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How do you set up your hearing aids with iOS 6. I have the Phonak nadia s CRTv hearing aids.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    I use my iCom with my Phonak aids. Went to phonak site to check Naida system. Uses newer BT device than my iCom unit. should still work as old one did. Bluetooth iPhone ON. Still have to pair the devices as before consult device instructions.  I updated to iOS 6 on iPhone 4 last night and it picked up existing pairing with out a problem. YMMV?

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    So what exactly is the new ios 6 feature with the hearing aids. I do not have an iphone yet, but someone just showed me the new menu option in the setting to allow the hearing aids to link. I have the Naida aids, so I'm interested in learning what the benefits are

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    Feature of the accessibility option reduces some of the radio interference of phone in close proximity of hearing aid using a telecoil system.


    Bluetooth a separate feature has been around awhile for hearing aids using bluetooth adapters. I really like mine. Clarity of sound is far superior to anything else. Wish BT were embedded in aids. But current tech will drain batteries in quick time.

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    Wait.... Can you give me step by step directions on how to connect my hearing aids/compilot to the phone. I called apple yesterday and was on the phone with them for an hour and half, and they had no clue how to do it. I would deeply appreciate it. Thanks.

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    Go to the phonak website. They have great documentation for this. If not phonak try your brands website.

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    Where is this document? Or what is it called? and how do you make your hearing aids discoverable? Do you have your t-coil on....I cant find anyone in apple to help.

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    t-coil  that is a magnetic pickup in your hearing aid.  the iPhone magnet gets a little interference with the radio. never works well for me too much backgound noise for my taste.


    in the iphone settings/general/accessibiltiy/hearing aid mode.... ON changes the iPhone to make it more compatible with your t-coil.  found out this only works with iPhone 4S and iphone 5.  that option turns off immediately on older iPhones that are not supported 100% in iOS6 for this option. bummer as I have the iPhone 4 so it reverts immediately back to off for that function. As I mentioned t-coil and cell phones not a good mix generally. 


    Better option below!----------


    http://www.phonak.com/us/b2c/en/products/accessories/compilot-tvlink-s/overview. html


    the t-coil is a totally different mechanism from the phonak iCom or Compilot device which uses blue tooth. iCom/Compilot device is a 'bluetooth go between' the bluetooth device and your hearing aids.  Instructions are in link above.  one of the PDF's will be appropriate for you if you have that device.  with my iCom and iPhone or any bluetooth phone or TV for that matter with the TV base unit. it is magically clear and sounds like you are in a sound proof room with who ever is on the other end.  wow what a difference it makes.  makes me wonder... do normal hearing people hear like that on the phone normally?  what have I been missing?

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    Does anyone know if this works for cochlear implants? If so, how do I connect it? How does it work?



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    I haven't been able to pair my iPhone 4S with the T coil on my

    Oticon hearing aid, which works wonderfully with the Oticon FM system.

    However when I try to pair  my iPhone 4S with the T coil what I get is

    "searching for device" with the spinning circle but no results. Is

    there something I am supposed to do such as keep the phone right next

    to the hearing aid in order for the pairing to be successful?

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    I am in the process of getting this worked out.  My son has one hearing aid and one CI.  I will update you when we get it worked out.  I believe it should be "easy" but haven't done it yet.



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    I too only get the swirling circle. I have Phonak Hearing aids and people talking to me on my iphone find the noise terrible.