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    EDIT : only 3 out of 4 video files are handled by Premiere CS5... one is displaying the same green screen, although they all have exactly the same properties, and being shot one after another. Strange behaviour.

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    This is all very disappointing. The iPhone is being used by many of my friends for their most convenient and most portable video shooting solution. ALL of them have this issue with various video editing software no longer displaying video for our projects ever since the iOS 6 update.


    I haven't seen any literature from Apple saying that they were changing the encoding for the video output. Makes me seriously consider dumping the iPhone.

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    Please let me know if you find a solution that extends to Corel Video Software.  I am in the middle of a project and having the same problem as everyone but I really need the editing software working asap.  Thanks.

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    nope.  I'm on Windows 7

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    I received a video from an iPhone 4S that’s using IOS 6 yesterday. The video played find on my iPhone4, which I just upgraded to IOS 6, but on my Windows 7 PC (64bit) I had sound but no video. The quick time version on my PC was 7.7.2.  I uninstalled it and reinstalled version 7.6 and now the videos play just fine. Hope this helps everyone, including Apple.

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    Thanks, Kathy!  I reverted to Quicktime 7.6 and now it works fine, even in Picasa.  I do hope Apple fixes this in the next release of Quicktime.  Should have been pushed out when iOS 6 was released.

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    I did the same thing and found I could play the videos created in Ios6. Hope they have a fix quickly as videos uploaded to Facebook won't play for me, yet other friends can view the video on Facebook.  May be a multiple fix required.  Bummer.

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    Thanks NDallas.  I did the same (downgraded to quicktime 7.6) now it plays.  And it show up in my Corel Video Studio and plays.  However, My HD files that were shot in Filmic Pro do not play correctly even though they show up.  They are dropping frames or playing like video did 5 years ago when wifi was slow.  Not fluid.  So something is still not quite right.


    Why would quicktime being able to see my file allow Corel VS to see my file?  If I knew the answer to that I might could figure out the problem.

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    This is still an issue.


    4S, iOS6, PC w/ Windows 7, Quicktime (latest update), Corel VSpro x5


    I know, get a mac.  But it's not in my plans at the moment and now I have spend the past three days trying to sort this out.


    Videos are still not processing correctly from iOS6.  Through this post I can now play them by downgrading to Quicktime 7.6 or using VLC.  VLC plays them perfectly.  Quicktime 7.6 plays them with dropped frames.  Quicktime 7.7.2 just shows that black or white screen.  Whatever Quicktime does, my Corel Video Editing software duplicates whether its not playing (audio only) or playing with a lag.  And I am in process of editing a project on that software.


    I have tried all video apps with same result.  Apple native video camera, Camera +, Camera Awesome, ProCameraHD, Filmic C, pro, pro2.


    This is rediculous really.  The native camera/video app will not allow replay on a Windows 7 PC with Apple's own updated player.  All of the 5.1.1 processed files play perfectly still and I'm not allowed to go back.


    Don't bother trying to go back to 5.1.1, it's not possible and Apple's signature is no longer active.  I have tried all options to downgrade.  I love Apple to death, but at the moment I'm just sick.  Please fix this problem Apple.

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    its ashame we have to downgrade our computer software , because we upgraded out phones.. because an apple app and software don't work with one another...

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    I´ve got the Same Probleme on Premiere 5,5 and After Effects...! The mov Codec on iOS6 is diffrent (new) to the one on QuickTime (old). Apple have to Update. There is a little trick you can use: (Program is called XMedia-Recode) Its easy to use.


    This program is freeware and you can rerecording the Videos and it works with Adobe Progs perfectly.

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    Looks like a good encoding program.  I went to brothersoft to download it.  What settings did you use to code the .mov files or did you convert to another format?

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    Try this one...should work on Premiere. I`m on work and can´t try it (Premiere & AE are at Home ;)


    Check Framerate: should be 29,97fps

    Check Bitrate: should be nearly 22000  (Iphone take with 21699)


    Screenshot XMedia_1.jpg

    Screenshot XMedia_2.jpg

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    I have encountered another iOS 6 codec bug and this is the closest forum thread I could find. Videos encoded with


    Adobe Media Encoder 5.5

    Multiplexing: mp4

    Stream Compatibility: iPod

    Profile: Main

    Level: 3.1


    Which all play fine on iOS 5 do not play on iOS 6. The video player just shows the play button with the no smoking symbol through it.


    Anyone hear anything about this or what settings are OK to use that will work on all iOS's?

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    I have the same problem:


    upgraded iphone 4s to ios6

    new videos play on phone but not quicktime on computer (audio yes, video no).


    Could someone post instructions for how they reverted to previous version of quicktime?