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    A Pop up dialog would be a good solution.


    I wonder if the speaker issue would even be an issue if the new Iphone still used our style docking port?


    From an engineering standpoint do you think the resistance between pin 11 and ground could lead to the battery getting drained at a faster rate?

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    Plus the dialog is already in the OS!


    I was thinking the opposite , the new connector is better than the old - less likely to get moisture in a smaller opening...


    I am assuming pin 11 is a logic input and therefore a very low current sink.  I have not noticed any significant increase in battery consumption...


    I have a 4S.  Is yours a 5?

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    Mine is a 4s.  Are there folks with 5's putting

    up with this issue also. 

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    When I press a hold the home button up

    pops voice control. 


    If I say something into the phone that

    the phone does not understand it replies

    that it does not understand me in a very clear voice. 


    Seeing as the Speaker will not work for

    Pandora and phone ring than why do I

    hear a voice?


    Does the iPhone 4S use a different speaker

    then it does for Pandora?

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    The OS makes a distinction based on what is connected.  See pin 21 at


    For me siri works fine as does incoming calls - the phone rings.  But youtube, a music player and other like apps do not produce output (they are being directed to the dock connector)


    There is only one internal speaker.  With the phone up, the speaker is on the left bottom edge and the microphone on the right.  The internal area area to the left, right and below the button are an acoustic chamber for the speaker.

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    Can someone tell me what the Dock Connecter buttons shown in these pics is used for?


    I was hoping the buttons would reenable the internal speaker for my Iphone 4s but so far they don't seem to.


    In case the pics don't come thru it is the button that shows a small speaker on on side with the words "Dock Connector" in the center and a check mark on the right side of the link.

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    I have a problem and a question to make: I have a iphone5 and this speaker, and the pin converter... that works 99,9% but to be perfect why the iphone don´t charge?

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    I am having the same problem as well and try the docking station, reset, etc. and nothing is working.  My alarm doesn't work nor does the ringer...really a pain...I have never had a problem with an Apple product prior to this.

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    I have now had my new iphone 4s for less than 2 months and once again the speaker just all of a sudden stopped working. I have never dropped it or had it go near water or done anything else to it. I got this new phone from the apple store after my last iphone 4s stopped working. I had someone at work have the same issue. They told me at the store that I first had to wipe out the phone and then that didnt work, then they said I had to replace the speaker for a cost. They came back and said they did something wrong and that was when they got the new phone for me. I know this is a software issue and it is since I updated my software on both phones. I call tech support and they said it appears so but have no solution. They said maybe they will fix the bug. How is it this happened on 2 phones in a row? I love my iphone but really need the speaker to work so I can hear a phone ringing, use the speaker phone, etc. Very sad!!!

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    Dudes, le me tell you a story. I got the iPhone 3, everything worked, it was a tank. I got coaxed in through upgrades to get the 4, the 4s. Apple has added bs features and more memory so it can come out with a new product every year - a new product with defect after defect. We're getting played people.


    I used to put my 3G on speaker and work to the music. Now the f'in speaker doesn't work on my 4S. But is that the only problem? No. That 3S would have DIED IN BATTLE  with me. The 4, the the 4S, and every model henceforth will stumble and fall over every bogus line of programming, every deficiency in structural design which made the ORIGINAL smart phone a pivotal moment in technological innovation.


    The problem, my fellow iPhone users, is that Apple got caught in the fray, the competition, the market share. Instead of building a solid device they now give us crap! And charge up the wazzoo. A better camera, Siri, a shotty map service - what does it matter if the the thing doesn't work!


    We love to love Apple, and we're hating less and less to hate them. Because they function less like an innovative German clockmaker, and more and more like a brand new second hand.

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    I see reports they are issuing cheques for 15 dollars for the anttenae design fault in iphone4 and thats the end it..How could they not test that?.I am replying to u because you say about  Apples faults like ipod nano cracked screen fiasco..I have rebought a used iphone 4s and touch wood its ok but still following forum because i too had problem with speaker but flogged it too sister..The big thing is apple are supposed to be the elite and if they cant do something or get things right nobody else will,,thats what i used to think.

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    Work A rounds - Your results may very.


    On My I phone 4S as I have stated previously which has the latest OS upgrade I lose internal speaker audio when I disconnect the Iphone from my car docking port.


    As soon as I disconnect it the music stops.  If I go to "Pandora" it displays a message saying that there is a Problem and Pandora can not start.


    If I try other internal speaker programs I get no error message and no audio. Basically the app just does not play but at least for testing Pandora displays a message when I am experiencing internal Speaker issues.


    As work arounds I found:

    1. Reboot the iphone - Press and hold both the off power button and the home button simultaneously until the phone shuts down and than after a period of time press the power button to wake it up. After the reboot the internal speaker will work, Pandora will work off the internal speaker and I will not see the error message with Pandora., Kind of a PITA way to have to do it


    2. For some reason I have a beat up old taped together Dock that if  I place the phone in it after taking the phone out of the car docking port the internal speaked starts working again. Nice when I am near the beat up dock but it is not always available.  I think the internal resistor in the beat up dock is shorted out and this helps the IPHONE interrmal speaker to get renabled.


    3. Just found this out today and it may not even work again for me. - Instead of removing the Iphone from the car docking port after turning off the ignition and the phone music app pausing. I instead pull the phone out of the docking port while the car is still running.  I found the internal speaker started playing instantly and kept playing. And no Pandora error message.


    These work arounds have worked for my iPhone but not sure if they will help anyone else so I am just throwing them out there until this issue gets fixed by Apple. - One can only hope

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    another solution...


    1 - try everything mentioned above


    2 - take phone apart and isolate issue to dock connector/audio/button subsection


    3 - order replacement part


    4 - before replacement arrives, THIS IS KEY, drop the phone!


    5 - 4s now working fine!


    6 - replacement parts arrive...


    ...hum...should it be repaired!!!



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    missed a step...


    2a - do not put and screws back while waiting for replacment part to arrive

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    You're all crazy and I don't believe your issues are real.

    iOS devices are prefect and have no flaws.


    Now that I've said that, Apple has in fact released the iOS 6.1.4 patch which supposedly addresses the speakphone profile issue. (Only now after I've replaced more than one physical phone b/c of what was obv a software flaw all along).


    Enjoy the download...