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I want to get my purchased iMovie on my phone running iOS 5.1.1. But I can't do it because of stupid iOS 6 requirement!

I really like this app but it is 500mb, I don't want to have it all the time on my device! And now when I need it I can't get it!

What an idiotism! What should I do now?! Why to introduce these useless requirements for tge latest and not gratest ios version? ***?! I am really disappointed :(

iMovie (iOS), iOS 5.1.1
  • iphonejunky Level 3 Level 3 (525 points)

    Well, iOS6 is a free update with loads of new features, so why not give the Update a try.

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    Because it is a piece of junk. I need and use Google Maps way more than any of the features added in iOS 6. Not having backward compatibility for iMOvie was just sort of the last straw for me with iOS. When I get ready to replace my iPhone 4S, it will be with a Samsung S III or whatever is comperable at the time. iPad will be replaced with something running Android as well. I'll keep the iMac and Macbook Air until they screw them or OS X up too and then it is probably over to Linux.