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    I wish I had read these posts before the system update.  Updated my 4s about 3 days ago.  Was having a conversation via speaker phone and just like that it stopped working.  Now, no alarm sounds, no ringer, no music, no movies. 

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    I took my phone to  the Apple Store; 


    I was told the speakers were completely blown out and given a new (not refurbished) phone to replace my broken one.  Normally they would have just replaced the speakers but I was a few days away from my one year warranty.  The new phone has 90 day warranty. 

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    This Fixed My Ipad2. I hope this help.

    After bieng trying every solution in this thread and no resolving the problem i gave up and decided to buy a bluetooth speaker (wired ones were starting to fail as well). bluetooth speakers worked great. next day when i was going to pair again the speakers with my ipad the problem was solved, ipad's speakers were working again, even after ipad reseting. Looks like the pairing modified something on the system and everything came back to normal.

    i hope this helps.

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    Hi All,


    My iPhone 4 speaker is still not working most of the time.. there are times when it suddenly works but then it will disappear soon, sometimes rght in the middle of playing a song. None of the solutions mentioned here works.. sigh.


    Anyone has a similar problem but has solved it?



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    I've also heard that the phone may have small things stuck in the headphone input spot, or the charger spot, which can disrupt the speaker function on the phone.  Try some of that "canned air" and see if it just needs a good cleaning.  Good luck!

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    For me it is clear that this problem is a Software Issue, not hardware.

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    I doubt it is a hardware issue.


    If I place a call and turn on the speaker phone in the call then go to music and i get back the volume slider and can hear music from the speakers.


    going to the apple store later this week and see what they say...

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    It is UNQUESTIONABLY a software / firmware issue. If it was hardware, the speakers would work or they wouldn't. If it was a dockingbay issue it would work or it wouldn't. I bet if it was possible to find the lot numbers of the components of our phones, we'd find something in common. Something in the component doesn't get along with the new iOS, so yes, a new component could fix the problem. However, the problem is rooted in the iOS not the component itself. Though I suppose it depends on how you look at it, now that I've typed all that out.


    Anyway, I called support today, they deny any knowledge of this as a widespread issue (which I don't blame them for, they need to keep their jobs.) They are shipping me a new phone tomorrow, to arrive on Tuesday. I bought Apple Care + when I got the phone over a year ago, so I'm happy with that - no charge for the exchange.


    I'd suggest that people with this issue call support. No matter how frusterated you are, be polite and just explain your situation. Odds are, you'll end up with a replacement.

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    Definitely a software / firmware issue. The left speakers on both my wife's iPhone 4s and my own quit working immediately after we updated to iOS 6. Calls using speaker-phone and music now only play through the right speaker, almost like the update changed the output from stereo to mono. Two identical iPhones bought at the same time with the same problem after the same update = software issue. I was hoping that another update was forthcoming to fix this, but it looks like we'll have to return them for an exchange prior to our warranty expiring.

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    Nevermind ... guess I should read the specs again before posting ... probably just imagined hearing sound out the left side.

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    Hey Michelle,

    After you called support, did you have to take your phone in to the apple store before they gave you a replacement? I'm asking because I'm travelling in the Middle East for 7 months, my phone has this same problem, but there are no apple stores here..I'm hoping I don't have to wait until I go home..



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    Nope, they did it all over the phone. The FedEx goes out today and I should have it tomorrow. That's why I think the underlying problem is known, but the techs are not allowed to say so (again, not their fault!) They are just exchanging the phone, very few questions asked.

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    Hi Everybody


    I was having the exact same problem until I docked my phone for a few seconds, and then when I removed it from the dock the speakerphone and volume controls were working fine.


    This solution was mentioned a few pages ago, and it worked a charm.


    I hope this will help some more people experiencing frustration.





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    Give it a few hours, or a day... if it's the same issue as many of use are having, it will stop working again. I've been dealing with this since October. Everything works temporarily, then it stops again. There is unquestionably a problem with the software.


    A few people fixed the issue by cleaning out the docking port, which means it wasn't the same issue in the first place. If you had something making contact across the port, then docking it would have likely knocked the crud out of the way... so it wasn't the same issue to start with.


    The issue that most of us are dealing with started immediately after upgrading to iOS 6. If you didn't do that in the hours/days/weeks before noticing the problem then the issue isn't the iOS. However, for most of us, that's the problem.

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    Michelle, you are right on.  I have been dealing with this issue from the minute I updated in October on my 4s.  Absolutely a software issue.  I looked up this very discussion when I went to the Genius Bar and got the "deer in the headlights" look from the "genius".  He then proceeded to tell me my phone had spots of water damage in the headphone jack.  I will not write what I said to him, in case there are children reading this discussion.  :-)  Needless to say I can get my sounds to work through Bluetooth in my car and stream my music that way. But no music will play in either of my docking stations at home.  Grrrrrrrr.....

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