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Hi, I updated my itunes using the in-app update software but when it finished and i tried re-opening itunes, it read: The procedure entry point AVCFPlayerSetDirect3DDevice could not be located in the dynamic link library AVFoundationCF.dll. What do i do? I've re-downloaded itunes 10.7 from the official website and re-installed...still same problem.


Pleaes help urgently. Thanks.

Itunes 10.7
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    Taken at face value, you're having trouble with an Apple Application Support program file there. (Apple Application Support is where single copies of program files used by multiple different Apple programs are kept.)


    Let's try something relatively simple first. Restart the PC. If you're using Vista or 7, now head into your Uninstall a program control panel, select "Apple Application Support" and then click "Repair". If you're using XP, head into your Add or Remove Programs control panel, select "Apple Application Support", click "Change" and then click "Repair".


    If no joy after that, try the more rigorous uninstall/reinstall procedure from the following post. (If you've got XP, although the procedure is for Vista and 7, just read "Computer" as "My Computer", read "Uninstall a program control panel" as "Add or Remove programs control panel" and assume the system is 32-bit, and you'll be doing the right things.)


    Re: I recently updated to vista service pack 2 and I updated to itunes 10.2.1 and ever

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    you are a STARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! It worked!!! Thanks a lot, appreciate your time and help.





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    You're welcome! Glad you got things sorted out.

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    Same exact problem.  Using Windows 7. 


    Restart did not help. 


    Control panel -- Programs & Features -- Apple Application Support -- then click "Repair"  ==> did not work.  Tried reboot after that too, and it did not work. 


    Any other suggestions?   would rather not reinstall all of iTunes 10.7 (since I can't even find iTunes 11 now to download -- at least not yet, I guess it is only available now through the update).




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    my exact message is:


    The procedure entry point avcfplayersetdirect3ddevice could not be located in the dynamic link library avfoundationcf.dll


    After I click ok, it says


    iTunes was not installed correctly.  Please reinstall iTunes.  Error 7 (Windows error 127)

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    Same thing happened to me. I simply uninstalled iTunes then reinstalled it.  Itunes remembered all the previous settings and recalled my entire music library etc


    Hope this helps.

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    Update .netframework to latest version (see apple support)


    Follow the instructions on this link, basically un-install everything, remove programs that says they are made by apple inc. (using add remove program)


    http://www.reimageplus.com/fix-windows-127-error/   (Many thanks to reimageplus.com)


    You will also need to check and verify that the following folders have been removed:

    • C:\Program Files\Bonjour
    • C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple
    • C:\Program Files\iTunes
    • C:\Program Files\iPod
    • C:\Program Files\QuickTime
    • C:\Windows\System32\QuickTime
    • C:\Windows\System32\QuickTimeVR


    dont forget to remove icloud also

    you dont need to delete your itune music library though


    If any of these folders still exist, delete them along with their contents. (if you cant delete them, right click and go to properties and then security and change the control of the fold to you)

    do this for files under  program files and program file (x86) on your computer


    once you have deleted everything, restart your computer. Then I repaired my registry using a registry repair program.


    Important:-  instead of installing itunes I installed quick time, which installs apple application support (this is the corrupt file which is causing all the issues)


    i then installed itunes and it all worked fine,


    should take no longer than half hour to fix


    hope this helps

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    @b noir, I need help i cant find a solution to my problem. when i open itunes it saysUntitled.png

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    Hi, i need help to fix my problem. Every time i go to install itunes it says "itunes was not installed correctly. Please reinstall Itunes.   Error 7 (Windows 7 127)

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    This worked (and all of my music is still there)! Thank you very much for your help and explaining your method so clearly - I had tried lots of other suggestioned techniques without success. A great relief to have my music back

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    Thanks you sorted my issues .Hugely disappointed with Apple direct support and the quality of downloads .Many thanks

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    Hi, I have tried all of this and I still cant open itunes. I am running windows 8.1. Any help would be appreciated please.

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    I have exactly the same problem. This after an "update" was installed and I had spent the previous day getting iTunes to work. If I may pose a question based on my long time experience: does Apple deliberately sabotage software for a Windows PC to try and get one to purchase their products? I have ENDLESS problems with iCloud, iTunes, Quicktime etc on my PC and the strange thing is I never experience problems on my iPhone or iPad. I am suspicious.

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    Kakphone wrote:


    ... does Apple deliberately sabotage software for a Windows PC to try and get one to purchase their products?


    No. Stuff happens. Sounds like you're sorted for now, but for anyone else having problems...




    For general advice see Troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows updates.

    The steps in the second box are a guide to removing everything related to iTunes and then rebuilding it which is often a good starting point unless the symptoms indicate a more specific approach. Review the other boxes and the list of support documents further down page in case one of them applies.


    Your library should be unaffected by these steps but there is backup and recovery advice elsewhere in the user tip.