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    If this is the case, than this is worst update ever. Who on earth would need this crappy feature to limit oneselves? I mean, if your intention of ATV is whilst hosting friends and letting them connect to your WiFi _and_ stream different content onto ATV for everyone to enterntain and watch, than what for would u use that ATV anyway?


    In other words, ones have to add every single time some random Apple IDs to let people stream content in your house? Really?


    Worst news ever. I dont even bother about the google's problem with AirPlay, nor with iOS6 maps anymore. This issue above is just FAIL.



    Your friends Airplay did not work because probably you did not put his Apple ID and password into your ATV prior to trying Airplay. The iOS and ATV link requires Apple ID match as well.


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    I'm not clear as to whether you are referring to "home sharing" or "mirroring" when you say one has to enter Apple ID for AirPlay to work. That is and always has been required for "home sharing", but not for "mirroring". Prior to the Apple TV 5.1 update two days ago, all I had to do to " mirror" was set it in the task bar of my iPhone 4S and iPad 3. Now I'm having to enter a new 4-digit pass code each time i turn on mirroring, and that must match the one on the TV screen in order for mirroring to work. And as I posted earlier, it's a different code each time I turn on mirroring, so that doesn't seem to be permanently setting a pass code for each device. Is anyone else experiencing this? I can't figure out the rationale here. If Apple is trying to improve connections, security, or some such thing, then it would seem logical to assign a code to each device the first time mirroring is turned on. If, instead, Apple is trying to restrict mirroring to Apple-only devices, I have to query whether non-Apple devices have ever been able to access the mirroring function. Any ideas, anyone?

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    I don't want to go into lengthy discussion about philosophy etc but here is my experience so far:


    I have ATV 2nd gen with latest updated software. My ATV settings are as follows:


    1. iTunes Store - logged in with my Apple ID and password. (option to add more Apple accounts). My Account has a check mark on it.


    2. AirPlay option - AirPlay is set to On. Onscreen code set to off (I guess it comes only as optional feature with new update. I did not put any code etc.)


    That's all that is needed. Click on AirPlay button on iPad, iPhone4 or 5 (all of them on iOS6) and works like charm. AirPlay from iMac, Macbook Air also working perfectly well under Mountain Lion Mac OSX 10.8.2 using my Apple ID and password for them too.


    No issues at all.


    AirPlay was not working with my wife's iPhone 4S but after adding her account to iTunes accounts list it is also working well. That's why I said that somehow AirPlay might require you to login to your Apple account under iTunes accounts option whether you do Home Sharing or not. Try it out and see if it works for you. 

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    fox cub 6 , I'm not understanding when you say "yes it works via airplay just like before i updated the i phone to i0s6 i downloaded the you tube app and it works perfectly".   what YouTube app did you download? there are nothing that I can find but 3rd party apps and ios6 removed the native YouTube app?

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    Tonight I had no problem mirroring from my iPad 3 or my iPhone 4S with no code being required. After that worked o.k. I went back into settings>AirPlay, and the code was required for any use of AirPlay as I had turned on the "code" requirement yesterday while trying to get mirroring to work. Apparently this is only required when on the Airplay settings screen?? Anyway, after turning off the code requirement, I returned to the  Apple TV home screen, and mirroring continued to work just fine. The upshot is, I have no idea why mirroring wouldn't work yesterday but is o.k. today, and apparently the code requirement is irrelevant unless you are actually on the Airplay settings screen. Did not mean to get into a philosophical discussion, was simply trying to understand why things were or were not working. I do feel it is easier for one to understand what's being discussed if posters clearly state what is being discussed - Airplay overall, and/or home sharing of audio, or mirroring, etc. Otherwise the discussion gets confusing.

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    Can anyone confirm or deny that the quality of Jasmin is worse, same or better for airplaying to Apple TV from IPhone 4?

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    I think i found a very interesting article, which opens mind and helps to look over the

    Tellerrand :) / plate edge (means look for alternatives)


    Read this: ion/57515511?ds=1


    There are more handy apps like squrl, showme etc.

    I tried squrl and m able to natievly airplay youtube videos with it to apple tv.

    The video quality of course is much better when directly streaming from the appletv it self, through using the youtube app from apple tvs dashboard.


    Whats missing now, is a compare test from an ios 5, iphone 4 etc. which airplays from youtube and squrl, to check if there is a difference in quality.


    Test results from ios 5, devices are appreciated.

    I can't cause i already upgraded to ios6.

    Maybe i' ll give it a try with my wife's iphone 3gs.




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    Thanks for the article.


    Of course there will be some alternatives, and, maybe even better ones than its predescessors, however, we are like cave-mans - we tend to hug and stuck to the stuff we like.


    Whats even worse, than once those 'things' are taken away, we tend to scream and shout until same old sh1t is being returned.


    lol, im one of them.

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    What I'm really interested in is:


    ... a compare test from an ios 5, iphone 4 or higher which airplays from youtube and squrl, to check if there is a difference in quality.

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    Thank you for the article. I tried "squrl" and it is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Love this app. I have DELETED YOUTUBE permanently. Will only use SQURL from now on. It is the perfect thing that I was looking for. Will try to spread the word around because this app is much more relevant and this is how Youtube at one time used to be. Now it is simply garbage. squrl is the way to go.

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    Does "Squrl" have AirPlay??  Note that I'm not asking about mirroring but actual AirPlay?  That's my main beef about the YouTube removal - I can no longer watch YouTube content via AirPlay on my Apple TV.  Mirroring just doesn't cut it as it keeps me from using the device for other purposes (e.g. web surfing) while playing a movie.

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    Hi guys,


    I encountered the same issues and finally cleared it with the following resolution:

    - Reboot your Wi-Fi router.

    - Turn on your "Airplane mode" in your iOS device and then turn it off.


    That's all. This method is safe and you don't need to change and initialize your devices. This was successful on my iPod Touch (5Gen) plus Remote app + AppleTV (2Gen) + the latest iTunes on MacOS X Lion.


    If possible, update your AppleTV's firmware and iTunes to the latest as well.

    If the issue persists, try unregister/register the AppleID on your AppleTV/iOS device/iTunes. (I believe this may be unnecessary in most cases).


    I guess that some new iOS6 packets that relates to AppleTV and AirPlay sometimes disturbs by some Wi-Fi routers. Thus rebooting the Wi-Fi router catches and passes the new packets from iOS6 devices and clears the issue.

    I'm unsure why turning on/off the Airplane mode clears the issue. This looks a small discrepancy in the new iOS 6.


    Note that this is just my speculation.



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    Hi Everyone,

    hope this message finds you all in time. The recent Apple TV update 5.1 is terrible. Apple knows it is which is why (thankfully for some relentless user -I have no idea who but I believe it was under threat) they have allowed to sign 5.0.2 again which means you can downgrade your Apple TV 2 and 3 to a 5.0.2 version via iTunes. Who knows how long they will keep the window open but I have downgraded my ATV early this morning. I couldn't post this earlier because I was out all day but I am doing it now.


    Here's how to do it:


    1) Connect your ATV to your computer via a Mini USB (not included with ATV but included with many other electronic devices) - in order for your ATV to appear in iTunes you must FIRST plug the USB cable to your computer and ATV and only THEN plug the power cable.


    2) Download your ipsw restore file from Apple.


    5.0.2 (ATV 2): AppleTV2,1_5.0.2_9B830_Restore.ipsw

    5.0.2 (ATV 3): AppleTV3,1_5.0.2_9B830_Restore.ipsw


    3) In iTunes select yout ATV, hold SHIFT and click on Restore

    4) Find and choose the downloaded IPSW file in the Open Dialog Box and hit Next

    5) As long as Apple still signs that version the Restore process will begin and will take a few minutes to complete.





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    I did some research and there is a way to airplay youtube video from your 4s to apple tv 2. 

    You have to turn on the mirroring feature in the io6 software on the 4s. 

    Here is the link to do that:

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