 (which arrived today ), it would just work (like Apple says), but it didn't.  I still had the same problem.  I was thinking that I just had an incredibly corrupt back-up (4 years with the same back-up on iOS).  However, I fixed it by doing the following:


    First, I turned off iTunes Match (Settings>iTunes & App Stores>iTunes Match swipe to off.


    Second, I logged my Apple ID account (Same screen = Settings>iTunes & App Stores>tap Apple ID: "email address">Sign Out


    Third, sync your phone in iTunes.  Click on your phone in the left bar.  Then go through each tab.  Make sure you uncheck the Sync box (at the top of the screen) for both music and videos.  I would recommend just syncing before you go on, just to be safe.


    Fourth, here, (since Apple's servers must be incredibly busy) I chose to back-up to my computer (instead of to iCloud) by clicking in the box next to Back up to this computer.  Then hit Apply (right bottom of window) and then also hit Sync (again, in the same place as Apply).  This will take a while, so your computer can back up the contents of your phone without the jacked up iTunes Match data. 


    Fifth, after the sync (and backup) is done, eject your phone, unplug it, and Erase All Content and Settings (Settings>General>Reset (all the way at the bottom)>Erase All Content and Settings (second from the top).  This may take a few minutes, but when your phone reboots, it will start off like new. 


    Sixth, go through the steps until you get to the step to either Set up as a new phone, Restore from iCloud backup or Restore from iTunes backup. Choose Restore from iTunes Backup.  It will prompt you to connect to iTunes.  Connect your phone.  Pay attention to assure that the back up you just made is the one it prompts you with in iTunes.  Click Ok (or whichever option is yes, I don't actually remember what the button said).


    Seventh, after the restore is done, your phone will be back in working order.  Simply go back into Settings>iTunes & App Stores>tap Apple ID: "email address">Sign Out.  Then sign in again.  After your account is accepted, turn on iTunes Match by  iTunes Match (Settings>iTunes & App Stores>iTunes Match swipe to on. 


    Finally, open your music/video (if you have any music videos) app and verify that it worked.  With any luck, you'll see a complete and working list of all of your iTunes Match music. 


    Thanks to those who tried things that give us ideas to try.  Thanks to you that pay attention and follow these directions (I've tried to make them as idiot-proof as possible).  Most of all, here's hoping that it works for all.  Good luck! 

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    Thank you so much, it blooming well worked!!!

    Genius, Mwah!!

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    Add me to the long list, as I have the same problem here.  I get lists of Artists and Albums, but all songs are blank and 0:00 in length.   Still, the storage shows the songs reside in my iPhone.    Apple, please issue a fix ASAP!!

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    Same here.

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    I used ifunbox to delete the three files and it works


    A working iPhone at last!

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    I deleted the files using iexplorer but it didn't help. Here's what did. I suggest you try it before deleting files.


    Turn off itunes match on your iphone. Don't turn it back on.


    Connect your iphone to itunes. Delete the tracks which still appear under the devices tab (NOT from the itunes Library). They arent playable anyhow. [NOTE that if iTunes match is on, you wont be able to delete the tracks, you'll just get an exclamation mark]


    Now drag and drop music tracks from your iTunes Library on to your iphone and they should copy over.


    Don't turn iTunes Match on until Apple have sorted this out.


    Let me know if this helps you as it has me.

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    Try deleting all the songs and then adding them again through itunes worked for me

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