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    Thank you for the response, markwmsn. I am new to this forum. You may be right with the code paths. So it might be both, software and hardware issue. I am still waiting for Apple Support to reply.

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    I asked from cable manufatory company also help. They answered within few hours:


    "Thank you for your email and purchase.

    Unfortunately we will not be able to assist you further, as the problem is a software issue and not the hardware. The only way to get your cable to display again is to revert back to your old OS for your Mac. Unfortunately the Mountaion Lion 10.8.2 update had caused alot of problems to other Apple customers, do check the links below for further information and assistance. "



    HDMI cable worked fine before upate 10.8.2. so it is software problem. It seems that Apple do not care their customers anymore. This is sad


    My Mac:

    (Mac Book Pro 17-inch, mid 2010)

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    Hello guys..just wanted to share what i did. I have a MBPR 15", had the same HDMI issue after the update.

    Did some suggestions from the forum, but all did not solve it. I was so frustrated that i just thought of creating another profile.I clicked System preferences, then Users & Group then pressed the + sign  and typed a name for the new profile. And after logging out from my old profile then logging in the new profile, i connected the HDMI cable then suddenly it was working again.


    Maybe the new profile worked well with the new updates, i dont know. Im not really an expert but i was happy seeing the view from a bigger screen now.


    Happy Hearts day!

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    Hi guys,


    Just thought I'd add my voice to this issue. I have a MBP 15" retina and have had major problems with the recent updates - CPU and GPU throttling, denial of access to chat etc. The most recent was the failure of the HDMI port to link to either of my 2 projectors. At first I thought it was the cable so have replaced that - still nothing. Well I say nothing - the MBP goes to a blue screen which makes me hopefull but the projector gets nothing then the MBP goes back to normal, 5 secs later it does the same again, etc etc. Convinced that it was my projector (after all it can't possibly be the new MBP!) I finally decided to drop into Bootcamp where I have Win 7 Ultimate installed - both projectors work perfectly. This must clearly prove that there are fundamental issues with the EFI updates that Apple are currently inflicting on us - all of a sudden Microsoft are looking positively professional.

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    I have the exact problem with my mid-2010 MBP 15".  I've read through all 13 pages of this discussion, tried everything multiple times, but have not had any luck getting the HDMI out to work.


    Of note:


    (1) Prior to deleting the .plist from root and local Library prefs, my MBP screen would not even flash on then off when connecting to the MD port; after I deleted those files, it does flash on then off like it would when previously connecting; indicating to me that was part of the problem.


    (2) When I restart my computer after deleting the .plist preferences, they re-appear in ByHost directory and in the root directory preferences folder.  This happeneds regardless of doing a PRAM reset or not.


    Anyone with a mid-2010 MBP get their HDMI working on 10.8.2?  If so, any suggestions?  Thanks!

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    Problem solved, for me at least.  I had a Rocketfish MiniDisplay to HDMI addapter.  After going to the Apple Store, I found that my adapter was the weak link.  Their Belkin adapter worked on their external monitor, while my Rocketfish did not, so about to purchase the Belkin...

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    Fixed!  I have a 2011 mbp 15" OSX 10.8.2.  After trying everything I read here, I went out and bought the Belkin display port to HDMI to include Belkins HDMI cable (both in the same package from best buy) to replace my Moshi unit I bought from apple a year ago.  Good to go. 

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    Went to my local Apple Store today and spoke to one of the "Geniuses". He confirmed that it was a known and recognised fault that Apple are indeed working on a fix for. So those that haven't bought adapters, don't, as a fix is imminent.

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    Just wanted to add my voice to this. I have a MBPr 15" with 10.8.2 and a cheap HDMI cable (not sure if it's 1.3 or 1.4). I tried to plug my MB to an LG TV (LCD Full HD 1080) with no luck. BUT it worked on a Panasonic TV (not HD TV) using the same cheap HDMI cable. Could it be that it has something to do with the LG being a full HD tv??

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    had same issue.... doenst work on Panasonic but works on Samsung TV

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    I'm experiencing what appears to be a related problem, although not exactly similar.

    When I connect my macbook to my nec external monitor I do get an image, but it's messed up.

    What should be the bottom part of the image appears on the top (this includes the dock), then some lines with trash then rest of the image (i.e the menu and what follows). Reseting just makes the area that is shifted to the top change. On one ocasion I got the same effect on the horizontal...


    Any idea?

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    Recently upgraded to 10.8.3 and I was expecting this issue to be fixed. Apparently I don't see it fixed. I am using Panasonic TVTH L24C20 with the HDMI cable. It used to work in 10.6.8 and when I upgraded to 10.8 it stopped working. After connecting the HDMI cable, it flashes for a couple of times and then shows a "No Connection" message. Anybody came up with a proper fix ??

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    yes, it's a shame


    but hey, look on the bright side now you can redeem vouchers using your camera ...


    apple ignoring a fundamental hdmi-bug on software-level (it worked for me prior to 10.8.2) is really messed up.

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    yeah this stuff neeeds to be straightned out..

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    Having posted a while ago that I had been told it would be addressed in 10.8.3 I am also miffed that the problem persists for me too. I have Apple support contacting me next week to discuss the issue as they apparently have something for me to try - I will post here if it works.


    Incidentally for all those still experiencing problems are you getting the same behaviour from the Thunderbolt ports using iWires for example. I had been told that if the HDMI wasn't working you'd get joy from them so bought a £50 cable to find it was exactly the same