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  • Turgi Level 1 (0 points)


    "I still don't understand how you sort manually without using the i photo menu unless you are going into each album and moving the actual photos around"


    1.     It is only a workaround.


    2.     You have to move only ONE photo each album to the next position and then to move back.

              Than the album is switched to manually sorting.

              Yes, you need much time for 88 albums.

              But it is faster as using the iPhoto menu for each album (more mouse/trackpad klicks).

  • Turgi Level 1 (0 points)

    @Norton 68


    My pleasure. Because I have Apple Care for my MacBook Pro and iPhone I just find it by tests while I spoke with an second level Apple engineer. He forwarded this to the developers.

  • Hector Guerra Gonzalez Level 1 (0 points)

    I followed Turgi's advice and started creating albums, manually sorting the photos and all that. It worked!


    One thing that puzzles me is that I had previously synced my iPhone on November 6th, and by that time iOS, iTunes and iPhoto were already updated to their latest versions and my organization was preserved. It wasn't until I synced yesterday that everything was screwed up again.


    Message was edited by: Hector Guerra Gonzalez Changing the sorting of the Albums works as well.

  • cazmockett Level 1 (0 points)

    Rev Mitch - and others - I'm having exactly the same issues as you


    I was running iTunes 10.6.3 on WinXP on my iOS5 iPad 2, which sorted my pictures in the photos folder ALPHABETICALLY - exactly what I wanted. Most weren't photos straight out of camera, (so had missing EXIF for the "date taken") but were lower-res versions with captions which I'd made for slide show presentations. That's not particularly relevent (?) but just an aside.


    I have NOT upgraded to iOS6 yet and won't until the whole Google Maps thing is cleared up (I rely on them a lot).


    I've just bought a new Win7 laptop, and installed the latest iTunes for windows (10.7). I imported my old iTunes library and all looked OK. But when I did my first iPad sync I discovered all the photos were now in scrambled random order, just like you.


    I've been round the forums and the houses. It's very frustrating. Eventually, in desperation, I decided to remove iTunes 10.7 and reinstalled 10.6.3 from this link:


    I tried syncing again, some folders frustratingly come out in the right order, but others are still scrambled! I don't know what the difference is. If only I did.

  • superhobbsy Level 1 (0 points)

    Greetings. Here is my penny (dime)s worth.

    I run Windows XP and transfer 4,000+ photos in 100 or so folders to my iPod touch. After updating the touch to ios6 most of the folders are transferred out of order.

    I found a topic that stated that the folders are placed in "Date Modified" order when transferred to the iPod.

    It is indeed, most frustrating as all my folders were in date and alphebetical order. Now they are mainly out of order as they are when sorted by "Date modified" on my pc.

    An update to IOS6 is needed NOW please Apple.

  • 77038 Level 1 (0 points)

    I delete the iPhoto cache and the problem was solved.

  • Rev Mitch Level 1 (0 points)




    Keep in mind that I do NOT use a Mac.  I do NOT use iPhoto. 


    I have a PC with Win7 and the newest iTunes syncing with my iPad2 with the latest updates.


    I went to the directory on my PC where photos are stored that I sync to the iPad.   I have 56 subfolders in one main folder.  I have iTunes sync the entire thing.  I found and deleted a photo called "ipod photo cache".  This in effects causes itunes to forget the photos and to turn off photo sync all together.  When I re-activate photo sync within itunes I get a warning that all photos on the ipad (except those taken with the ipad's camera) will be deleted and replaced. I proceed with the new sync.  This caused everything to sync CORRECTLY.  Everything was in the correct order (by name) within each sub folder.  HOWEVER,  When doing another sync, it changes the order again to being scrambled.  I repeated this 3 times.   The initial sync each time was perfect, each successive sync was scrambled.


    So, the work around seems to be, that before syncing, we need to delete the "ipod photo cache" folder on our PC's then re-enable the photo sync options in itunes.  This is a major pain in the *** as with over 5000 photos, it takes some time to re-upload them on every sync.


    I wish Apple would hurry up and fix this **** problem.  I started this thread on September 19th.  That's over 2 months now.   You would think that the brainiacs at Apple would have been able to figure this out by now.  Of course, that is assuming they are even looking at.

  • Theobeau Level 1 (0 points)

    Like the good Rev above, I also use a Win 7 PC + itunes +iOS6 device.


    The above work around seems like quite a bit of work to get around something that was working fine with iOS5.


    While great that Apple seemed to have fixed this problem for their OSX machiones / iphoto, there are quite a few of us cross-platformers who are hoping that the good people at Cupertino move on to fix this for everyone else.


    I hope someone is paying attention.

  • Jeremy Bohn Level 2 (300 points)

    This week I switched from an iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1 to a new iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1 and that's when I first noticed the problem. If it was also on the iPhone 4 then I didn't see it. I ahve synced my albums, sorted by date, from iPhoto.


    I removed all the synced iPhoto albums and then removed the iPod cache folder as mentioned in earlier posts. That alone did not help. One of the albums I checked had them all in order except 2 that should be near the beginning are at the end.


    I did the "manual sort" trick mentioned above (thanks!) and re-synced one album as a test and it worked. Now I have to go through my other albums to work around the issue.


    So many bugs in iOS 6. The buggiest one in my opinion!

  • j0hnnyr Level 1 (0 points)

    I would like to note that Apple HAS NOT FIXED the photo syncing problem for OSX machines. Yes, I'm pleased that after i totally redid a new i photo library, got rid of the old cache, that now all of my photos did sync prperly to the i pad, iphone and i pod. BUT whenever I want to add a few photos or scanned images to any albums in i photo and re-sync them with my devices (i pad ect..), the new photos (with a new name of course) won't get recognized and be placed into the album. And that's after I have even deleted the album on a sync and re-synced it again.


    Apple, please get to work on this. Why would you put up with such poor service. For 3 years now I have been able to arrange my business around the albums and photos syning in order and now when you all are getting so much better with so many neat devices, its all useless since now your software can't allow for the simplest and most important task to be done.


    You might as well be driving a car and when you turn the wheel to go right, it goes left. Not good.

  • alexanderfromsuffolk Level 1 (0 points)

    This was the easiest fix for Mac/iPhoto users to arrange by original date the photo was taken (aka how it used to work):


    After synching your iPad or iPhone, open an event. Under "View", select "Sort Photos" then select "By Keyword". Re-synch. This will sort all your events by keyword. This assumes you have not assigned a keyword to photos. It you have, I am not sure how it will work since I do not have any keywords assigned. If I tried to sort by date, or by "Rating", it would be in a random order on my iPad and iPhone.  If you close iPhoto, it defaults back to sorting by dates and you will have to resort by keyword.


    Hope this helps until they fix it! Someone please post when they have.


    And yes, I am getting tired of the increasing amounts of "bugs" in Apple products and loved the CNET article debating has Apple jumped the shark...see scratched black iPhone 5 on arrival, purple haze in photos I took from my son's field trip, iOS backups failing, and now Genius data taking about 15 minutes to synch. Ironically, no trouble with maps.



  • trypsru Level 1 (0 points)

    All discussions seem to involve iPhoto. I got same problem with photos in aperture and only after upgrading iOS to 6 on iPad. So, the problem has to be iOS 6. I did not upgrade my iPhone because of map craziness. Just iPad where I don't have to rely on apple map app.

  • Turgi Level 1 (0 points)

    Nov. 14. I Worte:


    -The problem is not iOS error (not only in my iPhone 5 with a 6.01 and iPad 2 with 6.01 but also with iPhone 3 g with 4.2.1 it occurs) or iPhoto error but an iTunes bug.

  • Goebel.mac Level 1 (0 points)

    Turgi is right;  the iTunes code that interprets the photo library metadata created by iPhoto is buggy.  I suspect it has something to do with how iPhoto updates the metadata when you add photos to an event with iPhoto ... that is because one can rebuild the iPhoto library, and get iTunes to transfer and preserve the sort order (e.g., alphabetical) the first time, but as soon as one adds something to that rebuilt library with iPhoto, the adjusted metadata is NOT correctly interpreted by iTunes during it's transfer to an iDevice.


    Come on Apple, it is NOT rocket science to fix this.

  • version2 Level 1 (0 points)

    So now they've updated iTunes to iTunes 11.




    If anything it does some sort of new sort order because some of my files have moved but it still doesn't sort by name. And I deleted the photo cache and reuploaded the pictures and it doesnt work that way either.


    And I'm a PC user so I don't even have iphoto on my computer.


    I'm done with my iphone unless they fix this. It's sad that such a hi-tech phone can't even perform a basic function.

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