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Craig Gorsuch Level 1 (0 points)

A new "feature" of iOS 6 is the moving of all podcasts to the podcast app.  While I enjoy what the podcast app does, I don't like the inability to see / place / play my podcasts from a manually created playlist.  Putting my podcasts in a playlist is a part of my daily routine, so if anyone has any ideas how to set this up again, I would appreciate the assistance.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1
  • Craig Gorsuch Level 1 (0 points)

    Not a solution, but a BARELY acceptable workaround.


    Once I get my playlist for the day all set, I highlight everything and change the media type from "Podcast" to "Audiobook".  I can still speed up the playback and All my synchronization works.


    BTW - even with today's update in the Podcast app, every time I mark a podcast as "Mark all as played", any sync or app update resets the "Mark all as played" setting.


    PLEASE, Apple, I don't mind some new things, but at least give us something that works *better* than what we had before.

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    This pretty much *****.  I rarely listen to podcasts stand alone.  I almost always listen from a playlist.  I don't have the patience to mess with a playlist every day to make it work.  I'm in the market for a replacement podcatcher.  At least I can delete the app.  Off to find a new podcast app.

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    Try the Downcast app. It's not free but it's not expensive either. It looks like a promising replacement.

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    Thanks for the tip.  Downcast was on my short list.  I ended up with Instacast instead.  So far, so good.

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    I was also dismayed by the lack of playlist support.  It turns out that if you delete the Podcasts app and then restart the Music app (or just restart the phone), podcasts return to the Music app with all their playlist glory!  I have no idea if this will work for future versions of iOS, but at least it works for this one (iOS 6).

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    That would have been a great work around if I had been a bit more patient. 

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    That's genuinely useful - why don't Apple make this stuff obvious!?

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    Just want to add my voice to this.  Apple, please fix.


    I like the improved functionality of the new podcast app.  But, I would also like for my podcasts to show up in my iTunes play list.  I mix my podcasts and audio books in one playlist for the day ... and would like to see this feature restored.  Workarounds are an inelegant solution.



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    Deleting the podcast app and restarting the phone made the "glitch" go away. I cant live without my playlists and smart playlists.

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    Yep, between the maps and this I think it's officially time to call iOS 6 a fail. 


    The UX for podcast is my #1 reason for sticking with iphone over android.  Looks like google play is in my future.