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    IKrupp you are going to look foolish very soon when Google releases their App and it hits the top of the popular download list. As a matter of fact your blind obedience to your Apple loyality oath looks.....interesting.......when even Tim Cook recommended that people use other mapping apps instead of their own. Give that, perhaps we can all accept that Apple's map app is crap. I and many, many others are looking at altenative eco systems because of it.

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    Mr. Cook wasn't particularly referring to the app, he was referring to the Geobase, which will get better over time. If you used Google Maps in 2005 you would have thought the Geobase to be "crap". And in some cases it still has errors in the geobase. It just isn't new.


    I like the app myself since it is vector rather than raster based, which means it scales better, faster and uses less data doing so. The geobase and POIs will improve with time. In the meantime if Google does release a Google Maps for iOS (and there is no guarantee they will) then you will have a choice and Apple really won't care if it is at the top of the popularity list. But you need to be writing to Google if you want that app, you are wasting your time here.


    The new maps is pretty accurate in my environs but that may be due to all the TomTom corrections I've sent over the years since I used there app since back in the iPhone 3G days.

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    Abrasha Staszewski wrote:


    MeMooMeM wrote:



    I am sure you are right, but this should not keep Apple from approving Google's Maps as an App. Consumers will make the switch whenever Apple's Maps becomes more capable and useful compared to Google's. In fact, I would love to see that happening since I really like the idea of turn by turn navigation. Thanks for the info.


    If you like the idea of turn by turn navigation so much why did you act like a fool, " ... missed my appointments, got lost, costing me time and money ... ".  For a few dollars you could have invested in a very good turn by turn navigation app.  You would not have gotten lost, not have lost time and not have lost money.  Instead you rather blame Apple for your own foolishness.

    Because I found my way around just find using goole Maps before and trusted Apple Maps without hesitation. And yes, I blame Apple for that. I also don't have a few dollars to spend on some feature that used to exist for free. This is about principles, not money. Not expecting you to comprehend.


    BTW, why are you still here? Go post in ios5 forums, since that's what you have. You are commenting on things that you don't know about. Also, you can continue to call names as you can over there and fell much better about your pitiful self. Apparently no one is monitoring these forums against insults.

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    Yes, I got lost and it cost me time and money. How does this make me a liar or fool? In any case this should not concern you since (1) you don't even use ios6 (2) the only feature you care about is the vibration mode.


    OK, so you're not a liar, just a fool.  I have used iOS6.  My wife regrettably upgraded to it.   Debating a 4 year old is quite amusing.


    You are saying that your wife regrettably upgraded to it and you are still defending Apple? How very consistent of you. Let her speak then. We would love to hear her opinions about the mentioned features above.

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    So I'm in New York City. I try to find the restaurant I want to go to. Maps won't find it. I google it and find the google pin of the location. I click on the PI. And it takes me to Google maps in Safari. I then use directions to find out distance and time in google maps. iOS 6 won't e en take me to Apple maps? How backwards is this? Apple dropped the big one so so bad!!! When I got maps to find the restaurant the turn by turn directions told me to go up 4 one way avenues! Seriously? 2012 and this is the best you got? Lame o!!! Keep goin like this and apple will be worth 5 cents. Way to go Cook. Liking your bottom line? Lame. So lame. Get over it and get Google maps working again. Short, little man vision here.

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    I alerted the mistake of where I live not having any road weeks ago when I first upgraded.


    My road is still not there and now I live in the middle of the nearby lake....


    Glad I'm still using Google Maps.

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    Re-reading this stream has made me quite angry at your attitude. Are you an Apple employee?

    I'm not. When I buy a product at a premium price, which most Apple products carry, I don't expect to have to work for the company to make an Alpha product actually function adequately. Especially when I don't get any renumeration for the task. I am a customer not a product developer, I paid good money for my iPhone and it used to have maps that could help me find my way around unfamiliar places, now I don't. I have a map that places businesses closed for year in the wrong place which even the most devoted Apple fans have to admit is pretty poor. I think we are entitled to feel put out.

    If you check this stream you will notice that I have tried to correct some local info. I've tried to correct it now about 10 times with no success yet. I've done my bit to help out one of the world's wealthiest companies, I won't be helping out anymore.

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    This is a user-to-user technical support forum. Apple does not participate here. I fail to understand how a simple constructive suggestion I made as user almost a month ago constitutes some sort of attitude problem, let alone one that should cause anyone to be angry. Fortunately, your opinon of me and my actions is of no consequence.


    Best of luck.

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    Every time I type "rant" into Apple Maps, I get redirected here. Why is that?

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    Great article!  It hits the situation right on the head.


    Apple's new OS would NEVER have been shipped out with such an embarassing mistake as MAPs if Steve Jobs had still been alive and at the helm.


    This is another example of feuding companies, and the customer pays the price.  Same thing with ALL the sites you try to browse to and can't see because Apple is STILL feuding with Adobe.


    Add the terrible MAPS app and it's even worse.


    Here in Edmonton, Alberta Canada - when I search "Home Depot" I would expect to see Home Depot stores IN Edmonton - not in southern United States - which is was inexplicably happened.

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    Well, I have no interest in dumping the Apple Maps app. I hate it but there are alternatives. It is amazing in several ways; 3D, voice navigation, superior technology. However it's Tom-Tom maps are the worst thing since the Edsel.


    Today I was in Vermont and trying to find the Sharon Health Center. I arrive in Sharon and stopped at the general store activated the Apple Maps app and made a search. It pointed me south on Rt 14 for 6.2 miles, had me try to turn on roads that were not there and I ended up on a dead end road where I was to take a left. Not funny! I'm now on a dead end dirt road in the middle of nowhere. I backtracked to the general store and asked someone.


    I was less than a 1/2 mile from the health center and I just drove 15 miles out of my way.


    In some environments it's perfect. Others absurd! It can't be trusted and that's the key.


    It's fun to use because of the advanced technology but if you can't trust it why use it?


    It serves as a good game app but not as a trusted navigation tool.


    Someday hopefully . . .

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    You did report these problems?

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    Deggie, when Apple starts paying, I'll start working for them. Meanwhile, I'll stick with google maps which in 3 years of extensive use has never ever, not a single time taken me down a dead end street, made me turn wrongly or taken me many blocks off target. Apple maps is a toy and is not fit for major release to replace Googel Maps. My iphone is still by far the best phone on the market. But it was downgraded from perfect to very good in the so called upgrade from ios5 to ios6. In 13 years of Apple prodcut use and upgrades, it is the first major downgrade in user experience ive come across.


    By Deggie

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    I usually report problems but it's getting old doing it. Besides I don't see any changes. I reported that the street I live on is labeled wrong. They have it as someone's driveway 1/4 mile away. Our street is not labeled at all in the Apple maps apps. Google has it correct but not Tom-Tom maps. That was months ago and no change... I'm sure they have millions of problems like this to fix.

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    You do realize Google maps is more than 3 years old? When it was first unveiled it had loads of similar problems (and still does in some cases). But a lot of people (me included) reported problems over the years.


    You're welcome (and I wasn't paid for it).