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  • Theobeau Level 1 (0 points)

    As someone using a Win7 PC/latest itunes/latest iOS for IP5, the problem remains despite the successful install of iOS6.1.4.


    Great that Apple fixed it for those running iphoto and/or OSX machines but shame that the (many) who run Win PCs + itunes haven't had the same attention paid to them.


    Given that Windows could display photos according to either date or name since Win95, it continues to surprise me that this isn't the case with the lastest iOS!

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    Not consistently working for me either.  win7, latest itunes and ios versions.


    I deleted my photos from the phone, deleted the itunes photo cache directory and re-sync'd - at that point everything was sorted properly.


    after re-syncing half-day later, sort order is out of whack again :-( 

    I thought we turned a corner...someday...

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    Why can't they just add an option under settings to sort photos


    1. By Date

    2. By Name

    3. By Date picture taken

    4. Custom (Hold drag and drop and lock the position)


    Is it so difficult?

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    Given the very large number of iOS devices sold by Apple, which is far larger than the sales of MacOS devices, you'd have to say that a very large number of MS Windows users own iOS devices.  That means a very large percentage of IPs are owned by users who sync them with itunes via MS windows and who don't have automatic access to iphoto.


    Any "sort" feature for the iOS photo album would be much appreciated.

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    The best option would a possibility to sort the photos on iOS and the Apple TV. Then there is no dependence on how things work in iPhoto on iMac or PC. And you could also use a directory instead of iPhoto to store and show your photos.

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    A new iTunes 11.0.3 just came out. Can anyone test to see if it fixes the sort issue?

  • dilbert41 Level 4 (3,310 points)

    Yes you are right - anyone can test it.   Let us know what you find out.

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    D_I_L_D_O_41, not everyone can test it, especially the people still using iTunes 10x.

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    I haven't read all of the replies... but I seem to have made it work.  I had an album, which had a few TIFFs in it, I exported the entire album to a folder on the desktop as full res JPEGs.  I reimported the album.  Then made sure that the sort order was by title, which were numbered in increasing order.  When I synced my iPhone, the pictures were in order in that album. 

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    looks like the latest Itunes 11.0.4 fixed it. all my photos in the event and album are in correct order.

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    Thanks Keith and Raymond!

  • J6S Level 1 (0 points)

    The Photo Sort Order Has not changed. It's still by Date and doesn't recognize sub-folders.

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    Hi Guys

    I revist this issue every few months to see if Apple has fixed iTunes (on Windows) or iOS6 to allow the users to define the photo sort order on an iPad2 - No such luck.  If the users can't define it then, please Apple, at least sort on the name field - which users can see and easily access.


    I also find it beyond belief that Apple are trying to set the iPad photo display order from another device. Totally illogical.  (Apple personnel should also be monitoring and posting progress replies into these support communities).


    What is so hard about allowing users to define the photo sort order in the iPad's settings? I doubt anyone will opt for Apple's choice of EXIF Date Modified.  (That is even a different date to the Windows Date Modified date that Windows Explorer sees).


    In the meantime I have a reaonable workaround solution for you. 


    Download the Windows program "EXIF Date Changer" V3.0.1.2 from


    FYI - My photos that are to go to the iPad are sorted by name (which is the order I want on iPad) in folders on WinXP. (The folders are automatically conveted to albums by Apple/iTunes). 


    The download is free and the permanently free version will allow you to change one photo at a time. 


    Change the EXIF date to say, today and the time to midnight, i.e. 12:00:01am and load each photo one by one in name order and increment the seconds. i.e. Photo 2 is changed to 12:00:02 and Photo 3 is changed to 12:00:03.  This is particularly easy if you prefix your name field with 00, 01, 02, 03 etc - and works well, at least up to the point of 100 pictures in a folder.


    Best of all, there is a Pro version (costing USD15) and that allows you to process batches (entire folders or ticked files) at once - great if you have hundreds or even thousands to do.  Just tick the option to increment the time for each image and opt for one second. 


    Test a small batch first - you will almost certainly need to change a couple of defaults:


    1) By default it will also put the date/time at the start of the name.  Uncheck that option.


    2) And also by default, it will also leave the originals untouched and put the re-dated copies in a subdirectory underneath.  Just define the output to go back into the original directory unless you do want to also keep the original EXIF date.


    PS - I have searched extensively and I couldn't find any other program to do batch proceesing with incremental times or that was so focussed on doing just doing what we want to alter.



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    Just an update on the above - to correct another bit of flakey work from Apple.


    After changing all the EXIF Date Modified fields to be in the same order as the name fields, the (WinXP) iTunes/iPad sync could still only display about half the folders in the correct order - despite iTunes downloading them all again. 


    It would seem that Apple's iPod Photo Cache is also flaky and will not rebuild reliably.  I finally solved that by:


    1. Locate the directory called iPod Photo Cache.  (It will be on the WIN XP machine at the end of the folders that you have opted to download to your iPad2).
    2. Cut the entire directory out and paste it somewhere out of the way, such as off the /temp directory. 
    3. Rename it, perhaps with BUP as a suffix
    4. Now create that directory again in its original place
    5. Copy back these just these two files:
      • Apple TV Photo Database and
      • Photo Database
    6. (We wanted to shed all the subdirectories that were here, and called F00, F01, F02, etc)
    7. Now start iTunes again and Apple will be forced to create a fresh set of directories called F00, F01, F02 etc
    8. This time it will synch your photos with the correct display order, i.e. by EXIF Date modified - which you have reworked to be in the same order as the name field.