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    its a pretty simple actually to figure out and it goes like this ...




    this will blow your mind









    your welcome

  • Mich Rapp Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Seems like we all got bamboozled on this one guys. I have all the same problems. I met with a tec today at an Apple store to discuss the issue and he told me that because my phone was not under warranty I am out of luck. I explained that clearly it is a software issue due to the update and not a hardware issue. He looked at me laughed. The only thing that is funny is how the timing of these issues and Apple selling a new phone happen to coincide. Great marketing strategy Apple. Way to step up and take some responsibility.

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    iPhone 4 here having issues with any kind of notification noises since I updated to ios6 (and yes everything was working perfectly fine before hand).


    *all tests were done without headphones*

    The odd thing is if I record a video I get no sound, but if I use the voice memo app I get voice fine.  When im on a call the sound is very low and when I try to use the speaker phone no one can hear me at all until I use the headset.  If I watch youtube videos or watch videos on the app airvideo sound works perfectly fine through the speakers.   My volume buttons and my mute button do not work at all.  I have done a clean install/restore several times and reset every possible setting.  So pretty much im dead in the water and hoping it will be a simple update (which im not counting on since from the sound of it, Apple Genius's are claiming is faulty hardware).  If I get phone calls or text my phone will vibrate, pretty much I have to use my iPad notification noises to know when I get iMessages. 


    And you guessed right its out of warranty, I am eligble for an upgrade in a few months but the phone has been working perefectly fine until this last update :/  I cant wait for news on the ios beta update to see if this is addressed. 

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    I'm not trying to be overly pessimistic, and I could very well be wrong, but I highly doubt Apple ever fixes this issue.  Somehow, some 4/4s models have a faulty dock sensor in them (according to rumor) that isn't compatible with the new iOS.  They could offer effected users a patch specfically for our models, but I really don't see them doing that.  They like to keep everyone on the same software and not allow users to choose what they want.  I would say at this point, you could hold off on hope for a fix but your best bet would be to sell your current iphone and use your upgrade when you can. 


    The funny part is, my phone has been without speaker sound for a month and I'm actually getting used to it.  When it first happened, it through my life into a tailspin... My alarm wouldn't work, I couldn't play videos for my friends, I missed calls and texts.. But now I guess I'm just used to it.  My upgrade comes up in a few months. I'll probably just wait it out and get the 5.


    You win Apple. You win.

  • none11 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I dont have high hopes for getting it fixed, thankfully the Alarm still works.

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    After upgrading to iOS 6 all I lost was voice volume during incoming calls.  Apple offered me a new phone as it was just day 14 after purchase.  No software repair ideas from them, even though the speaker works fine for every thing but calls.  Rebooted, reinstalled, etc. no luck.  Put into dock, no change.  My work around is to turn on the loud speaker for each call and turn down the volume.  There must me gazillions of 4 users, they would be smart to offer a patch for us.

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    Yes. I would imagine 10's (if not 100's) of thousands of 4 users have been effected by this.  However, Apple has never really "put the customer first".  And the best part is... They don't have to.  I'm not anti-apple.. but it is amazing how their business model works with being so bad at customer relations.  The only solution is to replace or upgrade to 5.  We must deal with this fact, I'm afraid.

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    Thank goodness I remain the chosen iPhone 4 user that has no problem. I sympathise with all the other iPhone 4 users.

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    I know this has been beaten to death but Apple needs to really step up here.


    I had not used my speaker dock in over 2 weeks before upgrading to the iOS6.  I use the speaker on my 4S quite regularly and never had ANY audio problems.


    It wasn't until after I updated to iOS6 that I realised the sound was gone when I tried to listen to music, videos, etc. I have found that yes, it comes and it goes but there's no controlling it.  Sometimes my phone rings, sometimes it doesn't.  Sometimes I get an audio notification of emails/texts, etc., sometimes I don't.  Someone mentioned they were late for work the other day....I started setting a second alarm just in case.


    I've tried docking and undocking or plugging in my headphones, play the first 10 seconds of a track and then unplug the headphones and the volume display disappears immediately.  I am VERY careful with my phone and feel this problem was caused solely by upgrading to iOS6.


    This is not "just another audio problem".

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    (update)  It's clear a number of people are facing by the number of posts around this issue (some percentage of phones exhibit the issue, cant really say how common).  Whether or not it's software or hardware (or perhaps a combination) and one that cannot be addressed? I have no idea.  I would suggest they include custom option in settings for the user select a fixed output --so the user can choose output routing on demand (decent work around for all the users out of warrenty?). Actually this would be a nice setting for everyone.  I would like to see more custom options in general.

    Anyway, several people reported here they received new phones after going into the Apple store.  I went to the store and had a replacement phone in my hand in 4 minutes.  (it's still under warranty).  The local staff was extremely courteous and professional.  It was not the first case for them as they appeared knowingly, familiar with the issue.  Restoring via iCloud was fairly smooth, having an option to initiate the restore before walking out the store was a great feature.  It also handles disruptions, data asynchronously streams back as wifi is available (until the process completes). and you can use your phone like normal otherwise.  just fyi.

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    the easy way to keep in conact with the outside world while waiting to get to an apple store and ask/demand an immediate repair of the device which they appear to have messed up, on me also,full reinstall attempted to no avail, would be to attach the iphone4s to your body with a suitable single-sided sticky tape so you get a vibrating alert via your central nervous system so you don't miss a call or message. alternatively use another phone[non-apple] to recieve incoming calls and let all important users know your other number. i work using this device for emergencies and previously had no such problems with a well known finnish mobile device even after dropping it down the toilet.i went immediately to the hand dryer for a full repair five years ago and it is stiil fully operational.the device could be dismantled in moments, no special tools required, and failing that the sim could be fitted into any other phone on the same network to re-establish contact.the more people to kick up a fuss the sooner apple will resolve the issue.they can read this also so post your issues here.

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    I had the same issue, so I brought my phone into the Apple store today.  They lady used a brush and plastic pick to clean the part where the recharging cord plugs into.  After that, the sound began to work again.  She said that the lint was making the phone think it was on the dock!  It works great now.

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    which is a different issue, that's lint in your dock connector.  that will certainly will cause some similar synptoms and people should run the check-list toi see if that's an issue for them for sure.  the store is usually savvy enough if that's the case and it'll save a trip.


    in my case the apple store appeared aware there was known defect, and replaced my phone immediately.

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    I have an iPhone 4 & just started to have the same issues! Speaker doesn't work for music or video & works for some apps but not others! Speaker works in my Voice Recording app, the alarm will sound & on the lock screen the key strokes make sounds! Being in IT, this is definitely a software related bug/issue! Hardware does not intermittently work, especially for 17000 people that have viewed this post must be experiencing similar issues with ios6! My ringer volume indicator shows up only when I switch from silent to sound but when I try to turn the volume up, there are no volume indicators! The phone must think it is docked or perhaps something else because there is no speaker volume indicators either when I try to listen to music or watch videos! This is Nov.1 & still no solution! I guess when Apple isn't willing to accept th fact this could be software related, then most likely they will not fix it! I wonder if I can still revert ba I from this crappy iOS update?

  • sidhusir Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    If I had to take a guess at the issue, it most likely has something to do with the "Do Not Disturb" app that was added into iOs 6.  The code probably disables the speaker & a bug may not turn it back on. If this was a hardware issue with the speaker not working any longer then there should not be any issues with me using my headphones or external speakers which have absolutely nothing to do with the iPhone speaker! Yet external speakers do not work either because the SOUND has been disabled through some bug!

    I will definitely be switching from Apple! Providing such poor customer service plus not renegotiating their license for Google Maps & YouTube is senseless!

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