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  • Dilan Weerasinghe Level 1 Level 1

    I'll report on Alpine single-DIN decks.  I have an Alpine CDE-133BT with the latest firmware fix that addressed the issues such as button controls and metadata that many of us experienced with iOS 6.  After updating to iOS 7 I have experienced zero issues.  The deck works the same as it did after the firmware fix with iOS 6.  So, Alpine users can put their fears aside and can/should update to iOS 7. 

  • Rahulfromdc Level 1 Level 1

    I am still having this issue...I have a vw jetta and I can not use the touch screen to control my music, has there been a fix yet? 

  • tonyinmemphis Level 1 Level 1

    I seen Someone Shorten the Name Some  bluetooth car will not take a long user name ???

  • ourena Level 1 Level 1

    Did you ever find a solution for your bricked 133bt? I just bricked mine trying to update ir using the CD update... I'm feeling like such an idiot, at least I had a hands free device.

  • ourena Level 1 Level 1

    How much did you Pay For the repair? I just bricked mine.

  • ThomiThumb Level 1 Level 1

    Didn't pay anything, just the cost of the craziness of being alone with my just my thoughts in my car while it was away being fixed. I took it back to the dealer where I bought it here in Western Canada and they sent it to the authorized repair centre just outside Toronto. It took awhile, but that was mostly because I think the dealer mistakenly sent it to the wrong place first. Once that got settled, it was quick. The installer at the dealer took it out for me, and put it back in once it got back too. I bought him some beer for his trouble.


    I ended up talking to the guy at the repair centre to let him know it was coming and he knew right away what I had done - apparently they had had a few come back like that. After a short lecture he said that 'all' they would do is re-flash it and if that didn't work they'd swap out a new one (i.e. basically completely fix my mistake), but that this was the only time that they'd do it for me. Since I don't plan to do this again, that won't be an issue. They were really good about it.


    As noted by someone else, no problem at all after the iOS7 upgrade either. Good luck!

  • russgra Level 1 Level 1

    Just wanted to share my experiences...


    If have the CDE-W235EBT in Australia and managed to upgrade the firmware to 01.27.00 using a MacBook Pro (OS X 10.9). So you don't have to use Windows 7 or Android as per the instructions given. As mentioned by "User AJ" earlier, the trick is to connect, disconnect, connect again as per the "Alternative Update Method" in page 13 of the Windows 7 instructions:



    All seems to be work fine with iOS7.1 now and since the upgrade shows song info via BT Audio and can skip tracks using the Head Unit.


    Hope that helps someone

  • hexum311ad Level 1 Level 1

    3 days later.....FINALLY GOT IT WORKING (upgrade firmware to 1.27)


    I want to thank everyone that posted to this forum as I wouldnt have been able to do it without reading these posts. Below is the hardware I used and how I was finally able to update.


    Headunit: Alpine CDE-HD137BT (v1.14.00)

    Location: Chicago, IL

    Device used: Macbook Pro

    Device to play audio: iPhone 5 (iOS 7.0.5)


    I followed the instructions from alpine, meaning remove all paired devices, and checking the settings listed in guide. I then tried to use my iphone and ipad to transfer the file using the jailbroken app called iFile as it supports bluetooth file transfer. Of course that didnt work.


    Next day I borrowed my friends Microsoft Surface Pro with windows 8.1 and also couldnt transfer the file to the head unit.


    Next day I reformatted my PC to Windows version 8.1 and installed a new bluetooth adapter, still no luck, I wasnt even able to find the 'update' folder on the head unit. The computer would only think the head unit was for audio, in the instructions it says to go to services and uncheck the Handsfree service but leave all others checked. When I went to do that step, there were only 3 services listed instead of the 6 or so that are pictured in the Alpine guide.


    Next day I borrowed a friends Macbook pro (2012) as I heard some people here had some luck with that. I did as the people on this forum said to do....meaning try to connect, disconnect, reconnect, turn off the head unit, and so on and so on. I felt I made some progress when on the macbook pro I could actually SEE the update and record folders however when I went to drag the firmware file from the laptop to the headunit I kept getting the error message (on the MBP) 'you do not have permission to write files'. I kept at it for a good 20 minutes trying to transfer the file over and I also noticed that when you say update firmware YES then the screen goes to "waiting..." as soon as you try to connect to the headunit after that, it automatically goes to the screen that says "updating firmware do no touch buttons".


    In the 20 minutes with the macbook pro, I never saw the file actually get transferred to the update folder and I never saw the head unit read "UPDATE COMPLETE". However, right after I had given up, I went to view the current firmware version and it magicaly said v1.27!! So somehow some way, the file actually did transfer even though I always got the "you dont have permission" from the macbook and never got further than the "updating firmware do not touch".


    Now the update is working and I'm happy because I can now see the song names on the screen.

    Thanks agin

  • kenjude Level 1 Level 1

    I have finally managed to get this updated using Windows 8.1


    Using the primary method under Win8 last year  I always got an ftp message saying "access not authorized" or something similar after 400k of the file transfer. I also never managed to get it completed using the alternative method. Also failed using my brother's Nexus 7 android device.


    After any months I tried again this afternoon using Windows 8.1. Failed as usual the primary way. But with the alternative method the first time it did seem to complete the transfer, although the file never appeared in the "update" folder view on the laptop and it didn't leave waiting status. But it was progress.


    So after waiting 10 minutes I removed the device from the laptop, cleared all paired devices again, started from scratch, used the alternative method, and this time after completing the transfer the file appeared in the "update" folder and the headunit moved from displaying "waiting" to "updating, do not touch any buttons".


    Thereafter, all was as it should be. Song titles now displying and track changing controlled by the head unit, so no need to plug the phone into the USB on the twenty minute drive to work each day.

  • Sedici Level 1 Level 1

    I have been able to update two CDE-135BT to the latest 01.27.00 with my MacBook Pro


    Instructions on how to do this on the Mac are listed on Alpine USA. I am in the UK and followed the instructions but replaced the US Bluetooth file with the UK one, no problems.


    Some of the settings are different from the manual if you run a version of OS X with AirPlay but broadly speaking its a 5-6 minute job max.

  • ranham1 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having the exact same problem.  Bought the iPod for the same purpose and it is very annoying.  Cannot use it through bluetooth.

  • clangy92 Level 1 Level 1

    I had an iPhone 5 running iOS 8 and it worked fine on the old firmware version. Then I got my iPhone 6 and it still worked fine. I decided I wanted to upgrade the firmware on my Alpine CDE-HD138BT so I could change the song from my head unit instead of my iPhone, and now the head unit doesn't show any battery life or cell signal and I can't make or take calls from it... Anybody got any bright ideas? They would be greatly appreciated!

  • Wofatt Level 1 Level 1

    For those still having issues with updating their Alpine firmware, I thought I would share what I've learned after a long 4 hour struggle and finally getting it to work.


    I spent a couple of hours each over two days trying to update my Alpine CDE-W235BT. My problem during the update was always either the update coming back as failed (rarely) or getting stuck at "Firmware Update Dont Touch Any Button" forever with no progress. The Alpine instructions for Windows kind of suck. Many bluetooth adapters don't show up the way they instruct for you to access them and it seems that their instructions may be for an older version of Win 7.  


    When carefully reading the instructions I noticed that there is ONE SERVICE with the bluetooth connection that you're supposed to disable (the Headset service).  I had not noticed this previously, but when I tried to address it, again, the instructions seem very specific to a single situation.  My adapter had no way (seemingly) to disable services.


    I ended up figuring out that for my adapter, there are a few services that could be connected at any time. The service that allows you to play music through the head unit seems to be the one they want you to disable. My interfaces were very different but I managed to figure out which one to disconnect.  This was the problem the whole time. 


    In order to be successful with the update, I had to use Alpine's instructions for if you had an issue with the primary method. I.e. you connect (I only connected my hands-free service), open the firmware update folder, disconnect, place the head unit into FW Update mode, then connect again (ONLY THE HANDS-FREE service) and drop the file into the update folder.


    Immediately I noticed that the file copied MUCH faster (perhaps 10 to 15 seconds max), and once in the Firmware Update Don't Touch mode for about a minute, there were audible noises from the speakers as the FW was actually updated.  Within 2 minutes, the completed message came back.


    So, the TL;DR is, ensure the HEADSET service is NOT CONNECTED / ENABLED when performing the update. It is critical. I hope this helps someone!

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