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    Maybe I have the cause and a solution for the problem:

    It seems that there is some trouble with the heat sensor of the iPhone. You can reset the sensor by heating up the iPhone (with a hairblower for example) untill the iPhone automatically goes into protection mode. Then wait untill it has cooled down and do a hard reset of it. After that the Wifi works again.


    For some people however this solution works for only a few hours.

    In my opinion this is depending on a combination of factors, which differs on your personal situation:

    1) Which iOS do you have? iOS 6.0.1 seems to use a lot of battery power --> heatens the iPhone more

    2) Where do you live? The hotter it is in your country, the sooner the problem happens again

    3) Which case do you have on your iPhone? If you have a thick case for example, it can impede the cooling of your iPhone. 

    4) How do you use your iPhone? If you play heavy games for example, the iPhone heatens up more quickly


    In my situation I was at Barbados (27 celsius) and I was playing games there. Normally I live in The Netherlands and I don't play games. So far Wifi on my iPhone is working now.


    Maybe it will help others.

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    We upgraded to iOS6.1 a few days ago.. Since then, we have not been able to connect one of our iphones (4s) We have 3 iPhones, 1 iPad & 2 ipods all synced to our itunes.. It seems really strange that it's just the 4s that is having this problem?! The wifi is completely greyed out & wont turn on, I have tried all the fixes previously mentioned... & no luck.... I don't understand (I'm not a real 'techy' gal, but try to nut most things out!) how this can be a modem/router issue, when only one device out of 5 are affected?


    Seriously getting frustrated with the increasing number of problems we are experiencing with apple! grrrr..... Please apple fix it! I don't know how many more hours I can spend on this..

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    I upgraded to ios 6.1.1 ( 4s ) ,till now , wi fi button : off , and can't change to on ,

    kindly help me

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    Upgrading to OS6.1 on my iPhone 5 fixed my specific wifi problem. My problem was localized to not being able to connect to wifi services that required a web log in (the web log in would never load). I never had some of the other wifi problems listed in this discussion.

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    Just got off the phone with a Senior Advisor and he told me the phone needs to be replaced, its a very common problem now that OS6.0 came out, it essentially frys your wifi antena. They are willing to replace it over the phone or thru your local apple store. I advise everyone to stop wasting your time trouble shooting and just have the phone replaced. Hopefully your phone is still under factory warrenty

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    look at this, it will help you guys!!


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    Even with the new update I installed yesterday on iPad 2, iOS 6.1.2, wifi didn't work .  Had to do as suggested by others in the forum and setup wifi manually via static.

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    After recently updating the software on my iphone 4s, my wifi 'greyed-out' too. I tried a soft reset (holding down your lock and home button), a network reset, factory reset from back-up and as new device and nothing has worked.  I'm quite frustrated as I've visited the Genius Bar at Apple & they have confirmed its a hardware problem, but as my phone is 2months and some over its warranty period, I'd have to pay £140 to have it sorted or replaced.  The annoying thing is I recently cancelled my insurance (2 weeks prior) and even with that I'd still have to payout to get the problem resolved or replaced.  I think it's terribly unfair.  I paid for my phone and expected it would last at least 2 years. I've paid insurance for 14months, never had any issues, & been very careful with my phone. This wifi issue is robbing me, as I now have to use more network data to browse etc, thus defeating the main purpose of getting the iphone.  Can you sense my frustration?

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    okay im a college student so i have wifi at my campus and here is the thing the college provide us with individual IDs and passcodes to log in to that network using a software called nebero so what i got to do is i first connect to my main netowrk which is a common key to everyone then i be getting my login page where i need to put my personal id and password so what happens here is it first connects to main network but when the page asking my id password opens it disconnets the wifi somebody please help

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    This above works 100%!!


    The thing is that the so called '' Soft reboot'' destroys every wifi Bug that is on your software. So it depends on how many these buggs have '' developed'' in your hardware. I've tried everything, Setting up my phone as a new one. Bought 4 diffrends of Routers.

    And then i tried the soft reboot.
    As *' AJCL'' Explained u have to turn your WI-Fi off. And immediately on the same Wi-Fi setting '' site'' u press Home+Sleep Untill the display turns black, hold them buttons untill the Apple logo appears. Do this 4 times one after one. this will work! Fixed 10/10 Iphones this way!

    Best of luck!



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    Running 6.1.2 AJCL's trick worked just fine; it maybe well to do it once in awhile just to clear out the cobwebs.

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    Regretably, this also solved my WiFi problem. I say regretably because this issue should have been anticipated from the outset. Why should I have to reboot my router and "Forget" the network on my iAppliance in order to regain connectivity? Bad work on Apple's part...

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    I have same issue with my iphone 4s ... IOS 6.1.2 ... Wifi not working !!!

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    These instructions also worked for me - I turned off my home wifi; rebooted the phone four times. Thank you! What a pain in the a**! I had to get the wifi working before I could start using iCloud properly. Now both things seem to be working. Grateful for this forum; my first time here.