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  • LuLuBabii23 Level 1 (0 points)

    How long does the repair take? I have lost all of my sounds since iOS 6 update with iTunes. Text tones, alert tones, music playing, keyboard sounds, ect. The only sounds I have are when someone calls me. I have reset, restored, set up as new iPhone. I lose my sounds for 45 minutes at a time. The only way they come back is leaving my phone alone for awhile. I'm highly annoyed at this point! My phone worked fine before this update.

  • dare2bdiff Level 1 (0 points)

    No success with mine either after numerous attempts to reset, restore, etc. I have no incoming call ring tones/sound, no text or voicemail sound and no speaker phone. Heading to the Apple store in a few days when I get home from a work trip to exchange this phone. This will be my 4th iPhone 4s quality service issue and fifth trip to my local Apple store to get an iPhone 4s that actually works.  Previously had no issues with my iPhone 3G.  Starting to think I shouldn't have upgraded to the newer and "better" 4s.  This is really getting ridiculous!!!

  • LuLuBabii23 Level 1 (0 points)

    When I spoke with apple they have no clue what's wrong with my phone. They state it's my device. Which it very well may be, but it worked perfectly before the iOS 6 update. I won't be able to get to an apple store for a few days. The closest one is an hour away. Guess ill update after that.

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    When the iPhone was being built the proximity sensor hardware component was not designed for future updates (some of them not all). Think of it as a device on your computer and when you get an update sometimes those device updates do not necessarily work with the hardware component in your computer. Therefore you probably would go back (rollback as they would call it on windows) to the previous software so that you can have your device function again. With an iPhone however you cannot go back to the previous software so the only way to fix the issue is taking the iPhone itself to the Apple Store for them to replace the proximity sensor and put a new one inside the phone. I wouldn't recommend you changing your phone to a new phone or a manufacturer replaced phone because it's not necessary.  I am really disappointed with this iOS 6 update as they haven't planned it very well. I hope this answers your questions if you have any more to ask.

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    If this is the case.. This is my last apple product. I'm tired of this. Why do I need to go out of my way to goto the apple store to fix something that was previously working fine? A roll back should be allowed at the least. This is just another perfect example of how poor apple treats its customers.

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    Does the issue apply to both Verizon and ATT iPhones? I haven't had a problem but I haven't used my earbuds since I upgraded to iOS6. Does using headphones cause the problem?

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    this ios 6 is messed up for sure...

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    i too have the same problem after IOS 6 upgrade.

  • icespur Level 1 (0 points)

    Problems with headphone output.  GOTO  Settings> General >Accessibility   Scroll down to the section <Mono Audio> make sure it is off and adjust the slider for volumn balance.  For some reason the ios 6 upgrade changes various settings on the phone.

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    My wife's iPhone 4S had problems with the sound as soon as she updated to iOS 6 - crackling, popping and low volume.

    I checked several Apple related forums, including this one and saw that man people were having the same or similar issues. I tried "the usual suspects" approach and a few of the suggestions from others who had had some success in solving their own issues.


    We finally went to the Apple Store and said "No sound". We did not mention the update at all. I wanted to see what diagnosis the Apple Geniuses would have. The first girl who greeted us - God bless her - actually tried to adjust the volume. Nope. When the Apple genius listened to it, he said "Oh yeah, blown speaker module". The phone is still in warranty and thirty minutes later it had a new speaker module and is working just fine.


    My wife said "Just coincidence". I don't think so. Is it possible some components are not quite compatible with the iOS 6 update? I don't know. I'm not enough of a geek to answer that.

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    later that morning the speaker magicaly strarted working again. 1 week later no problems.


    sorry but i can't pinpoint anything that was done to make it start working again.


    good luck to those still having problems.

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    Took my iPhone 4s to the Apple store today. After the Genius Bar rep took my phone into the back to run diagnostics, came out ten minutes later and told me the only issue was the blown speaker element. I asked what caused that and was told they didn't know. It wasn't due to high volume use but may be tied to the iOS 6 update as I had no issues before that. iPhone is still under warranty, so instead of having to pay $59 for the new speaker, it was no cost to me. Repair took about 15 minutes and so far it works....though the sound quality doesn't seem to be as good as it was originally. Hope this helps others who are having this problem.

  • LuLuBabii23 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'll be going into apple on Tuesday. My sounds go in and out on my iPhone since the iOS 6 update. If I turn my phone off (which it doesn't stay off it powers itself back on), charge it, or switch it from vibrate I lose the notification sounds, keyboard clicks for anywhere up to an hour at a time. What's strange is my husband has an iPhone 4S as well (his is white) and he has NONE of these problems. I updated his phone the exact same way as mine. His even stays turned off. I hope they can fix my issue.

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    I may have a solution for you.


    I have had the same issue with my iphone 4s.

    All sounds worked except while playing games.

    When playing a game the sound would only work with the earphones on.


    I found this solution on another site and it worked like a charm, all is well again with sound.

    At the top left of the phone just above the volume controls is a metalic slider.

    This turns off some of the sounds. If it is off you will see a red color.

    If you have a case on the phone you may need to remove it to access this button.


    Hope this helps.

  • LuLuBabii23 Level 1 (0 points)

    Since updating to iOS 6 Sept 19th I have had continuous problems with no sound. If I turned the phone off (which it didn't stay off, it would automatically power itself back on in seconds), put it on the charger, or sometimes doing nothing I'd lose my notification sounds for up to an hour at a time. No text tones, alert tones, keyboard clicks, ect. Restored it. Did a master reset. I did everything. Even tried the "dock" thing. Nothing worked.


    So, I went into an apple store yesterday. Initially they considered it a "software" issue and tried to do a "clean restore". Brought the phone back to me and guess what. No sound. The up/down volume buttons on the side of the phone didn't work they only displayed the little bell (no volume bar). At this point he said that it was a "speaker" issue. So the first option for this was to swap out the phone under warranty. I have my replacement iPhone 4s and it works perfectly fine. It shuts off, sound works with no problems.


    I advise anyone with this problem take their phone into apple or send it in to get fixed. I don't know why, or what happened to my device but it happened AFTER I updated to iOS 6. Apple of course said that they were having these speaker problems before iOS 6 update rolled out but I stand firm---my phone was fine before the update.


    Hope this helps some of you.

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