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  • pandeykk Level 1 Level 1

    Very similar problem. tried all usual reset, all reset, hard-reset and restore. Nothing seem to work. Apple store and 1-800 customer service says, its out of warranty, hence too bad but can't help.

    Apple store guy said that wi-fi antenna may be busted and they are aware of the problem. I wonder why no recall !!! Not at all satisfied with Apple customer service.

  • Gilligers Level 1 Level 1



    I brought mine back to Apple in Belfast too and the wifi has gone on the new phone they gave me.Only had it a few days and it went :( Live too far away to go back with it again


    Hopefully you'll have better luck with yours! :) At least your genius acknowledged that its a common issue.

  • razorop3 Level 1 Level 1

    That is the question, my iphone 4s have 2 weeks of life, stranger no?  I left the android because wanted a phone safer, more complete and well-targeted market, I was 2 years with my motorola atrix and never had any problems, I am very sad about this situation, I always had a lot of friends with iPhone's, iPad's, iPod's and always found pretty cool, I thought this was the time gave buy an iphone, I am very disappointed with is my first experience, apple anymore.

  • freemanfunky Level 1 Level 1

    I turned off the iphone and placed it in the freezer at -18 degrees for 15 minutes, i turned it on again, and the wifi works. but this freezer trick works only for 15 minutes, after that it becomes grey again..:(

    I still have 1 year warranty, shall i bring this iphone to the store and get replacement..

  • placebo333 Level 1 Level 1

    yes, run to the store and change it. No Software update will fix your hardware.

  • dr.nasir Level 1 Level 1

    why the apple support team is'nt helping?!!!!as a lot of people has got the same problem,including me.

  • razorop3 Level 1 Level 1

    Guys, today I was in MAC STORE my city, unfortunately materialized what I had thought, I talked to the guy from technical assistance, and he said that this problem of wi-fi is due to the new software, he said that this version has damaged the hardware of the device, he also said that Apple is already aware of this and is advisable to leave the unit there to get a new one, in my case, I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the Apple store is still a novelty here, he asked me to leave my iphone 4s in there and there were 5 working days to get a new iphone 4s, this is good, unfortunately, the truth is change, hence the 5 days post and say that everything is working with ios 6.1.3 that new device. bye

  • M@cht Level 1 Level 1

    How lucky I am!! My iPhone 4S have been working on wifi for three days since upgrading to 6.1.3. I won't turn off wifi as I am afraid of losing it. Let's how long it last. Hopefully it won't be grayed out again.

  • Tyreee Level 1 Level 1

    Received nothing but terrible support from Apple, had a Senior advisor ring me today saying they can't do anything about this issue and i'd have to pay the £146 to repair it!!!!

    CLEARLY Apple are aware of this issue and doing nothing to resolve it and satisify their exisiting customers!


    My issue started as soon as i updated to 6.1.3...and also coinscided with my provider "O2" unlocking my phone...the Wifi signal started to get weaker and weaker by the day...then eventually it was greyed out!!!


    I've had every single iPhone since the very  1st generation...the 4S is by far the worst!! i can tell you now that if Apple do not repair or replace my phone "Couple of months out of warranty" ASAP then it's my last ever iphone and i'm heading to Samsung next week!


    The customer service has degraded..also it sounds like the software update has had adverse impact on the hardware hence this issue.....what's worse is that i had an issue with my 4S whne i got it and they replaced it in store with a REFURB unit!!!!!


    What a bismal service/product!!! shocking!

  • freemanfunky Level 1 Level 1

    I've got my iPhone fixed!!!!

    the solution is, i've brought my iPhone to Apple Store in Amsterdam (after made an appointment), the guy at the genius bar seems already know the problem, he only asked me if I have dropped my phone in water, or brought it to a phone store to get repared/opened. I said NO. After that he did diagnose on my phone, and come back to me with a BRAND NEW iPhone.
    He said there may be HARDWARE problem, so I deserve to get a new one since i still have store warranty.

    The problem is solved in less than 10 minutes.

    So don't waste your time if you still have warranty, just bring your iPhone to the store, you will get the new one. So simple is it. Thanks to Apple customer service. You guys rock!

  • placebo333 Level 1 Level 1

    Apple paid you to write here?

  • fromsouth Level 5 Level 5

    placebo333 wrote:


    Apple paid you to write here?

    It is not fear placebo, since 6 days ago you were the one who told that guy to go to the store.

  • razorop3 Level 1 Level 1

    Well, i say 1 week ago, i left my iphone on apple with wifi problem, genius bar say to me this is a problem with hardware, ios 6.1.3 do this, my iphone have warranty at june/2013, tomorrow i go get my new iphone, follow the description of my process.


    ServiceOrder ID 3495
    status InProgress
    Office Barra iTown
    CoverageOption Guarantee
    Equipment Serial Number ZZZZZZZZZZZZ
    EquipmentModel IPHONE 4S, 32GB, BL
    EquipmentDescription WARRANTY APPLE
    Problem NO WIFI
    05/04/2013 5:14:02 PM Waiting Paulo Renato WITHOUT ANY INCIDENTAL
    07/04/2013 2:01:48 PM InProgress Emerson Lucas REQUESTED: G145777001
    4/12/2013 3:47:30 PM Done tatilaine Mendonça AVAILABLE TO REMOVE

  • DJugnauth Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem as everyone else. I have two iphone 4S devices, one for me and the second for my wife. Mine started giving me problems a day ago, quite randomly and out of the blue. Oddly my wife's continues to work fine, which would seem to suggest a hardware issue of some sort. This evening I also did a full upgrade of iOS to 6.1.3 (by wire to get the entire 1GB operating system), but no dice.


    When I initially discovered the problem and came to the discussion forum there was some advice to reset the network settings. I did this and the 'greyed out' problem seemed to clear up in the sense that Wifi was enabled; however, it would still not connect because it could not detect any wireless networks in the area. Trying to manually enter my SSID and password also failed with a "cannot scan for networks" error message. I also note that, afterwards, turning my phone off and on again caused the "wifi greyed out" problem to resurface. And now resetting the network settings will not re-enable it. This is precisely why a team of Apply engineers should be working on this problem ... 


    This entire troubleshooting exercise has been completely frustrating and an incredible waste of time. I hope they resolve it soon. This type of issue, as significant as it is with respect to the number of users affected, impact on usability, and incremental cost in terms of excessive celllular data usage and lost time/productivity (as one is necessarily reliant on slower data through the cell networks) certainly provides a good reason to consider a competitor product the next time one has to think about upgrading their device.


    For all the bells and whistles Apple needs to get the basics right. And that goes not only for its product, but equally (or more) importantly, for its product support!



    One very unhappy user ...

  • andrewfromsparta Level 1 Level 1

    I created an open Facebook Group to bring attentention to this issue.  It seems Apple need pressure from other places besides a fourm which they sponser and control.  Please join group and state your issues and maybe then we will get some attention from the Mother Ship Apple... Thanks link is below..


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