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I'm totally embarrassed to be asking this question.... I'm new to Apple (iMac Intel) and for the life of me cannot find a way to save files to subfolders. For example, I've created several subfolders in my Home |Documents folder but when I try to save a file to one of these subfolders using say, uh, TextEdit, I can't get any deeper than the Documents folder. So I save it there and then user Finder to finally get it to the subfolder I want.

What totally obvious feature am I missing. As a looooooooooong time PC user I'm continually amazed at how intutive this machine is. I have to assume "user ignorance" but I've searched the various Help resources and still have no answer.

I can't sleep. I can't eat. I lie a lot.

What's the answer?!?!?!!??


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iMac (Early 2006 Intel), Mac OS X (10.4.5)
  • Masna Level 4 (2,650 points)
    I'm rather new myself, but I've learned the "Drag n' Drop" method usually works. Locate the saved file, and drag it into the desired subfolder.
  • Zaletoon Level 1 (60 points)
    I know in TextEdit, when you "Save As" there is a little blue box to the right of
    the box where you name your Document. Click that and it will allow you to
    select what folder you want to place your document in.
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    Thanks, as I suspected it was too obvious. Why can't Apple make my iMac a little more obtuse? There's no challenge when it doesn't fight back at every turn!

    I don't know why I kept going to the "Where" list.

    Thanks for the solution.