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    Guess a lot of folks having this issue. So my story begins earlier tonight when i was in the middle of Subway Surfer and the screen went completely blank. I think i was at 47% battery power when it happened too. i can hear it click, it vibrates, i tried turning it off and it will vibrate and iTunes can pick it up, it will charge as well. the apple logo will flash for a quick second with it reboots and that's it...i've had it plugged in for the past 3 hrs and still nothing...i can blindly turn my music on but can't pause it so i have to turn it off again and the screen is still black. i'll try restoring it later and see if that works...

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    I was working today, had my iphone4 in my pocket, looked at it and it did not turn on. I said, this is weird,it's to early to have low battery. Then tried to connect it to the wall and never turned back on. I got really worried, went trough some forums here and other websites and there seems to be a relationship with the **** IOS 6 update.


    I updated it last night, everything was fine. So I held down the Hold button and the Home button, both at the same time and after 20 secs, the apple logo was on the screen. I took almost a minute back it came back to normal. My battery was at 63%. I have NO idea what happened or what that was...

    I hope it'll continue to work !


    Good Luck guys!

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    So all of this advice is solid and needs to be done in order to get out of this loop/dead battery after upgrade problem.  I basically left my phone for dead, bought the 5 and decided to try and resurrect it recently to use as iPad/iPod.


    Once I got it out of the recover loop using Tiny Umbrella my iPhone would get to the step past picking a language during initial/new iPhone setup and then ask me to connect to iTunes.  (This was ONLY if connected to wall power.)  As soon as I would disconnect wall power to plug into iTunes it would die.  I played with it for days!  I ordered a new battery, replaced it, no good.  You will never believe what finally worked.


    1. Take the back off and disconnect the battery terminal (leave battery in)

    2. Leave disconnected for 1 minute

    3. Reconnect battery and then plug into cord attached to computer (LEAVE THE BACK OFF)


    This should allow you to setup as new iPhone and all will work well.  I was so happy, then I put the back of the phone back on and when I hit the power button to make it sleep, it would not come back on again...back into same loop. I realized that if the back was off all worked well.  Then I realized that there is a little spring connector by the battery conneciton that has a contact point on the back of the phone.  So, I put a piece of electrical tape on the back of the phone over the contact point, close the phone and BINGO.  Works like new.  I have no idea what the contact point and spring piece do and will let someone else weigh in on that issue.  Hope this helps someone out there.

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    I downloaded the update ios6 to my iphone 4.. and now it will NOT turn on! The apple logo comes up, then the phone goes back to nothing then it comes back on and goes back to nothing.. and i tried to plug it in my computer and restore it but it will NOT restore! what did i do? Ive had the phone since i came out and never really had any serious problems out of it till i went to download this new update... help!!!!

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    my iphone 4s wont power on and makes a pinging sound when it is plugged in.

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    I am having a similar (but not the same) problem. I was talking on my phone. Hung up. Rebooted my phone to try to get a better signal. When the phone rebooted it was telling me i needed to update to IOS6. Any idea why it would do that? I never requested an update through iTunes.

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