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  • rcirillo Level 1 (0 points)

    Just bought a BRAND new Pioneer AVH-P4400BH radio for my truck not even a full week ago. This radio has multiple features focused around the iphone including app mode, Bluetooth streaming audio, and ipod connect. Before the update everything worked flawlessly. I installed IOS 6 last night and my ipod connect still works fine but when streaming audio over Bluetooth i lost my steering wheel controls and the radio no longer shows any information about the music ( title, artist. ect) and I cant change songs from the radio i have to work directly from the phone to control the music.

    VERY upset about this to say the least... I haven't attempted to use the app mode yet and frankly i am afraid to because i bought the radio just for the app mode feature which allows for navigation and other apps (netflix, crackle..) to be displayed on the radio and play through the car stereo..



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    I bought recently a AVH-2400BT with the sole purpose to stream Bluetooth audio in my car, It did work flawlessly the whole summer on 5.1.1 and since upgrading to IOS 6 i lost my track title, album, song genre, etc. AVRCP does not work anymore, no more steering wheel control. I cannot control the phone with the head unit anymore and this is really ******* me off.

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    No mention of Parrot anywhere within the spec sheets or the user manual for the AVH-P4400BH.  I don't believe it's a Parrot issue.


    Looks like Apple have upgraded the Bluetooth stack and perhaps not kept backwards compatibility which has instantly rendered an awful lot of peripherals almost useless.  Not good.

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    On the website the AVH-4400BT is listed as having the Parrot bluetooth module which seems to be similar to the one you have Feek.

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    I also have a AVH-4400BH and I'm having the same issue. Plugging the iPhone in works for me but the bluetooth, which I used constantly to avoid having my phone always plugged in and killing the battery life, is not longer working. I can stream but no album info comes up and I cannot skip or go back. Play/pause does work. I don't see why apple did not make this backwards compatible. Or if by some weird reason it has to deal with the Bluetooth Sharing feature in iOS 6.

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    Same problem here.


    Using a AVH-P4400BH.    I have lost all visual display on the head unit, no more steering wheel control of the iphone, and I've tried everything.


    I called Pioneer this morning and they informed me this is an issue with Apple and they have no way to release a hot fix because the phone isn't backwards compatible.





    If my iphone 5 doesn't work with my pioneer head units in my three vehicles when it arrives tomorrow, I will simply return it.  This would be the game changer for me going to a droid, and I've had every iphone on release date since the original.  This is BS.

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    @spanks127: That sounds interesting! And what's Pioneers explanation for not updating their products to the current state of the iOS-devices BT standard? Their products - as well as Alpine's mentioned productes - wear the "Made for iPod/iPhone" label... So... They should some deal with updates in those "Made for"-products, shouldn't they?

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    @ lighty_


    I can't use my PS3 blue tooth control, nor my wireless headset I use at work to alter the iphone.   This is obviously a huge change on apples part for  iOS6 to render all three of my devices inactive.  This is not just a Pioneer issue.


    I even have blue tooth head sets for snowmobiling where I can control my phone via my voice, I'll test those out when I get home, I'm guessing they don't function either.

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    Just have tested it with my "Jabra Wave" BT headset. Seems to work quite well, found no differences to the old iOS version: voice dialing, volume control, hanging up, everythin works.


    Another question... What are you doing with your PS3 controller in combination with your iPhone ?

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    I am having the EXACT same problem with my brand new Alpine CDE-133BT radio. Hope it's fixed soon. I was so happy that I finally didn't have to use my AM/FM receiver and could change the song via Bluetooth. All that happiness is now gone. LOL

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    I have very BAD news.  I just called Pioneer back and they informed me that apple dropped all support for parrot blue tooth modules, which is what pioneer uses.  And because the module is hardware, they can't do anything about it.  They suggested I call apple and complain.


    I'm ******. 

    I think my iphone 5 is going to be returned.  This is the end for me.

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    I'm excatly in the same situation... After 3-4 years using those f*+.n FM plug to get my iPhones music to my car radio I was soooo happy that the newly installed Alpine stereo worked so wonderful with streaming via BT... And now that.. Well..

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    YOU CANT BE SERIOUS? I mean.. Thanks for the info.. BUT.. That cant be true?! I installed the new stereo for BT streaming just a f*+#in week ago??

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    I have roughly $4500 in head sets and receivers that rely on parrot blue tooth modules.  I'm not going to mess around with apple anymore if this ends up being more than a glitch with the iOS6 and iphone 4s..


    I am not going to open my iphone 5 tomorrow until I see reports if this will work or not.  If the iphone 5 will not communicate with parrot blue tooth modules, I will simply return it and I'll go grab a droid.



    Apple may be able to strong arm everybody into doing things their way, but they can't do that to me.

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    If that's true about Apple dropping Parrot then Apple is going to have a lot of very unhappy customers. Its funny (not really funny because im really angry about this) people spend all this money in after market accessories and then to continue to get people to spend their money they slowly phase out the comparability of these products. BS!!!


    Im considering putting the old iOS back onto my phone tonight until these bugs are all worked out.

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