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  • petru440 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have bug with 4S and Wifi greyed out.

    Problem was solved by complete discharging iPhone by video recording with flashlight on (thermal protection turned flashlight off after about 40 minutes); few calls and the phone turned off.

    After charging and switching on, Wifi worked.


    All previous manipulation - update to 6.0.1, full reset, network settings reset, restore from the backup, battery disconection didn't help.

  • jdfsistems Level 1 (0 points)

    I mention my experience, I'm from Venezuela.



    a few months ago to upgrade my ios tlf 6, and a few days following the wifi stopped uncionar.



    so after reading this thread and some other forums, I did place the iPhone into something cold, here in my country we have air conditioning systems. place the iphone in a grid direct cold air outlet, at least about 10 degrees Celsius for 3 min. until the iphone is very cold in the back cover.



    Throughout this process I did above with the power off and turn it off before I closed all multitasking applications.



    to turn on the computer and the wifi was working again.



    last months looking for this solution and also while using another computer and it was saved.

  • Joe9019 Level 1 (0 points)

    After three trial of the freezer trick, which my iPad 2 lasted at most a week with wifi, I eventually tried the heat trick. By playing IB2 for an hour and got the iPad hot, restart it and wifi again......for now.


    It must be something about how the software interacts with the temperature sensor. Apple, please fix it  

  • hr-l Level 1 (0 points)

    still have the same wifi issue with the greyed out button. after updating to ios 6 the button turned grey on the iphone 4s. tried basic troubleshooting. at least had a longlong call to applecare and got a new iphone 4s, after 2 hours using the greyed out button came back on the new product. Tried all i found on the web, freezer made wifi working  for about 2 minutes, heat didn´t help, draining the effect, ios 6.0.1 didn´t change ideas.

    So i have had the greyed-out button on two iphones, seems to be no hardware problem, more software communication thing with the temperature sensor. i´m not sure, if apple will fix the bug one day


    RIP Steve

  • fromsouth Level 5 (4,430 points)

    If that is really, temperature sensor and software combination, logically you could fix it by restoring while still cold.

    1. Connect to computer and hit restore

    2. Wait until software downloaded and disconnect

    3  Place in the freezer

    4. Restore

    Tell us what happens.

    To be honest, I am not so sure it is software, more inclined to think that there some condensate in the wi fi adapter, that is getting out of the contact area, when frozen.

  • hr-l Level 1 (0 points)

    i restored it as a new iphone in the freezer, wifi is still greyed out, but i cannot imagine, why it should be dry heat as well would help (already tried) and if it is condensate, why in 2 iphone 4s and my ipad 3 is still doing fine wifi in the same cold mid-European fall...???

  • iFarid Level 1 (0 points)



    Mine has been resolved with 1-to-1 exchange. But the fact that the issue is still going on without fix, even no official comment is really frustrating... really not the Apple we knew and expect. There shd be worldwide street/public demonstration/picket in front of media if that is the only way to reach Apple's attention :-(  

  • fromsouth Level 5 (4,430 points)

    Thanks for trying, something I really wanted to try out. Condensate creates rust, corrodes contacts, including contacts of wi fi adapter. Trick with freezer or heat may work, cause it moves different structured materials. Kind of shifts them against each other, by that creating temporary contacts. Once again, that is just a theory, that I wanted to check.

  • StokieUK Level 1 (0 points)

    Mine was fixed with the video camera trick but as I already had a Genius Bar appointment booked (60 mile round trip), Apple have changed it as a precaution.


    Hope you guys get sorted soon!

  • dandyagustin Level 1 (0 points)


    from Milzy9:


    I have an iPhone 4S and was experiencing the same wifi grey out and blue tooth issue. I tried everything in all the posts I could find. No luck until I rang apple care Australia and the tech guy there fixed over the phone. I just went to settings, general, reset, reset all settings. All works fine now. Hope this helps those who still don't have wifi.


    - this one worked with my 4S

  • Danniel09 Level 1 (0 points)

    Okay here's what I do.


    1. Have your battery completely drained.

    2. Charge your iphone up to 10%

    3. Drain again your battery but this time, using the video recorder with flashlight on. This will heat up the phone.

    4. After draining, charge your device immediately.

    5. As soon as it turned on again, check your wifi.


    That worked for me. 100%

    At first, I was so nervous thinking about my iphone having hardware issues. I can say that is a crap. My wifi is fully functional after this! :)

    Sorry for my bad english.


    Mine was an iPhone 32gb black.

  • Mikey32 Level 1 (0 points)

    Put your iphone in the frezzer for half an hour, take it out then turn it on, works a charm

  • lalex321 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello All!

    I have iPhone 4S/6.0.1/Wifi Grayed out/Battery drain case. I have tried freezer trick couple times. It worked for some time.

    It seems to me that the freezer & and video recording tricks actually the same thing - it causes seeming battery drain to zero. After the software notice such event it switches on wifi somehow. It is obviosly the software problem, so Apple can fix it. They are so slow...

  • carbonespresso Level 1 (0 points)

    i'm seek. tryed the freezer and the light/camera thing, it works 4 8 hours. I'm waiting for the new ifreezer to keep chil my iphone. Please, don't joke with us, and admit that ther is a several issue about it. ins;t seriuos to have an 500$ SMARTPHONE and to reset every 2 hours, and to put it into the freezer

  • carbonespresso Level 1 (0 points)

    i'm from Venezuela, we don't have Apple store in here, neither access to genius bar. Who's gonna talk to me? i've purchased my iphone 4s in MOVISTAR (telefonica) and the only response is to freeze my iphone. Please, be seriuos

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