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  • hudder Level 1 Level 1

    good morning,


    i found the same issue and it turned out to be an iphone 5 problem, the issue is with the wifi connection, which is currently buggered.  effectively, you need to turn off the security wpa/wpa2 etc and then your wifi connection works.  reset the itunes match by turning off and on and then leave on cloud screen for a about a min and then you should see the blue bar load. 


    this worked for me and, i think others, and for you, i hope.

    iphone 5 has been a tad dissapointing at present with this software issue.

    hope you are all well.

  • mfliegauf Level 1 Level 1

    I started downloading albums from my icloud collection yesterday. The Music app crashed sometimes, after some rebooting there was no true evidence that the songs I've selected really downloading or not. Very frustrating.


    Than I checked the iTunes app and BOOM: at the Downloads tab all songs I've selected before was listed. With download statusbar, est. time, size of the song file.


    So do not select to many songs for download, and be patient. And check the iTunes app!

  • Jack Field Level 1 Level 1

    Highly disappointing coming from Apple.  There should have been more warning.  This is the type of action that I would expect from an immature start-up.  They could have had the common decency to at least leave previously loaded songs, audiobooks, etc. on the device rather than wiping my iPhone of all media like a commercial deforestation crew.  Now I have to reconstruct everything from scratch and to add insult to injury (literally) all my downloads from iTunes Match hang and what few that are completed do not show available on my device.  This is a total, meltdown, catastrophic disregard to customer service and end user rights.  It is a good thing that J. D. Power & Associates recently polled for user satisfaction and Apple came out on top for the X number of years in a row before the release of iOS 6.  I doubt they would have had the poll been taken today. - my post to CNET

  • Farfeloo Level 1 Level 1

    Just to let you know: you can solve this issue without losing everything. If you did not restore and you only lost your music due to deleting the medialibrary files you can find your old music by turning itunes match off, connecting iphone to itunes, playing the old music from there (the music sidebar under your phone) and then syncing the phone. The music app library rebuilds itself and your music is back.


    I always wonder how people are quick to complain on a board how apple messed up and they don't even try to find a solution in the very same thread! I guess it is too bad for you, not apple's fault. I managed to ger everything back, took me about an hour in the end...

  • orangeyaglad Level 1 Level 1

    Worked perfectly for me. Thanks very much for posting!

  • fratills Level 1 Level 1

    For me the same. iPhone 4 updated to iOS 6 and the music app doesn't work right with iTunes Match / Music in the cloud. Once started, it shows this large cloud symbol with an unmoving status bar underneath. Eventually, the cloud disapeares and the music app shows all my titles, that are registered in the cloud. But it only plays the songs which were on the iPhone before i.e. it does't play titles which have to be downloaded from the cloud.

    Tried turning on and off iTunes Match in the preferences - also rebooting and synching with iTunes on the iMac...



    Now waiting for an update - or does anyone know a solution?

  • Farfeloo Level 1 Level 1

    Fratills: This might be a stupid question, but: are you on a working wifi? If you have "use cellular" turned off in the music settings then the songs in the cloud are greyed out if not on wifi...


    If you are on wifi, then I suggest going into the iTunes app and there is a tab with current downloads. There might be a download stuck... Try to clear it off...


    Hope it will eventually work!

  • ludagoo Level 1 Level 1

    Same here.

  • Jack Field Level 1 Level 1

    I am pleased for everyone that the iOS 6 upgrade "worked perfectly".  In the past, the majority of the Apple releases have also "worked perfectly" for me as well except the MobileMe attempted roll out but we are all aware of Steve's opinion of that event.  Did Steve blame the customer?


    Apologies to Hemingway's "Old Man and the Sea" but I have used/taught/supported CP/M, DOS 1->, Windows 1-> and have had the pleasure of converting completely over to Apple these past 6+ years once I was convinced it was a superior product.  I have Apple products, given away as gifts many Apple products, have been a strong promoter and influencer where I have worked for  22+ years of the benefits of Apple products and supported Apple with a goodly portion of my personal income.  I do not believe I am not alone when I say most of us expected better than this from Apple.


    If it sounds like I am blaming Apple, I suppose the truth hurts.  Apple created the iPhone, the OS, iTunes Match, the Music app, they serve the content through iTunes Store, they control the distribution of the upgrades that most of us install faithfully and to the letter.  It is all Apple's world all the way.  It is not like Windows where Microsoft can point to the hardware manufacturer saying it is their fault and the HW mgfr points to MS saying it's their fault.  I suppose I have grown complacent in my expectations.


    Yes, I am on WiFi; yes, I have tried the Current Downloads in the iTunes App/tab; I have tried multiple attempts to stop, clear, restart downloads; tried to force quit apps and iPhone itself; I have shut down the iPhone completely; I have not deleted my Media Library; I turned on and off iTunes Match on my iPhone, my MacBook, my iMac, my iPad repeatedly; I have reset every conceivable setting in the Settings.


    I know my music, books, playlists, etc. are not completely lost and only that since the iOS 6 upgrade my content is unavailable and un-downloadble.  There is a resolution I am sure.  I just hate wasting hours of my minimal personal time troubleshooting a product, service and content that I am paying good money for because the upgrade did not result in a satisfactory conclusion.  End of personal diatribe. 

  • fratills Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Farfeloo. Thanks for your try. Yes, I'm on a working wifi and connected. In the iTunes app there're no active downloads - no stuck.

    Still got this nice big cloud in the music app. After a while, when it disapears - I realise, there're no clouds in front of the titles like there used to be in good old times... looks like that the music app is not ready for the cloud?


    Meanwhile, since on OSX there appear updates for collaboration with iOS 6, I tested in iTunes on the Mac an "update iTunes Match" to see if the database needs an update. But since then I received an error instead of results from apple.

    Wow - now it says iTunes Match is ready - but on the iPhone NO CHANGE


    Thinking of a song "Just sit and wait..."

  • scmacke Level 1 Level 1

    I was having a problem with iTunes Match on my iOS6 updated iPhone 4S. So I used Phone Explorer to delete the ipod_control folder. (per this post: This populated my iPhone with the playlists but they were all empty. Frustrated, I tossed my iphone on the seat next to me. The accelerometer function registered the phone as sifeways and suddently the coverflow view was showing my music!! I turn it back vertical, and it still said no songs.

    So I turned it sideways again and selected an album to try to play and it played! After this, when I turned the phone back vertical all my music showed. I am not sure if it is showing ALL my music of not.

    However, as was mentioned in another forum, the "cloud" button DOES NOT show next to each song, but only at the top of the album list.



  • mikefromhowell Level 1 Level 1

    I deleted the 3 files.  Got the cloud and blue progress bar, same as after install of ios 6.  Same results.  Albums are there.  Album art is there.  Playlists are there.  Playlists are empty.  Songs are empty.  This is absolutely ridiculous.  One thing I haven't seen anyone else mention, my videos are also nowhere to be found after installing ios 6.  The handful of movies that are in my cloud via digital files show up with the little cloud icon, same as ios 5 but the other 20 or so movies that were on my phone prior to ios 6 are nowhere to be found on my phone now.  I have a 3GS.

  • digibdallas Level 1 Level 1

    I updated my iPhone 4 to iOS6 and haven't been able to access the App Store or listen to music ever since.  This is the sloppiest update I've ever seen from Apple.  What is going on?  Don't even get me started on the map app.  LAME.  Give us google maps now.  I use it for work daily.  Lost without it.  Apple Maps, clunkier app on my phone.


    Sorry for the rant.  Anyone know how to get my music to play.  iTunes just locks up. 


    When I hit the new Passport app, it just says cant connect to store.  Anyone know how to fix these two issues?


    Please help us all!

  • fratills Level 1 Level 1

    I got my problem solved. But, I don't loose the feeling that it luckily worked.

    I followed the discussion mentioned by arnhem:

    I installed a tool on the mac: and copied the folder \Media\iTunes_Control to the iMac for backup purpose. This took 4.8GB and some minutes to wait. Probably, afterwards I made a mistake: I thought instead of deleting the folder I just rename it so that restoring of the original doesn't take that long.

    After disconnecting and restarting the music app, the big cloud showed a really working progress bar and afterwards I was able to receive my music from the cloud! Yeah!


    Then I connected the iPhone again and realised it doesn't synchronise anymore - it makes iTunes hang once connected. So I thought - not that good - restore the old configuration... I copied the backup from the former renamed folder to the iTunes_Control folder - ok. But deleting the backup didn't work -  folder still existed and synchronisation didn't work either.


    I got the iPhone completely reseted with combined home/standby button pressing and connecting it with usb to the mac. After a while the iPhone got finally recognised by iTunes and it said : "This device was connected to another computer - Do you want to restore from backup?" Although not true, I was glad being enabled to restore the backup (fresh iOS 6).


    Now everything works fine - music from the cloud and everything


    BUT: I will think twice before fumbling again around the file system...

    By the way: This strongly reminds me of former PC - times and I really don't want to get this back again!

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