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  • dkessler Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem here.  I get lists of Artists and Albums, but all songs are blank and 0:00 in length.  Siri tells me my iTunes library is empty when I ask her to play some music.

  • ARWillett Level 2 Level 2

    I'm not a user of iTunes match, nor do I plan to be.  I would have to say just go ahead and connect to iTunes and clear out any playlists that you may have on your device and resync the device with the playlists again.  Not very experienced with match at all.  Just though I could maybe help out a little.


    I've only downloaded a couple of albums through iTunes and just redownloaded them through iTunes.  I know its kind of an inconvenience for match users. 

  • jbradc Level 1 Level 1

    Same issue here, just a cloud icon and slow moving progress bar on my iPhone 4.  My iPad 3 worked only took about 10 minutes to set up and start using,  my whole iTunes (9k songs) library is available and streams fine.  What's up with the iPhone 4 and iTunes?

  • dkessler Level 1 Level 1

    I appreciate your suggestion, but that's not really how iTunes Match works.  Playlists are identical btwn your computer and iOS device.  If you delete a playlist on your computer, you delete it on your iPhone using Match.

  • BluRose Level 1 Level 1

    Same Problem! but with iPhone 4s (my iPad works fine though)

  • J Scott Allen Level 1 Level 1

    same issue with iPad 3 here, but iPhone 4 worked just fine.  iPad is just sitting with cloud and dead progress bar.

  • Scottyb0721 Level 1 Level 1

    Same issue on my iPad 3 can't access music I either get iCloud icon, or album artwork with just 0's inside.  Been working with for over 2 hours and still haven't gotten to work.  Apple really needs to get this figured out.  I just got match working again on my iMac after it broke when I " upgraded" to mountain lion and now this.  Doubt I will be renewing this again as google music works WAY better for me.

  • amosl Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem. The music app either shows the cloud with an empty unmoving status bar, or shows an incomplete list of my artists, with most songs untitled, and reading 0 minutes 0 seconds. Also, music that I have tried adding directly to my iphone from iTunes does not show up, even when I turn off iTunes Match or tell the phone to only show music downloaded to the phone.

    iOS6 is pretty useless to me if I can't play music.

  • iSRS Level 1 Level 1

    Just chiming in with the issue. My iPhone 4 shows the cloud and empty status bar. My new iPad and my wife's iPhone 4S took a few minutes. The only issue I have had so far on any of the three, all successfully upgraded to iOS 6. Might just turn it off until my 5 comes in on Friday.


    On the flip side? The Podcast app is working better than it ever has.

  • deviant optimist Level 1 Level 1

    Another piece to the puzzle:


    I have the same issue, but a bigger problem. While "about" and "usage" and Siri and all other signs point to the fact that I have no music on my phone (similar to others, I am also showing all my albums and artists with blank tracks that are unable to play), but in addition, it seems that the music that was previously on my phone is still taking up the storage on my phone.


    When I add up all of the memory used by my apps, books, etc, I should have about 20GB left on my phone and instead I only have 3GB. (I had about 18 GB of music on my phone).


    When I turn off iTunes match, this doesn't solve my problem, so I am now left with a 34 GB (intead of a 64GB) phone AND no music. If someone has a fix for this, please let us know.

  • Level 1 Level 1

    add me to this list. updated and at first all my playlist showed but were empty. toggled itunes match on and off and now when i launch the music app i get a cloud and empty progress bar.

  • Ganlron Level 1 Level 1

    Same issue as well. Works fine on the iPad, but empty iPhone is totally broken.

  • Michael C. Blasco Level 1 Level 1

    I had something like this happen before with an iOS update.


    Please try connecting your iPhone to iTunes. Select your device, and PLAY a song from inside iTunes that resides on your iPhone (open up your device in the iTunes sidebar, click on Music, and play a song.)


    Somehow doing that last time "reconnected" all of my music on my phone to the Music app.


    Hope that works for you.

  • KEGPhoto Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same problem.  Either a non-moving progress bar, or songs and playlists that would show up in list format but not actually be there (00:00).  It was all messed up, chopping to scroll, etc...  I logged in and out of Match several times, hard reset the phone and the Music app, resynced with iTunes.  Basically anything I could think of doing.


    I opened the Podcast app to see if those were having the same problem and it seemed to be working.  Went back into the Music app and the progress bar, which hasn't budged all day, is now 60% done.  It is still there, and the "working" wheel in spinning next to the WiFi signal meter,  but it is more progress than I've seen so far.


    Anyone else having any luck?

  • GoodTroll Level 1 Level 1

    I also show the storage still used for the music on my 4S, even though it isn't accessible.  When I got home, I found that when I upgraded iTunes to 10.7 my library had disappeared and iTunes looked like it had never been touched.  Not sure if the two problems are related (although trying to update my library and then set up iTunes Match on the PC again have proven frustrating so far).  My guess is that iTunes Match is kinda screwed up at this point and heavy server loads are keeping them from really getting it fixed.  Is anyone that doesn't use iTunes Match having this problem?

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