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  • abak4 Level 1 Level 1

    Many people have the same problem: grayed wifi button in general. It means no wifi at all and a LOT of frustrating people. And WHAT APPLE IS DOING? NOTHING...

    APPLE, wake up, we are YOUR customers and we are expecting You to solve the problem or at least any statement regarding the situation!!!

  • Jpon Level 1 Level 1

    I am glad it worked for you SK. Elena. It did help a few people and it is a simple solution

  • sweepz Level 1 Level 1

    doesn't work for me. *sigh*

    It's disappointing and I'm certainly freaking out on this.

    It's more than 2 weeks without wifi now.


    If there isn't a solution just yet, why don't they do something so that we can revert and restore our phones to an older ios version.


    Maybe this will fix the greyed out button. pffft

  • darkstar49 Level 1 Level 1

    I've already posted into another thread, but to those who pretend it's a hardware problem when 'typical' methods won't work (restore, freezer, etc...), just go back playing with your shovels and your buckets !!


    I've more years of electronics and embedded software development experience than you can count with your hands and your feet, when a WiFi chip works at time t0, there's nothing in the world that can explain why thousands of users would see it fail at t0+5 minutes, i.e. after an iOS 6.1.2 upgrade... unless the software contained code that destroyed the WiFi IC (if assuming it is possible)... in which case one would expect Apple to assume the consequences !


    But whatever the outcome will be, Apple's current silence is just insulting to the customers facing this issue...


    The least we can expect is a "OK, problem registered, we're investigating", anything else is disdainful !


  • wtx84 Level 1 Level 1

    Apple cant fix this bug ????

    I hate wifi and  ios 6.1.2

    iphone 4s,,,

  • nicegirly77 Level 1 Level 1

    I recently had my old iphone4s replaced as it was loosing connection and dropping calls. 

    I wished I'd never bothered as the new one now has wifi greyed out, no blue tooth and the personal hot spot has gone missing!  .

    It's driving me nuts because I don't have my internet coverage in the house and need the wifi...  Furious isn't the word.

    However, I've just tried the hair dryer method and it worked but I'm still heading up to the Apple Store tomorrow to speak to them about it.  I've only had the handset for 2 days!!

    I run my own business and this could potentially loose me business leaving me without internet.  So for now I'm having to use the lap top, which isn't convenient. 

    If I get any joy tomorrow I'll come back and post.

    It's disgusting that Apple aren't bothered.  Next phone for me ANDROID, bring it on!  Apple too restricting and too many faults now!

  • ExtremeApple Level 1 Level 1

    Wow. Never thought linking to my blog should result in a removal of post. Anyways, regarding why I changed my MAC. After I changed it to the same as my Bluetooth MAC, my Wi-Fi works fine. Lets say I change back to the original one. In 6-12 hours, my Wi-Fi loses strength and simply can't detect any networks, even putting on top of my router doesn't work. I restart my iPhone now, the greyed out Wi-Fi comes back. If I kept my changed address, 1 week later still happily using Wi-Fi. Instead of removing my post, Apple should take a more serious look into this issue as a few pages back, someone posted something about iPhone's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth MAC being different on iOS6 when compared to iOS 5.1.1. I believe the update itself (iOS 5-6.X) changed the MAC, therefore disabling the Wi-Fi. The major issue in this statement is that heating/freezing restores the Wi-Fi for a few hours. It simply shouldn't.

  • ExtremeApple Level 1 Level 1

    <Edited By Host>

  • firnue Level 1 Level 1

    This issue apparently is not the first time.

    See this issue, back then when upgrading iPhone to iOS3. geID=10336129

    Some reported multiple Wifi MAC address reported by sysinfoplus (look at the bottom post). Anyone got the same issue (multiple MAC Address) seen by sysinifoplus?


    If you're out of warranty, IMO, it's better to disable OTA update. That can't be discussed here. You'll easily google it out.

    At this point, I would suggest the best thing to deal with new firmware upgrade is that when your iPhone works just fine, think twice to upgrade it. Unless it's still under warranty and you're willing to spend time and gas (when apple store far far away) to claim it back --even multiple times until you get the rock solid iPhone-- in case the firmware upgrade didn't go well

  • fromsouth Level 5 Level 5

    With ios 5, or 6, or other wifi and Bluetooth adapter always had different MAC. Every network adapter in the World had different MAC address,

  • ExtremeApple Level 1 Level 1

    I don't seem to get what you're saying. We all know that each device has its own unique Wi-Fi and Bluetooth MAC address, should it change from one iOS version to another, in this case 5-6? I don't think so. I believe MAC addresses should be excactly the same throughout. Since someone reported that their MAC changed from iOS 5-6, I believe that is the reason why a lot of us are having this problem right now.

  • Sk.Elena Level 1 Level 1

    Hello again and again.. nothing seems t work for me any more.. wifi last night lost signal and restart its greyed out again. I tried the sim trick 4 times this morning but nothing. Im on my way to the freezer!

    I want to ask every jenious in here to keep in mind all the possible fixes that we've tried so we can come to a conclusion.. In other word what is the thing tha causes signal break down, overheating and battery drain, that is software and looks like hardware, and that since now only has temporaty fixes??? Since now i found no answer and frankly i ve changed my MAC 10 times and nothing happened so.. Lokk elsewhere!!!

  • adam.h Level 1 Level 1

    Last night I gave apple support a ring and was told it is in fact a hardware fault. The reason it happens with the update is because it stretches the fault beyoned it's capabilities, the fault has always been there and if you are still within your warrenty you will have your phone replaced.

    My wifes phone is fine after updating hers, and I am lucky to still be within my warranty (by less than a month!!!) so I am getting it replaced.

  • Atif Mustafa Level 1 Level 1

    Finally i sold my iphone 4s almost at half price to mobile shop and could not find solution to wifi grey out problem. Thanks to apple for this financial loss. I will try unsubscribe from apple communities as huge number of emails from apple communities with wifi grey out problem is another botheration for me.

  • sweepz Level 1 Level 1

    Do they mean to say that they had produced iphones without knowing that their hardwares are faulty? Come on Apple people. I seriously think we deserve an explanation for these errors.

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