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  • Ios6-notworking Level 1 Level 1

    ANy news anyone?

    The Only answer is going to a apple store? I am Overseas rght now whitout any applestore near .

    Will have to wait until I get back to NY to fixit!

    A couple of month away.


    ****** ios 6

  • Numsyr Level 1 Level 1

    It could be an issue of updating the iOS 6 thru wifi connection.Many people just do the upgrading direct from their device using wifi connection which could result in glitches or files incomplete. After they revert to factory setting thru USB cable connection to a pc or laptop with LAN connection or direct modem connection and using iTunes it works fine. Hope others too.

  • James Hodge Level 1 Level 1

    From all the information gathered to date there are three ways you can resolve this issue:


    1. Take your phone to an Apple Store, and have it replaced with a new device that doesn't exhibit this issue.


    2. Wait for Apple to release an update to iOS 6 which fixes this software bug.  Keep in mind they've known of the issue for 3.5 months now so don't hold your breath for this one.


    3. Revert to iOS 5.x and remain there until Apple implements the fix in (2) above.


    I went down the first path - my local Apple Store identified the issue and replaced my phone with a new one in less than 5 minutes.


    If you can't get to an Apple Store then options 2 or 3 are your only choices.

  • HockeytownDon Level 1 Level 1

    I downloaded the iOS 6 update last Wednesday along with my wife.  That's when all of my phone's problems began. My iPhone 4s was really only functioning properly for calls and texts. I spent over 6 hours within a few days on the phone with Apple. They absolutely tried there best to help solve the problems we had with our phones but could not. I finally decided to go to the Sprint Store and they could not fix it either. They sent me out two refurbished phones that still had 5.1.1 on them. My new phone is working great and I will not be upgrading until all of these glitches are fixed with the iOS 6 update.

  • annaandr Level 1 Level 1

    I managed to fix my greyed out WiFi.


    Upon upgrading my 4S to iOS6 (through iTunes  my WiFi was greyed out. I went to the Apple store and they replaced my phone. They also updated the new phone to iOS6 and WiFi worked (at this time my phone was set up as a new phone). At home I attempted syncing through iTunes to restore my data ( iTunes on the windows XP PC) and WiFi was greyed out again while my data did not restore. So, I installed iTunes on another computer (running windows 7), synced and re-seted network settings. This worked, WiFi came back and my data was restored. I didn’t have back up files for my phone on the laptop and I’m guessing that my data was restored earlier but wasn’t visible. I’m not exactly sure why this worked and if installing iTunes on another computer helped. 

  • Cliff_P Level 1 Level 1

    Let me start by saying I'm not an Apple fanboy, I do buy Apple stuff but I use and buy other brands as well.  I live about four hours away from the nearest anything that resembles an Apple store. So after I became pretty frustrated with trying to fix my disabled WiFi I ended up doing the following...


    I logged on to the Apples' support site, filled in a form and then sent my iPhone to them.


    Sunday - I logged the job on their site and printed a label with a barcode

    Monday - Took it to the local post office and they scanned the bar code, supplied the packaging, they packed it up and sent it away.

    Thursday - Yesterday I received an e-mail from Apple saying it arrived there and I would hear from them when they had looked at it.

    Friday - Today I received an E-mail saying that they had sent me a "new" phone. (I checked the serial number from the e-mail and it looks like it is a new phone, "Cool")  


    It is an inconvenience not having my iPhone but as far as logging a warrantee job, it was pretty painless and I think a lot of companies could learn a lot from them.

    As far as problems go I don't think I could ask for anything better then that. I choose to live in the middle of nowhere and for a company of that size to manage a problem so fast and streamlined was pretty amazing.


    Going off some of the other posts people have made on this site my experience seems to be the same as most of the others. If you really can't put up with the problem and  wait for a software fix I recommend you contact Apple direct as they seem to deal very well that way.

  • Trapdoresoth Level 1 Level 1

    For the time being, seems like the only solution is to get a replacement phone.


    I called Apple Support and went through all the troubleshooting and fix attempts that have been outlined in this thread and others. When nothing works, I was offered a replacement phone to be shipped out to me directly. I'm happy to report that I have the new phone (4S 32gb) and it is working great with WiFi and iOS6. I did have to set up as a new phone, so I have to replace everything and start from scratch.


    Retiring from this thread. Call Apple!


    Good luck...

  • Kenishialala Level 1 Level 1

    I did all the possible ways that could have fixed the problem. I fixed it but in less than 24 hours, the wifi button was greyed out again.


    Replacing the phone? What about people like me who bought iphone not directly from an apple store but from a legit mobile store. How are we suppose to get a replacement for our phone?


    By the way I'm referring here in the Philippines. :(



    I hope they release the latest ios real soon!!!

  • Azee_ Level 1 Level 1

    I own an iphone 4s and i got the same wifi problem. It's greyed out after upgrading to ios 6. I need solutions from apple!! I mean how can someone use an iPhone without wifi :| did all the resets too. I live in Sri Lanka and theres no apple stores or apple authorised stores. Help!!!

  • jnkadoodles Level 1 Level 1

    I'm from the Philippines too, and bought my 4s from a legit store. A technician from earlier informed us that this is a hardware problem (without even checking the phone) I just can't believe him, he can't even look me in the eye.


    Some techs are already using and abusing this issue to get rich lol, seriously, there are a lot of 4s users here in the Ph. Though not everyone is having the same problem doesn't mean that the rest (including me) should be ignored, we need assistance STAT.


    We also paid full for this device, so I guess it's just fair to provide us good service.

  • rasputin58 Level 1 Level 1

    After reading this thread for 5 days, secretly hoping that Apple would have rolled out a fix, I took the common approach and went to an Apple store.


    Appointment was booked online with Genius Bar. The tech went through the usual hoops, resets etc.


    He did one thing that I was not aware of, that's called a DFU reset, which entails pressing the home and off/on button (you can google this).


    That did manage to enable the WiFi toggle and the antenna seemed to work, but did so in a flaky way, so the Apple Store happily replaced it with a new 4S at 5.1.1. (Wifi signal was not consistant, then Off/On then nothing, then back on again)


    Will try to upgrade to 6 this weekend. Apple tech said if the same problem recurs, just bring it back.


    Just an FYI out there to all who are going through WiFi withdrawl :-)

  • jerimiller1 Level 1 Level 1

    I have had this same issue, among others and it is very, very frustrating.  I am not sure if these posts are read by anyone from Apple, but if they are shame on you!  I have purchased six iphones along with Ipads for my school district.  The customer support that I have received is not acceptable from Apple and I can't see how it would be much longer before the media gets ahold of this and runs with it.  Maybe that is what it will take, but the first step is to admit there is a problem.  I just had to laugh when the customer service rep I spoke with told me that my problem was the first he had heard of with the new software.  It is all over the internet and blogs.  I don't understand how some phones have issues and others do not.  There has to be some corelation somewhere with the serial numbers, or something.  Very, very disappointing especially when the nearest Apple store from me is over two hours so basically I'm out of luck until hopefully something is done. 

  • jose2088 Level 1 Level 1

    Went to the Apple Store and they replaced it, no problem.

    I was one of two grayed out phones that were there.


    Good Luck all

  • nujdux Level 1 Level 1

    Hi! jnkadoodles, i'm from the philippines (Laguna) too, i also bought my 4s(wifi disabled/greyed out) from a legit store here in the phils..i'm participating on other thread discussions, RE: WIFI DISABLED, a lot of them just solved there problem by swapping there phone to a new one from apple store. i'ved already talk to apple genius & told me to swap it to any apple store as long as the phone still on warranty with them, bcoz it's a hardware issue & they can't solve it for now. I'm planning to send my fone to my friend in australia but i still have to wait for the update, hoping that it will fix the wifi greyed out..

  • fromsouth Level 5 Level 5

             LEDIES. AND GENTS


    Would you please, kindly mention in your posts, what kind of computer and router you use, PLEASE!!!

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