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  • M@cht Level 1 (0 points)

    What I can do if the warranty was expired? Do I have to pay $200 for a claim even this issue is caused by apple? It's not fair for iPhone's owner.

    I cant use wifi as it used to be before upgrading to iOS6 for months, why Apple has not yet fixed the issue officially?

    If Apple does not fix this in the next firmware, they should let us go back to iOS5 instead of leaving users away without solutions!!

  • amy_lou Level 4 (1,550 points)

    The warranty for a product is the company's contract to cover defects for their products. If you are no longer covered by the warranty, the company that made the warranty no longer assumes responsibility for the product, no matter what caused the damage. That's why there are legal terms in a warranty and terms and conditions that you accept when you own a product or download software from a company. It's the same with any product, no matter which company

  • lineation Level 1 (0 points)

    amy_lou are you employed by Apple? you do have a lot of answers recently


    Maybe you dont understand the Sale of Goods act here in the UK as contract law as far as I am aware does NOT put Apple or the retailer abive the law of the country in which they make the sale


    I recomend all who have this issue to chalenge the company you purchased your device from

    When the TELCO's start to feel pain maybet apple will take responsibility for this

    Apple I would like to remind you that you recent order reduction for iPhone 5 pards was due to Global market conditions i.e. Samsung are stilll winnining BIG style if you want to keep your existing customers you would be advised to pay attention to this & the other issues that currently impact your platform



    you are holding it the wrong way

    .... need i go on


    am16 no way without jailbreak I am afraid
    Apple do not apear intrestred in even addressing the problem let alone fixing it



    I suspect as I have alreadt stated here the update has made changes to the way Wireless Power is managed to improve performance


    This could have caused some wireless components to fail as forced to run at a high power for prolonged period causing over heating so failure


    Others like mine seem to respond to a change in power state see my earlier post for details


    Remember you do have the small claims court in the UK so if your Telco or as in my case Apple do not resolve your issue you can follow the steps in my earlier post

    also note the advice by another to look at


    Good luck to all of you in finding a resolution

    I am a Apple fan I have IPad iPod (2 IOS + older ones) iPhones (3 working| 2 failed 3GS)  Mac Mini that I am using now
    My place of work is a GLOBAL company that is becoming more Apple Centric

    As a IT person I support these devices

    Android & Windows Phone have been adopted recently as well
    Price is always a key to purchasing decisions



    Do they really dont want to keep us as repeat personal customers

    Apple need to address the issuesthey have caused through updates weather it be screwed wireless, screwed Maps, or useless SIRI that was meant to be so GREAT


    In the UK so far this year we have seen many companies go into administratiion

    Are we seeing the begining of the end of this great technology inovator probably

    They are far from being the markert leader in any global market


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  • M@cht Level 1 (0 points)

    I have tried switching it of for 5 minutes and switching it on and it works for me!! But after some period of using, the wifi is off and I have to do it again.

  • net5arch Level 1 (0 points)

    I have experienced this problem, thanks to this forum went to the store prepared, made an appointment with a genius and found another sales person that was helpful. He took my phone behind stage and came back to confirm it was a problem that Apple was aware of, that it was a hardware problem and my phone is to be replaced under warranty...or so I was told. I will expect replacement with a new phone.

    ...quite excited actually...never met an actual in the flesh genius before...

  • TRFCedd Level 1 (0 points)

    having spoken to 1st customer services on phone, the escalating my issue to supervisor, then escalating again to the complaints dept manager. i have the following information.


    Apple are aware of it.

    It,,,,WAS,,,,caused by the IOS 6.0.0 and IOS 6.0.1 Update.  ( this was confirmed by the top manager, quite clearly too which was surprising)


    The problem itself was caused because, a certain manufactured batch of iphone,, approximately over 100,000 units contained a certain type of Wi-Fi antenna component,, shortly after this , apple changed the wi-fi antenna hardware(components) for their future models of the same phone,,ie there are iphone 4s's out there with different bits inside them. 

    The problem is that the old model wi-fi bits are not compatible with the IOS6 + updates.


    in a nutshell... apple staff when pushed on the phone admitted that it was a "hardware fault caused by a software update"


    Er-Go,by the letter of the contracts and terms and conditions. its classed as a "HARDWARE" fault.   only complete fix guaranteed is to return it under warranty... just a heads up,, my warranty was due to expire 2 weeks from the problem startin,, just saying.


    they will change your handset ,,, i pushed and pushed until they agreed to give me a "as new sale model".... not a refurb,,,,,,they categorically WILL NOT swap it for a "retail model" version (the box with the headphones and charger included).

    They also are not legally allowed to delete ANYTHING from your phone, you must do it in the shop.


    To ease things along i suggest you do the same,,,, it also really helps and adds a lot of weight to your complaint handling if you make sure you get them to admit blame, this is crucial...


    Also im very very sharp with people,and as the sad vindictive kinda person i am,,, i made sure to read the official "Genius Training Program" internal communication stolen from apple inc.    

    (all their staff are taught basic psychology and how to read body language in order to sell or settle)


    *You will be told on the phone things along the lines of,,, "i know it happened to me,,,,,"    or   " i know how frustrating it can be",,,,,,,"you'd think we haven't got a solution,,, but it turns out we do"


    These lines are STRAIGHT out of their training courses,,,none of which includes any kind of technical training.shocking.. any way, they will always try to be extremely empathetic with you, and make you believe it has happened to them too,,,, THIS IS A LIE,,, basically psychology to diffuse you and before you know it you have just agreed to pay them $X amount and be happy about it..... do not fall for this......


    added note,,, they are banned from saying words such as,,, "BUG" "CRASHES" "FREEZES "GLITCH"  they can be disciplined for using these words with customers....instead they will use... "stops responding" "seems slow to the customer" "not functioning to excellent standards"     try and get em to say some of them.....then make them fully aware of the fact you know they are bare faced lying to you.........makes it a whole lot easier,,,as proven also let em know, regardless of the result, you wont be going to apple when the contract expires. tell them it will help to properly predict the true fall of their empire. its already started.;)


    How's about that then for a nice afternoon rant!!! hope it helps some of you tho.

  • Gumnaam Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for your post.  One of the most interesting one and sane one admist the hair dryers, freezers and kitty litter.


    Make sure you review the other large threads on the same issue and let the others know.



    Re: the numbers of devices, I doubt they are just 100000 of these devices, the quantities of wifi chips are usually made in larger batches than those.



  • fromsouth Level 5 (4,430 points)

    So basically, what you are saying to us that they are trained not to tell you, that "it was you who got enough moisture on your phone that wifi adapter is not detected by OS". And at the same time they told you that it is not your fault and "hardware failure after software update". Seems like their inability to be truthful to you played a bad joke on them, hence your vindictiveness. Now question is- if that information is just to calm you down or correct. And if it is correct(still "IF" since we only have your words), why does not Apple admit that? You just received replacement - 2 weeks before the warranty expired, your situation is not that bad (not bad at all), but here are plenty people out of warranty.

  • TRFCedd Level 1 (0 points)

    This particular issue has nothing to do with moisture.

  • fromsouth Level 5 (4,430 points)

    "This particular issue has nothing to do with moisture."


    Odds are you are right, what problem is none of us knows. Reason I brought up moisture, cause to many people were able to affect that defect by freezing, heat, discharge. May be it was a debris, defective wi fi adapter, may be something else. At that point to be honest, I am having hard time to blame software, cause update was 4 month ago, but victims keep popin up. No matter what, you got the point of previous post, right? Apple replaced you phone under warranty and attempted (thou unsuccessfully) to create an impression that was not your fault. (was that in their manual I wonder?)

  • TRFCedd Level 1 (0 points)

    Also for the people looking at downgrading to I.O.S 5.1.1


    This is really really not advisable.... i queried this on the phone,,, Apple Inc. have stop signing permissions now for this software (a lot sooner than usual). i was told by manager, that "Yes there is a way to do it, NO hes not allowed to tell me how, and its also illegal, as u now require a jailbroken phone to downgrade back to other IOS"


    Therefore when/if you downgrade you will completely wipe out your phone,, ie, it results in a black screen, not even an apple logo..and voila! you have also voided your warranty completely and do not have a leg to stand see this now as a "HACKED HANDSET"  even if you managed to do it properly via itunes(of which there is no way to do it) they can also report it to your carrier as one of their customers is using the service illegally. from this your provider can and may cut you off and charge you for the remaining amount of your contract.and disconnect you forever as a customer.(unlikely unless you persistently flaunt the rules of useage)


    Your only cure, i repeat myself again,,,, SWAP PHONE UNDER WARRANTY..... if its not under warranty then basically tough S**T.   <<---and thats as close to the official answer as i remember...... read my previous posts to see how i got this answer and level of information from them and i advise you do it yourselfs.....

    Do not downgrade , you void your phone.


    Happy to help!

  • am16 Level 1 (0 points)

    do you think we can solve it by replacing the wi-fi antenna? would a random mobile store do that? because we don't have apple store where  i live

  • TRFCedd Level 1 (0 points)

    quite possibly, but you will need whats known as "chip set skill level".. "iv heard" ,, so dont take my word for that.

    also read and seen that its a very tricky little job to do.. im sure there will be youtube videos that make it look simple! lol (im not an electronics speacialist)... also id say not to if your phone is currently under warranty, as even changing the battery in an iphone voids all contracts and warranties so taking out a wifi component is a guaranteed void..


    the phone you will be replaced with is known as a "part serviced unit".. this means that 5% of the internal components are made up from parts from other phones.


    Quite simply . if your handset is tidy, they will take it back to factory, take out your wifi antenna, replace it with the new model part.. clean your phone and hey presto,, give it to someone else as a "Part Service Unit"......


    i may add that, no matter how similar it sounds, a "part service unit"  IS NOT a "refurb".....make sure you get them to say this on the phone or else you will recieve a "refurb" ,,, refurb units are ones that were broken through other reasons, and more often than not still contain issues when re-issued to customers,, a 5 minute google search will provide you with more info about the quality of refurbs,,,,,


    "Part service units" are known to apple as  "as new retail standard"...but you wont recieve chargers or headphones.    just a handset... but cuz its a "as new retail" it comes with a 3 Month extended warranty.....refurbs dont.....dont get a refurb cuz when it breaks they will not swap it, and you signed for the phone so theres nothing you can do.   sneaky aren't they?!! 


    Which is the exact reason im done with them,,,,, Samsung next year or HTC or Nokia?   mmm decisions decisions. 

    again glad to be of assistance.....seeing as apple wont.

  • TRFCedd Level 1 (0 points)

    another bonus for you...


    If you can undeniably prove that your loss of Wi-Fi capabality has raised your bills over your allowed tariff, you are fully entitled to claim it back, this is usually done through your service provider, who will then take the money back from apple.. my contract is £31.00 a month,, when my wi-fi went down it hiked up to  £58.00.  it goes back onto your phone allowance or as payment, you can choose.

  • Khubaib10 Level 1 (0 points)

    After experiencing the WiFi greyed out problem on my iPhone 4S (iOS 6.0.1, worked fine after the update) and looking for solutions on this community and other websites here are my recommendations.



    1. You will see a greyed out WiFi toggle and your WiFi address (Settings>General>About) is N/A.


    2. It's a hardware issue related to faulty solders (metallic electrical connection) on the WiFi chip. The fact that for some users the problem appeared after an iOS update seems pure coincidence. The problem isn't limited to phones upgraded to iOS 6 alone. You may verify this on various forumson the internet.


    3. If you live close to an Apple Store and your phone is under warranty the best option is to get it replaced at the store.


    4. If you don't have that option (I live in Pakistan and there are no Apple stores here) there are two fixes:


                   a. The Freezer Method.
                   b. The Hair Dryer Method.


    5. For the first one, power off your phone, put it in a (preferably airtight or with Silica Gel) plastic bag, and place it in the freezer for about 15-20 minutes. Take it out, let it return to room temperature and power on. The WiFi toggle will no longer be greyed out. You can connect again.


    In my case the Freezer Method fixed the problem but it reappeared after a week. Trying the method again only cured the WiFi for a few minutes after that. With no options (Repair people were clueless) I tried the Hair Dryer Method.


    6. For that, power off the phone. Now the WiFi chip is about 2-3 cm's from the rear camera lens. Aim the hairdryer there (on the back side) and constantly apply the hot air for about 5 mins (With the back cover unremoved). Let it cool down, power on and the WiFi is back!


    I'm not sure if it is a permanent fix - the Freezer Method certainly wasn't. But for everyone facing this quite widespread problem, you should try both methods before completely giving up hope.


    Some people have solved the issue by completely draining the phone's battery (By using the Flashlight app) and charging it back up, but that didn't work for me. Some people believe a software update will fix it, since in their opinion it's a temperature sensor calibration issue caused by faulty hardware. Others have mentioned that even installing the iOS 6.1 update (available in a beta version for developers) didn't fix it.


    So try these two methods. These are the only solutions that seem to be working for many people, although none of them might be a permanent fix.

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