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    There was another program mentioned earlier, on the 8th post on page page 10 (I guess).


    Maybe you can try it. Its free.

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    Actually the saga continues...


    After getting everything sorted into order and displaying correctly on the iPad, I deleted just one photo on the XP computer and ran iTunes again.  Well it recognised that something had changed and made a change on the iPad.


    Unfortunately, it effectively reshuffled that particular album incorrectly.  Duh Apple!, it only had one deletion to do and that meant that was just a two second gap in the sequence of the EXIF modified dates of 24 pictures.


    The solution here was to run the EXIF Date Changer yet again over the whole directory and then run iTunes again.  This time itunes decided to send all the pictures in that direcory/album again and this time got the sort right again.


    Apple, you have a major problem with your iPod Photo cache program.  It can't always recalculate a folder/album when it knows that it needs to (and one has to manually delete all F00, F01, F02 etc directories) and it can't even handle the simple deletion of one photo.  You need to do some serious investigative work.


    To those users who earlier on commented on a reluctance to change the EXIF data, there is an option in this program to retain a copy of the original date,  there is also by default, an option to write a fesh set of images with the modified date in to a subdirectory. You can then gather these up and put them in the iTunes download area.


    Actually, whilst it may be logical for the Apple's iPod Photo Cache to optimise the images for the various devices, Apple needs to delete the sorting routine out of it and put it directly on the iOS of each device.with user changeable sort options in the device's settings.

  • J6S Level 1 Level 1 was just released. i hope this fixes the problem! Knowing Apple, I doubt it!

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    Hi there fellow sufferers of "iOS mixed up my photos"


    I'm curious whether iOS7 has fixed this problem for those using their iOS devices on WinX computers.  I read that re-ordering photos was on the fix list of the latest iOS.


    As to why I can't be the first to comment, due to work 24/7 on-call commitments during the past week and a lack of free space on my IP5, I'm not going to be in a position to update my phone until later this week. 



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    Let's be clear on something....


    I started this thread. 


    I use a Windows PC.

    I use iTunes to sync with my iPad2.

    Both iTunes and the iPad2 have the latest software.

    I do NOT use iPhoto or any other apple software.


    And...the latest versions do NOT fix the problem.  They are still NOT sorted by name.

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    If I may, let me just re-post a reply to this issue by another user. I have an iMac with both OSX and Windows on it. I had to do this fix in Windows and then transfer my pictures back to OSX where I use iTunes. Here is that post.




    I had the same problem for a long time and finally figured out the issue. Your photos are being sorted by date modified so in order to get them back into the order you want you need a 3rd party software to change the date modified. I selected all my pictures at once and did a mass change to the date modified. Now that they all have the same date modified their being sorted by file name.


    I inserterd the link to the software that i used, very simple to operate.



    1. download software

    2. select all your pictures at once - right click

    3. click change attributes

    4. check box that says modify date and time stamps

    5. you can now change the date modified to get your pictures back in order based on file name


    Good Luck & I hope it solves the problem!

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    Your solution worked perfectly. My ipad 2, Windows 8 combo was fine with IOS 6, but all my albums ordered by file name fell apart when Apple updated me to IOS 7.02. Making the time/date attributes the same put them back in the right order. I remember this problem on an IOS 4 or 5 ipod touch many years ago. I can't believe they won't let you define a picture display order. I give lectures in a number of Continuing Ed classes and this problem has been a frustrating for many years.

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    I've been spending the last 2 hours trying to find a solution for this problem, this worked perfectly! Thank you!!

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    Okay, so it was working perfectly, and then randomly reverted back to the complete disarray it was in before.

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    Mine are still in the right order after some time and syncs. Could you have re-synced to a set of photos on your computer that didn't have the metadata-dates reset?

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    This is completely farcical. I spend a lot of time adjusting my photos on my Windows 7 computer using Picasa so the photos are in the order I want them, ie sorted by filename. Then I synchronise them onto the iPad and it disorders them again. What is the point? I now can't use the iPad to show my pictures any more. Thank you Apple.

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    I agree. Apple forces you to put them in order created, so if you have gone on several trips while your grandchildren were growing up and want to show one or the other, you're out of luck. The solution was to get the free "attribute changer" program and set all creation dates the same. Easy to use from a right click context menu. Then assuming you renumbered your pictures in the order you wanted them, they'll be right.

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    As the person who started this tread more than a year ago, I'm surprised this issue is not solved yet.   Sure many have come up with work arounds that require using more software and sometimes requires that you be using a mac, not a pc, but again, they are work arounds.  They don't address the issue.    I've yet to find even a single work around that works for my parameters (PC with Win7, latest iTunes, iPad2 with latest IOS).


    I still follow this thread, but to be honest, I've kind of given up on this ever being fixed. 

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    I agree -having spent time getting the order etc as I want it on Picasa, I want Apple to leave this alone when I transfer the photos across to my iPad. I don't want to use yet more software in a workaround, although I am grateful to janfromwilliamson for the kind suggestion above. Now that the whole iPad experience is significantly less smooth and more clunky following the recent IOS revision, I think it may be time for me to upgrade to a Nexus.

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    Mac OS X

    I like my Apple products and software, but I have given up on using iPhoto, the standard photo app on iOS and homesharing for displaying photos by my AppleTV.


    I have my photos on my NAS now with a nice app to browse through them. With Airplay I can display photos on my TV (using AppleTV). And I can sort my photos in any order I want, and arrange them the way I want using directories. As a bonus, I can also browse the same way through all my photos via internet. For me, this is a great solution.