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    I've wondered too about the lack of any word from Apple about this. Nothing is noted anywhere about it, or about any problems. The web is just speaking about Maps as you said. This Friday will make it 4 weeks since the trouble started and there is no word from Apple yet or any solution.

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    Hi All,


    I'm having a weird iMessage issue that only occured once I got my iPhone 5 running iOS 6. This is my second iPhone 5 and it's still displaying the same issue.


    With one consistent contact (my girlfriend unfortunately), my iPhone 5 iMessage will be working then randomly and sporadically will crap out and send messages as text messages. Regardless if I'm on 4G or WiFi this will happen, but ironically it doesn't happen when I'm on LTE (haven't tested this fact as much).


    I'm not sure why this is happening. I've reset my Phone's network settings, reset all settings, removed the "tick" to receive iMessages from my phone number on my computer, everything I can humanly think of.


    Any help would be appreciated.



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    i had been experiencing trouble with imesssage working consistently. I had managed to pinpoint exactly what is causing it to stop working and that is whenever the my wifi connection got reset, imessage would stop working once i reconnected. 


    However i had been unable to find a consistent solution to fixing this problem. sometimes reseting all the settings would work but not all the time. other times it would just start working without me doing anything. However after seeing this post i decided to try something out.  I decided to go into the room in my house where my router is at, and where i would have the strongest possible wifi connection (always 3 bars).  I reset my ipad and unlike every other time i have done it, imessage actually started working right on start up. i repeated this a few more times to see if it was a fluke or not. each time imessage worked right on start up.


    i then went upstairs to where the wifi connection is a little bit weaker (a constant 2 bars of connection). I reset the ipad and imessage did not work right away on startup. i repeated this a few more times and each time imessage would not work..


    so then i went back downstairs into the room with the router (3 bars of connection) and i restarted the ipad. imessage worked right away. then i went back upstairs to try it one more time. imessage wouldn't work. so then as the imessage was stuck on sending, i walked downstairs and as soon as i got 3 bars, the message sent and imessage started working correctly.


    And once imessage would start working orginally, it didn't matter how many bars of connection i had, it worked flawlessly until i reset my wifi connection again.


    i also tried this with my ipod touch 4th gen and i got the same results.


    so i suggest to anyone who's been having the problem of imessage not working once your wifi gets reset, to move your device to an area where you get a full 3 bars of wifi connectivity and see if this helps you.

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    forgive me if this has already been posted. I signed out of my apple id on both iPad and iPhone, maybe even deleted all the receive from addresses . rebooted both devices. signed back in and re setup. all seems ok but I think people got sent a backlog of undeliverable messages.

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    works perfectly for me.

    if I disable and re-enable iMessage when the ipad (ipad2 wifi only) has 3 bars of wifi connection it is working.

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    REPAIRED. (With this missing step?)
    I had the same issue on an old 3G phone I was using for my daughter to imessage with me. I tried all the above. I read several pages deep and haven't seen this step, so I'm adding it to the thread.

    I do believe this last item is what solved it for me. Either that, or I'm in the "all of a sudden it's working" category as well.

    Initially, I also did the steps others have done - with no success: 1. I also deleted and then readded account

    2. Rebooted 3. Rebotted while synched with computer/itunes. These steps didn't help.

    Then I explored a bit more and under MESSAGES there is a SEND&RECEIVE >

    When I clicked on that it read: It reads, "You can be reached by iMessage at:  there were 2 email accounts an @icloud, and @me account options.


    ** NEITHER of these options were checked. When I checked the appropriated @me account, it worked immediately!  **




    Hope this helps someone else.

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    My problem was that the imessage on my ipad would not recognise my contacts which had imessage (red bar with ! mark) even though it was fine on my iPhone 5.  The problem only started after updating to iOS 6. My contacts are synced through iCloud on both devices.


    The only thing which worked was to add +44 to my contact's number (and delete the zero of course). Although this allows me to send a message it's not an acceptable solution as I'm not willing to go through all my contacts and change to +44. This needs sorting!

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    This is still not solved!!

    Is it even addressed by apple?

    I am typing this on my ipad3 now, internet works fine for all apps, but I just cannot send or receive iMessages.

    This is weeks after the iOS update to 6.0.

    Again, I am using my iPhone 4S as personal hot spot via Bluetooth, just as I did for months before the update.

    When I do this there is no using iMessage in any way. Sometimes it works at home in my wifi.

    But never when using the iPhone to establish mobile Internet connection.

    This is clearly not an issue I can solve by adjusting any configuration on my part.

    This is a bug in iOS 6 or an apple server thing connected with ios6.


    Whow. Just whow. I am shocked... It worked fine all the time every day before the update.

    This is clearly an apple thing.

    They messed up something, I demand they fix it ASAP!


    I am extremely disappointed and frustrated.


    Would please any apple employee confirm that there is a problem and that they are working on this.

    This is getting ridiculous...

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    Try using openDNS




    On the settings of your iPad change the DNS of the wifi that you're using to


    That worked for me.

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    As i just described, i am using the ipad connected to my phone via Bluetooth.

    The iPhone is connected to mobile Connection via 3G for Example.


    There is no wifi at play here in this scenario!


    It should work and always did before the update.

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    My iMessage is not working to its full capacity since I downloaded iOS 6. iPad 2 16GB WiFi

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    After accidentally upgraded to iOS6, my perents' wifi only iPad2's iMessage & FT are not working properly. What I've found out is exactly like @chances14 has described, which is due to the signal strength. It appears the new iOS6 checkers it for determining if it want to proceed further for these 2 apps. Furthermore, it may have also been impacted by some other reasons (eg Facebook integration, based on speculation). Anyway, if you can't fix the problem by followong the recommendations from the posts here, the only thing you can do is wait for Apple t come up the a new upgrade. Above all, very disappointed for the iOS6. It should have never been released, just like Vista. Can't wait to see what Windows 8 is going to offer.

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    Thank you Chances 14 this solution of moving to where there was three bars of WiFi worked. It's unbelievable but it did. Funny thing is my own iPad

    would work with any number of bars but my wife would not. So all sorted for now. Lets hope Apple can sort all these bugs out quickly

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    unfortuanetly apple's latest update has failed to address this bug


    updated to 6.0.1 and imessage still doesn't work correctly on neither my ipod touch or ipad2. i still have to have a full 3 bars of wifi for imessage to start working.


    very disappointed in apple right now

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    That is very very bad news indeed...