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    Most of the Apple employess go by the book, they don't give handouts for those expired warranties.


    And for all future posters,

    Please bear in mind that we all know that getting a brand new phone is a fix. Unfortunately, some of us are not located near enough to Apple stores, or our warranties have expired and we need to pay 200 EUR/USD for a brand new phone. Stop posting useless stuff saying "I HAVE NEW PHONE ".

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    Sorry for the long post,

    Here are three posts that for me were the most contrubuting - they are all not mine. Credit goes to posters.


    NUMBER 1



    It definitely has something to do with the OS version, because my phone was working just fine minutes before the os upgrade.


    OS is a low level software that needs to interact with the hardware. So if this is indeed a hardware failure i would think it is being caused by the OS upgrade only.

    No, it's not related to any specific iOS version.  The problem occurs during the update process where the firmware isn't installed properly in a small fraction of devices.  Sometimes this can be fixed by restorting and reinstalling the iOS, but many times a chip gets cooked and the phone needs replacement.


    If you search this forum, you'll find threads about this after every iOS update,  Here are a few examples:


    No WIFI After 2.0.1 Updates


    Re: Greyed wifi


    Re: Strange WiFi problem on iPhone 3G after 3.0 update


    No Wifi after iPhone 3.1 upgrade


    No Wi-Fi


    Wifi Greyed Out After OS 4.0.2 Upgrade


    cant touch Wi-Fi in settings,, looks grayish or!!!


    I updated my iphone 4 to the ios5 and now i can not acess my bluetooth, and it wont let me click on my wifi to connect. The box is grey and it says no wifi


    My wifi setting will not turn ON and remains grey, any ideas? I'm running v6.0., My wifi setting will not turn ON and remains grey. I'm running v6.0.


    i updated my iphone to ios 6.1 and the wifi icon is grey ... how can i fix it ?



    You might get something out of this:


    Fallacy: Post Hoc



    NUMBER 2




    I posted on this thread having the same issue. I didn't have warranty so...


    I went to LA iphone repair in Los Angeles, CA on pico and union. They've seen this issue many times. He took it apart and re-soldered something. (I'm not versed in the hardware). 5 minutes and it was put back together. Tested immediately. It found every wifi in the area and connected right away. Tested now for 4 weeks and still working. No problems!!  Costed $50 and that amount is well worth the time I was wasting trying to fix it myself, post about it, and time I could have been more productive in my work. Essentially taking time from my passions!


    LA IPhone repair said they accept phones being mailed in, fixed, and send them back quickly. Same day service and back in the mail. I don't praise companies often at all, but I was truly happy and relieved by their service for my out of warranty iPhone 4S.


    Apple really does need to fix this issue for those under warranty.  Or atleast speak up and regard the issue. But this is the second best option that I found and took. Was a great solution to this experience. Here is their info to anyone who wants to try the road I went.  I don't guarantee your experience, this is just mine. Just sayin'


    Yelp link:


    They are independently owned and operated, so I can't speak for other LAiphone repair stores. THIS IS THE ONE THAT I WENT TO. And in this yelp listing they have endless great reviews.


    I hope this works for you or you find a way to solve your issue. Truly. I know how frustrating it was.  Call them, ask questions and inform yourself. (They're Korean so expect a slight accent). They're hard workers and to the point when speaking. Not attitude, just extremely busy!



    NUMBER 3




    No more discussions!!!



    Since there is no such thing as the wi-fi+bluetooth thing on the EBAY, there is no other way for me to buy it.


    Here is the article in russian language (press translate if U are in Chrome) 'bout this problem. Guys are telling here about the epic apple's fail 'bout this modules and about the only FIX of this problem - the actual replacement:



    There is one more post that may provide a bit more info about temperature anomaly may be affecting wifi chip.


    Post by



    See i am getting this:

























    The phone has never been hot since the reboot.

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    This isn't the only reference I have found to jailbreaking to fix the wifi issue.  Indeed, if jailbreaking DOES offer a means of SOFTWARE fix, then it would seem to imply that this mostly is a SOFTWARE issue - thus squarely in Apple's lap even for warranty-expired phones.


    Could be interesting watching this unfold...  If someone is able to PROVE that this is a software issue introduced (intentionally or not - I believe not) by Apple's OS update, then it opens the door to litigation and courts....especially if Apple never acknowledges a link between thier software update and the issues with many iPhone 4s handsets.


    What is interesting is that, while there is a surprising number of customers with this problem, the total number is still likely a rather small and nearly insignificant (from a statistical view) number of the millions sold.  That doesn't give much comfort to those with the problem - but Apple should make good on this - and it would certainly be a much better PR move to just quietly take care of this and keep happy customers than to force litigation.

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    Apple HAS replaced some phones beyond warranty at no-charge.  It isn't common, but they have (mostly in-store). 


    Some automotive companies have "silent recalls" and "Technical Service Bulletins" that actually allow for certain repairs even beyond warranty because of either a safety issue, or because it is a matter of "doing the right thing" to keep satisfied customers.  They don't advertise them, but are available when a consumer has an issue.


    Apple has even done this for a few issues in the past - particularly in portable computer batteries.

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    Wifi signal-improved



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    I was told I need to pay 222€ for an out of packaging device supported by a 3month warranty.

    FYI in the EU all electronic devises sold ARE supported by a min 1year warranty!!

    Apple may not be properly reproduced but I was "lucky" to explore my options...

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    How did you downgrade?

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    I got this problem last week. When i went sleep, everything was ok, but when I wake up, suddenly my wifi button turned into grey button ( i thins everybody there know what i mean ) and probably bluetooth broken too, and in device information in wifi adress is N/A, but in Bluetooth there is this number 5C;43;AT;.... Anyway, i was thinking i am just bad luck man, with new iPhone 4s with just fabric defect. Now i know i was wrong. I am not alone with this problem. There is thousand people with this same problem in short time, strange ? This is not normal. Apple do something wrong probably with their ****** update. I wanted to sell my iPhone with device defect, now i know that, my iPhone is working corectly in 99,9% but last update did something with, which change to grey button. This is software, not device !!!!!!!!!!!




    ps - really, really sorry for my english mistakes, but I this this is not now important. Important is that, apple do s**it, and now they must, MUST FIX IT, or people fix them...

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    I tried the freezer method for 5-10 min after powering down.  once I turned it back on, voila!  Wifi and bluetooth worked!  It appeared even hotspot would have worked.  The problem now is that I am getting an "incorrect password" error message when i try to connect with my home wifi.  i must have reentered the password about 5 times.  So, I did a reset network settings, and wifi and bluetooth are greyed out.   APPLE Please fix this!  I am too busy to waste hours researching and jerking around with this phone!!

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    i have 2 devices (4s) both having the greyed out wifi problem. Don't waste your time finding a solution.

    I will go to the Apple Store and show them that i am ****** off, presenting them both phones.

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    after updating to  6.1.2 my wi fi still worked untill i decided to give airplane mode a try today then i got the usual greyed out wifi of death as its called but this is definitly a hardware haha im only kidding say that would mean im either lying or ignorant so how about apple stops lying and recalls these pic taking paperweight in stead of being defended by anousymous commentors... hmm wonder who they are? and when you fall back on inconsistent lies it becomes obvious to us stupid civilians." the wifi chip is fried or its a hardware problem that needs soldering and best of all you either dropped it or got it wet haha havent had it for 4 days and i havent had trouble with puddles? but you know  > we all go dropping our gadgets in puddles and on hard surfaces"< this is sarcasm apple     .  The list goes on and even if it is a hardware problem dont you think it should be recalled anyways? and as for that stat that only a few iphones are having that problem well what about the people that didnt report it or the faulty iphones that are still sitting in boxes at the phone company's office. I'd also like to have proof of this statistic that i cant find anywhere.

                                      P.S. thanks for the lying apple be sure to delete this before to many people read it and you should understand why im unhappy with my 3 day old paperweight.

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    I'm now several weeks into trying to fix this issue. My frustration with Apple is extreme - it is very clear that iOS6 updates have been hastily written and released to try to cover up the Lockscreen security issues evident in iOS5 (which otherwise worked perfectly). The rumour mill is working overtime and predicting that 6.1.3 has been beta released to developers with some references to "Emergency WiFi" fixes.


    Frankly speaking this is yet another incident of total incompetence on Apple's behalf and the way that customer are put last on the list of priorities is self evident. Similar to the nonsense when iPhone4 was released and the signal dropped when people "held the phone in a death grip". Apple's first response was to deny it - and then after independent test reports proved it was a problem with the antenna design they gave away free covers - before finally fixing the design in the 4S. Then we had Map Gate - and now this!


    I'm really not surprised that Apple's share price has dropped so significantly over the last year. They have run out of innovative ideas (screen size changes only ....) and have become very arrogant in the way they treat customers.


    Now - Sony's XPeria looks really cool....

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    I went to the Apple Store with my 2 iPhones. Both 13 month old, so my warranty expired 1 month ago.

    They told me the wifi chips are not repearable and offered me refurbished new devices for 200€ each. So i had the chance to exchange both iPhone 4s for 400€ (520$). Baaaaaad service.


    It's obvious that this is a hardware issue that i haven't caused.

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