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radaines Level 1 (5 points)

I tried to download and install the 10.8.2 update but received an error message stating that the file could not be expanded. Now the update does not appear in the App Store under updates. I presume that the file is still on my iMac so the App Store thinks I already have the download. How do I delete the downloaded file in order to redownload?

  • BC333 Level 1 (90 points)

    Do not upgrade without backup!!!  I just tried and it locked up with forever 2 minutes to go...lost my entire HD!!  Not sure what is going on...but it is NOT good!!!!

  • radaines Level 1 (5 points)

    Just downloaded the 10.8.2 combo update. Tried to run it and received a invalid checksum error. What is going on and what do I try next?

  • michielveenstra Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm experiencing the exact same problem!

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    I just updated to 10.8.2 . you can download it again  from Apple Downloads website.


    hope it solve your problem.

  • michielveenstra Level 1 (0 points)

    Nope, didn't work... gave me the invalid checksum error...

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    Don't do it...10.8.2 is not ready for prime time.  It is half-baked and not worthy of Apple.   Wait for the latest and greatest fix to the fix.   Don't remember problems with Lion like this.....must be the IOS integration..



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    I am having the same issue, I even called Apple Support and they told me to make a new username and try downloading the 10.8.2 Update from the site and it still did not work. I am at my wit's end with this, both my MacBook Air's are having the same problem...

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    If you are having download issues, think Apple's servers are being overloaded with mountain lion, and the fixes and ios 6.0.  Had a difficult time last night updating ipad to 6.0, took two attempts and it was very slow.  If you didn't get 10.8.2 to download, I suggest you don't.  Too buggy needs 10.8.3 or later before I download o/s fixes. Tonight will attempt to restore my imac to before 8.2.

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    Also having this error, and it's a bit of a relief to hear that others are getting it too (as selfish as that sounds!).  The 10.8.2 update appeared in App Store updates again, but after trying again to install it and getting the same error ("could not be expanded") it has disappeared from the App Store for a second time.  Also having trouble with iOS 6, which won't update over-the-air or via iTunes, so I figure this must be an issue with Apple's servers.  I hope so, anyway.

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    Something out of the ordinary must be occuring.  iTunes is not functioning properly either v 10.7.


    Time to regroup Apple!

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    Glad everyone else is having this intractable problem...and I'm not alone. I thought I was going crazy.

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    This is just too goofy!!!


    Please, someone at Apple tell us (and me too) what the heck is going on.

    This happend earlier today, the 21st.


    1) "App Store" application "popped" up while I was answering an email.

    2) Said "2 Updates Available"

            a]   Software Update ---  OS X Update 10.8.2

            b]    iPhoto Version 9.4


    3) Finished the email and then clicked on "UPDATE ALL"

    4) Got error message that iPhoto would not update until 10.8.2 was installed.

    5) Backed up... then clicked on the UPDATE button for 10.8.2, answered questions and waited and waited and waited....

    6) Finally restarted computer, my self, about two hours later

    7) App Store application popped up again

    8) Repeated steps 5 & 6

    9) Nothing changed... back at step #7 above.


    Does anyone have a clue?


    MAC PRO tower running 10.8.1

    2 x2.26 GHz Quad-core

    32 Gigs Ram

    2) ATI Radeon HD 5770

    3) 30" Displays

    etc., etc.,

  • FastTJR Level 1 (5 points)

    I have pretty much given up using the App Store for any major updates -- 80%+ of the time I end up with corrupted file issues. To aggravate the situation, if the download completes but fails to install, the App Store will tell you there are no updates available... You can fix this by deleting certain .plist files, but this is too much hassle for most users.

    I have tried the 10.8.2 update on both my MacBook Pro and my iMac.  The iMac updated cleanly first time using the App Store, the MBP failed several times. I tried the download route from the Apple site and this gave me check sum errors three times. I finally resorted to using Caffeine (http://lightheadsw.com/caffeine/) to ensure my MBP didn't sleep or go into screen saver mode during the download and I got a usable file, which has now installed satisfactorily.

    I do not know whether it is an issue with the Apple servers or my ISP, but large files (>300MB) appear to have trouble -- the complete file downloads but seems frequently to be corrupted. Downloading at 'off-peak' times (e.g. 3.00am ET) or waiting for a while after a software update is released seems to help.

  • LJB Level 1 (125 points)

    I ran into precisely the same issue. I had an iMac that went belly up. Apple said it would replace it, but couldn't with an iMac because it awaits the newer version; older iMacs are not in stock. Instead, they gave me a Mac mini and monitor. The mini came preinstalled with 10.8.1. Naturally, I went to upgrade it to 10.8.2 -- and update the iPhoto and Aperture apps, which wouldn't update without 10.8.2 because it had to redo the libraries to sync with 10.8.2. (Mind you, I had successfully updated all of this on my MacBook Pro JUST before my iMac went belly up.)


    Well, after MUCH MUCH aggravation and wasted time, Apple Care support put me onto a higher-level tech. Turns out that Apple discovered a flaw in 10.8.2 and essentially stopped supporting it. So, you may have gotten lucky just prior to that discovery -- as I did with my MacBook Pro -- but not after they found the flaw. The Apple Care tech could NOT say when that would be. He did help me create new temporary iPhoto and Aperture libraries that I can access if I hold down the option key if I launch. (Dates, keywords, faces, etc., didn't come along with the strategy, which he told me would be the case.) But I can't otherwise access iPhoto or Aperture in regular mode until the update is fixed or replaced with 10.8.3.


    I don't know why Apple continues to show the 10.8.2 update (or if it does) but that's the issue. Don't hurt your brain trying and trying again to make the thing work now.


    P.S. It's possible that 10.8.2 works on some models, but not on others. I didn't ask him.