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I love my iMac, but I find it difficult to use Skype unless I'm at exactly the right distance from the computer (and the right height).  A lot of times the computer is higher (since the keyboard tray is lower) and in order to use the built-in camera properly, I have to tilt the screen way down.  I would like to solve this by buying an external webcam so that I can change its angle without changing the angle of the screen.  Anyway, from everything I have read, I guess there isn't an "official" or "supported" external iSight webcam for Mac, but most people say the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 works for them (not the funky software stuff, just the basic camera and microphone stuff, which is all I need).  Is anybody here running a similar set-up or using one of these cameras who can confirm that it works with OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.1 (haven't gotten the next upgrade yet)?  Alternatively, do you have any other suggestions for a webcam that will do what I want it to do?  Thanks in advance for your help



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1), 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5, 4GB 1333 MHz
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    Yes, I'm actually shocked and sad because in 2 weeks, I didn't get one single response.  I am positive I am not the only person who has an iMac and who wants to use another webcam aside from the built-in iSight.  Anyway, I guess if you want something done right, you better do it yoursef.  For those of you who may at some point have a similar question, I hope this helps.


    I wanted a webcam that could be mounted on a mini tripod so that it didn't have to stay static on top of the screen but could be moved and placed in a variety of places without worrying about leveling the cam, the cam falling, etc (look at the  Joby Gorillapod Original).  Anyway, after doing as much research as I could stomach, I ended up with two main choices.  A Logitech C615 and a Logitech C920.  They're both basically the same except that Logitech calls them "better" and "best."  Unless the incredible definition of the C920 is essential to you, the C615 will do the job quite well.  I ended up buying the C920 because it came up on sale.  Alas, Apple rules when it comes to ease of use.  I cannot download the software from Logitech for all the special effects and stuff, but the camera (and stereo microphone) are plug-and-play.  YES, THE C920 WORKS WITH OS X MOUNTAIN LION.  I can say without doubt that the C615 will work too.  Let's just say that the picture provided by the camera is incredible.  I recorded a 30 second movie under exactly the same condtions on Quicktime with the built-in cam and with the C920 and there is no comparison, the C920 blows the iSight away. 


    So far, I have tested every single application I could think of and every single one of them allows me to pick between the built in iSight or the Logitech cam, my iMac recognizes the cam automatically.  The only one that doesn't seem to detect it is iMovie, but that may be only due to my lack of familiarity with that app.  So, Skype, Facetime, Quicktime, PhotoBooth, Messages ALL work with the Logitech C920 AND OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2


    A word of advice.  If you're like me and you're not too concerned about the extreme high definition, in retrospect I would buy the C615.  Why?  Simply because it can also be mounted on a mini-tripod, stand alone, or bracketed on top of your screen, BUT also because it doesn't only swivel up and down but also sideways (the C920 only swivels up and down.  No huge drawback, but we're talking getting the most for your money).  The C615 is also about $30 to $40 CDN cheaper.


    Anyway, sorry about the long post.  I hope this helps other people and I save them the time, effort, and disappointment of asking a question and having nobody answer it

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    I just bought a C920 and could not find any documentation on Logitech's site saying that it would work with Mac.  Was going to return it until I read your post.  Tested it and it worked great.  Thank you.

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    I'm so glad it helped.  You made my day

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    Thanks for this interesting report.

    What's the max. resolution you got for movies via QuickTime and for Photos via PhotoBooth?

    Or do you use other apps to get best resolution movies/photos with the C920?

    Many thanks.

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    Does anyone know what is the difference between the C910 & the C920?

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    Thank you so much.  I was unable to get an answer from either Apple or Logitech so this helps emensely.  We are setting up a telemedicine site between the US and China and our telemedicine people say the the C920 is far supperior to the C910.  The major reason is tha it supports 1080p video givng lifelike pictures necesssary for these conferences.  i is am going to buy the C920 and is uspect that the driver for Mountain Lion will get even better.

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    Aside from the fact that the C910 appear to be on the way out of the regular line of webcams (some places still have them but Logitech doesn't include it in their list), from what I remember when doing my research the major difference was the mic quality.  The audio is supposed to be better in the C920 with feedback reduction, echo cancelling, etc.  As for the resolution, I believe they are both mostly the same.  Here is the link to the website that has the main features for the Logitech webcams:



    Oh, one more thing worth mentioning.  NOT from personal experience but from all the complainst I've read regarding people who had a C910 and used the Logitech software upgrade before upgrading to Mountain Lion.  Once upgrading to OS X Mountain Lion, they had problems with the C910, although some of them were fixed simply by unplugging the cam, shutting down the computer, plugging in the cam, and re-starting the computer.  However, Logitech DOES NOT provide any software support for their webcams to be used on Mac's.  The reason they work is simply because the Apple universal driver for webcams works with the Logitech webcams

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    Now that I've bought the C920 I'm really happy with it! :-))

    Just connected and I could record 1920 x 1080 movies using QuickTime.

    And the quality is superb (also the photo quality).

    Many thanks again!


    BTW Can anyone recommend a good alternative to Photo Booth for taking photos?

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    Have you tried the C920 with FaceTime?  When I use FT, the mic on the camera doesn't work.  Anybody has the same problem?

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    I bought the C920 and the built-in mic of the camera doesn't work when used with FaceTime.  It works great with Skype, iMovie, dictation, and other apps.  The only app that I found it doesn't work with (the mic) is FaceTime.


    Anybody else has the same problem?


    Have Mountain Lion 10.8.2.

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    I figured out the root cause of my problem and a solution for it.


    Cause of Problem:  The Logitech C920 camera/mic operates on a 2ch-16bit integer.  You can verify this by opening "finder + Utilities + Audio MIDI Setup" and then select the HD Pro Webcam C920 and look at the "Input" Default values.


    The Mac Mini's "Built-In Output" and "Buiilt-In Input" formats were set for 2ch-24 bit integer.  Therefore, the default input and output were out of sync with the C920 default format.


    Solution:  Change the Mac Mini's default Output to "2ch-16 bit integer".  You don't need to change the default Input but it doesn't hurt to do so.  Once you do this, the camera and it's built in mics work on facetime and all other video chat applications.

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    chiflado8, You're a genius!


    I ran into the same trouble with the Mac Mini, 10.8.2 and the Logitech c920 with no mic audio in Facetime. I set the in & out as stated in your posting and all is well! I thought I'd tried every app that MacOSX has but I guess I overlooked the Audio Midi Setup figuring in this case it had nothing to do with that microphone. I think in this case the name is a little misleading. I'd go as far as to say Apple should have these particular settings in the Sound System Preference or at least add a &. i.e. "Audio & Midi Setup"


    I've inserted some snapshots so that anyone else that has this specific trouble can take a look at the settings.


    Either way I am a happy man once again and thank you for posting your solution!


    Be well!




    Audio MIDI Setup-input.png

    Audio MIDI Setup-Output.png

    Audio MIDI Setup-C920.png

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    Odinsdad, glad to hear my solution helped you.  Hope it helps other frustrated FT users.

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    Anybody know if C920 hardware H.264 encoder been used in Mountain Lion?

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