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Bug: Raise to Speak sensor for Siri remains on whenever the screen is active - regardless of Siri Raise to Speak Setting (enabled or disabled).



After updating to iOS 6 (via iTunes - not OTA), I noticed that my battery was taking quite a bit of a hit.  Granted I was checking out the new features but aside from a very short call, nothing major in the way of activity. 



I had also noticed that Siri sounded quite a bit different with iOS 6 (10A403) than with 5.1.1 (9B206).  Not only did the Siri Voice change but also the responses vary between the two iOS versions. 



Example: What is the weather like in Alaska?



iOS 5.1.1 response:

Here's the forecast for Juneau, Alaska through Monday



iOS 6.0 response:

Here's the weather for Juneau, AK through Monday (note: Siri does not say "Alaska", instead Siri says 'A-Kay'




With iOS 6, Siri sounds more robotic.  After looking at speech rate settings and comparing between the two versions, I could find nothing different.  I decided to post a video and this is where the Siri bug became interesting and tied into the battery drain with iOS 6. 



Remember with 5.0.1 we saw a hit on battery drain and one of the fixes was a fix to the proximity sensor ( ght-might-mean-something/).  Well, it appears this bug is back in iOS 6.  When I went to do the video, I noticed that my 4s had a flashing light near the earpiece.  It remained on continuously.  The only time it would stop flashing was when the phone was locked and the screen inactive.  As soon as I hit the lock button to bring the phone out of lock, the sensor would begin to flash again.



Give it a shot, hold up your iPhone to a webcam and see if your result is the same. 



Submitting this to Apple via the feedback form.  Please do the same if you are seeing the same behavior.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6, 64GB | Black
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