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I updated my phone and iPad by connecting to the computer with the USB. My iPhone 4S update went smoothly, but my iPad (3) stalled when the progress bar was at 1/3. It han't moved in hours. I attempted to put in recovery mode by holding the home button down whle re-attaching to the computer, but it simply returnd to the screen with the progress bar and stops at 1/3.


The iPad appears to be now a brick.


Any ideas?



Solved by David Strait on Sep 19, 2012 8:24 PM Solved



I succeded by:

1) disconnecting and turning off the iPad

2) plugged the iPad back into the computer

3) press and hold the top and home button until the iPad said to connec to iTunes

4) launched iTunes and updated, then restored the entire iPad

5) whewww!


I THOUGHT I tried this before, but the second time I tried it on another Mac (but suspect that had nothing to do with it). I may not have held the two buttons down long enough the first time to get the message on the iPad.


Good Luck!