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Is anyone having issues connecting to the internet after downloading OS X version 10.8.2? I updated Mountain Lion and now my macbook pro is constantly going offline.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    No issue here. Reset your router.

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    Yes, I am also having this problem.  It happens constantly to me

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    I have the same problem... sometimes it lasts only a couple of minutes with internet and then it just stops working!!! This happened to me with the 10.8.2 update cus with 10.8.1 I had no problems.


    It is really annoying to have this problem because I just can't have a smooth internet connection. To solve the problem I need to turn off AirPort and then switch it on again or from network preferences, airport, advanced in the TCP/IP label, click on renew DHCP Lease.



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    Yes , I have the same problem since update.

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    I am having the same issue. No problems with 10.8.1. Just started happening after upgrading to 10.8.2. Only happens with WiFi. I have found that when I come back out of sleep that it won't automatically reconnect to wireless network. I have to manually connect. Also, I have a heck of a time turning Wifi on and off now too.

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    Yes, same problem here. It is a widely experienced problem by a host of users that upgraded to 10.8 (it's unclear if it started with 10.8 or 10.8.2). E.g.: MacRumors has a long discussion on this, and it's just one of the many sites with many complaining users: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1451152


    Here's what I've figured out so far, and this is after living with the problem (and trying to fix it now) for many weeks, and perusing many online resources:

    1. The problem in question (that I'm discussing) is one where your Mac network connection completely hangs. Attempts to open a web browser, for instance, hang for about a minute, and then you get the "cannot find the web site" page. Likewise, any network access (ssh, telnet, email, ping) are all completely blocked, as if you had no network at all -- and yet, at the same time, you've got 5 bars on your wifi status and a solid connection to the router. Network status in your settings all looks fine.
      1. The most common fix at this point is to either 1) turn off wifi and restart it, which almost always works, or 2) go ahead and restart the router, which annoys the heck out of everyone else in the office but also works fine.
    2. The problem is probably related to an update to the 10.8.2 network stack. Ignore anyone that says something like "reset your router," this is not the issue. This can be verified easily enough: Are any other devices on the router impacted? No? Then the router is fine (here we have about a dozen computers, iPads, and an AppleTV, and a VOIP phone system on the router -- they all keep working fine, it is only the MacBooks that were updated to 10.8.2 that exhibit the problem.
    3. The problem is apparently specific to the 802.11 'n' protocol. We successfully reconfigured our router so that it supports two different networks, one 802.11g "Boss Logic" and one 802.11n "Boss Logic 5Ghz." In other words, we switched it up so that you can use a 'g' network ("Boss Logic") or an 'n' network ("Boss Logic 5Ghz"). All the PC users are happily using the higher speed 5Ghz network -- and all the Mac users are now, unhappily, using the older 'g' network. If your router supports this (having a dual configuration, such as the Apple Airport routers do) then it's a great fix... at some performance cost. We've done this here, and yes, it did absolutely work, no hangs since switching over.
    4. I have read elsewhere that you might be able to continue using the 'n' network, if you change your MTU size to a non-1500 settings. I'm giving this a shot and will see how it goes. (Just go into settings and change your wireless network 'hardware' tab to use an MTU of, say, 1495). Good luck if you try this.


    Hope this helps and let's all cross our fingers and hope Apple starts paying attention. It seems like it's been an eternity... but it's probably only been a month or two. But hey getting booted off the network a few times a day can be a really, really annoying experience.

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    Connect to the router's IP address via Ethernet cable. You can get this from the router's manual (check also for the initial username and password to access the site). Go to the wireless setup from here, and change the name to something that you can recognise. If it is not password protected, make sure that it is. Save it and it'll write itself to its flash memory (your network will briefly not work). Once this is done, open network preferences on your MBP and search for this network using WiFi (not your Ethernet connection). Select it and lock it. Disconnect the Ethernet cable, shut down / or put it to sleep, then restart and see if it works.