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    Very Frustrating, and only some I speak with at Apple Support understand what I'm telling them, or understand why it's a problem at all. Since the IOS6 Update on my iPad3, any movie I export to a PC, regardless of what method I transfer it over with ( PhotoSync, Dropbox ), if that PC is using Quicktime 7.7.2, you get a green or black screen, with audio only playing. iTunes can play the video in it's latest version, but you do have to drop back to Quicktime 7.7.1 or even Quicktime 7.6 to get the video to at least play, if not at it's smoothest and best. I would be very angry if I paid for Quicktime 7.7.2 Pro, as it's $30 for that, and then not have it work.


    My Macbook Pro is using both Quicktime 10 and Quicktime 7.6 Pro, as that is as high as my MidSummer 2010 Macbook running the latest version of Snow Leopard will allow. Videos works there so far after the IOS6 update on my iPad3.


    But on my PC using XP Pro SP3, any video made or re-rendered on my IOS6 level iPad3, won't play properly, on Quicktime 7.7.2, or Realpayer, or on Windows Media Player 11. If I uninstall Quicktime 7.7.2 off my PC, and install Quicktime 7.6 or 7.7.1 instead, the video will then play, and the weird part, is that they then will also play in Realplayer too!! That's right, did nothing but change what version of Quicktime on the PC, and suddenly a popular universal media player like RealPlayer magically works again.


    Its clear that a lot of other people using any video made on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod updated to IOS6, transfered over to a PC, are finding plenty of problems with many programs that before the IOS6 update, worked just fine before that. To complicate things like this for the PC based viewers of any video work produced by an Apple device using IOS6, is a major mistake, as whether Apple likes it or not, not all viewers or clients of Apple customers are indeed Apple product users themselves, and Apple is still outnumbered by non Apple device users, so you bascally find people like me losing a huge part of the viewer or client base, because they can't see the videos, and they don't want to have to be told to do complicated "work arounds". Gets worse if people did buy Quicktime or at least downloaded a free version of it, only to find they now have to go retro back to older and less capable software to get any positive result, and in some cases, that might not even be an option. Not even sure if I use some kind of "convertor" program, it would work, if its a matter of a "progressive verse non-progressive scan" issues.


    Really it sounds like an easy fix, and its important fix, just think about what you are seeing in this thread, and do it. Things will be great again.

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    Same issue, on phone with apple.  Iphone 4S, Win 7 32 bit, QT pro 7.7.2


    I will get audio, but no video for the ones taken under ios 6, 5 not a problem.  The video frame is either black, or transparent to see the desktop.  Weird.


    Don't know if it means anything, but the when looking at the movie inspector in QT the formats are the same, HOWEVER, the FPS is not.


    ios 5 FPS 29.97


    ios 6 FPS 29.98


    Format: H.264, 1920 x 1080, Millions

    AAC, Mono, 44.100 kHz

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    I just found the same problem !!  I have the Iphone 4s.  I'm sick of this crap !  Needless to say, I'm done with iphones.  Has anyone had any luck fixing this ?

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    Some people have found a way to dump IOS6 off of their device, and reload IOS5 back on, but it is a tricky, time consuming, and perhaps a harmful way to go about it. Almost everyone agrees that their iPads and such were working just fine with the older IOS,5 and more problems are being found each day with IOS6. IOS6 is just buggy, period.


    As I listed above, you can go back to an older version of Quicktime to see videos work again on your PC, but I also find I'm having problems with the App Store, some programs being prone to crashing when they weren't they way under IOS5, and the tech I was on the phone with, was stunned when I told them about how my iPad3 behaves now with doing backups to iCloud.


    Used to be, you had to have your iPad plugged into a power source, locked, and left alone while it did it's thing. The instructions on the page for this function even says that. But now under IOS6, the instructions are the same, but the backup can now run without being hooked up to power, not locked, and they seemed surprised that is how it works now.


    So, try the Quicktime work around with the video issue, or try risking doing a retrograde back to IOS5, of hope Apple get's busy fixing the IOS6 bugs. Pretty sad in my book.

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    yes, i have xp and have audio, but no picture...

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    Had same problem...transferred videos from iPad3 to PC and get audio but no video.  So waited and now downloaded latest QT version (7.7.3) and now I have both, but frames are being dropped when played at normal speed.  If I select "play all frames" it plays the video at half speed and obviously no sound.  This is ridiculous.  iOS6 and QT do not work - even with latest QT update.  RIDICULOUS.  Apple PLEASE fix.

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    Yep, did the same thing, loaded QuickTime 7.7.3 into my PC running XP Pro SP3, and now my movies made on my iPad3 with IOS6.1 will play, and they will now play in Realplayer too, but it is at times jerky, and looks like it is skipping a frame or 2 when it plays.


    Nice try Apple, but still far from being right, much so when you consider how good things used to look on a Mac product when it came to making and showing movies.

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    Had same problem with 7.7.2 on Windows 7 and then decide to update to 7.7.3 and problem went away.   Not noticing any problems playing unless playing off of a network drive, a Time Capsule at 100MBps.   Copied the file locally to the PC and then it played fine.

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    Did you upgrade to Quick Time pro? The Pro version has a lot of codec.

    You never known if it helps.


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