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Has anyone else had this problem?


I finally got all (read: most) of my music into iTunes match. I deleted all of the albums on my iPhone as I wanted to make sure I had good copies for everything matched by iTunes match. I selected a bunch of albums and hit download all tracks for each album (a painfully slow process given the lags on my iPhone 4). I then went to bed while everything downloaded. In the morning I noticed that some of the albums were not there. I turned on display all albums on my iPhone and saw that the albums are no longer listed in my library. I went to my Mac and saw that they are indeed still in the cloud. I went to my Apple TV and saw that they are listed there as well (under music aka iTunes match). I turned tried restarting my

Phone but the albums are still gone. That was about a week ago and they have yet to return. I'm hoping they will show up when I get my new iPhone.


It's a pretty scary bug since you can no longer manually add music with iTunes match.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, iOS 5.1.1