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    Time will tell. The device manufacturers and Apple should have more thoroughly tested the device and OS compatibility. The betas have been available for awhile. We may, honestly, never know where the technical fault lies. It may be that both messed up in some way. Or one or the other. Bottom line, they are working on it and it'll almost definitely get fixed.


    Backwards compatibility isn't quite as simple as simply supporting the older tech. Sometimes the handshake fails because one or the other doesn't allow for the logic of a *newer* version of the tech. So the steps then required to fall back to older versions fail as well. I don't know - only the engineers specifically involved can know what's happening.


    It's not unheard of (actually, it occurs more than I would like) for Apple's updates (or anyone else's) to expose a previously unrecognized flaw or bug in someone else's system. It's almost guaranteed to happen somewhere somehow. And despite this, there are car stereo systems that are working fine with iOS 6. What's the difference? I don't know. We won't know until updates are out, and maybe not even then.


    Yes, the feature broke when Apple updated to iOS 6. With a new OS version, there are always bugs. Some will get you, some will get someone else. This is a very frustrating one, since it was a feature that worked fine. I haven't updated my iPad to iOS 6 for this specific reason, but I will be. My iPhone 5 however, is a problem, and I don't know what stereo to install in my car yet.


    It shouldn't have happened. I think we can all agree on that. All we can do is push all parties to fix it.

  • markusfromhamburg Level 1 Level 1

    So I do some pushing:

    Same thing here with a iPhone 4s, iOS6 using either a Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter and a Plantronics Backbeat 903+.


    Apart from many other disimprovements at iOS6, this is by far the one that ***** on a daily basis!

  • proH03 Level 1 Level 1

    mkrochmalnek wrote:


    So good news to anyone else who has a Pioneer head unit. Pioneer has completed their compatibility testing of most of all of their newer head units using iOS 6 running on iPhone 4/4S and 5. So it looks like there is a clear AVRCP issue with a number of their head units (including mine unfortunately) for all iPhone models and it looks like Pioneer is planning to release a firmware update to address the issue, although an ETA has not yet been announced. Maybe this actually is an issue with the software on the other devices and not iOS 6. Either way Apple needs to be working more closely with device manufacturers to ensure compatibiliy with features prior to public release.



    Good news indeed, only question is, that seems to be for US models only, wonder when the rest of Pioneer will get their act together...


    And also who is releasing the FW update, Pioneer or Apple? For now it seems to be a Pioneer issue.

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    I stand corrected in my avid assertion of the fault lying with Apple. Backward compatibility seems in theory to me to be the responsibilty of the device moving to the next iteration of the standard, but it does also make sense that the negotation must still involve the client as well.


    That said, there are still a remaining nuance that doesn't add up:

    -if Apple moved to AVRCP in iOS 5, and this bluetooth isee wasn't relevant in iOS 5, then what has changed in iOS 6 to break it?


    All in all, the best thing for everyone affected is for this to be something Apple can fix. Why? Because we all have a better chance of having our issue resolved if it comes in the form of a software update from Apple. Being at the mercy of the pairing device manufacturer is going to leave a lot of people waiting for an update, some who will wait for an update that will never come.


    For what it's worth, this is my first iPhone (not my first Apple product) and it has been extremely frustrating. The "it just works" statement is just not true with this iteration of iOS. My bluetooth experience leaves something to be desired--especially considering I had no issues with any of my other Apple products prior to iOS 6. iTunes Match is a bit of a joke. It "works" in that all of my devices can access my cloud music. However it is still utterly useless on my devices with limited space (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) because all the iOS devices can do is see and play the music, but the play history of the device isn't being synced back to the cloud. For me that is useless because my listening habits revolve almost exclusively around playcounts and last played. I swear this was working "ok" (albeit with a 24-48 delay) prior to iOS6. Not to mention my WiFi sync is broken now in iOS 6, when it worked previously in iOS 5.


    The WiFi sync and Bluetooth issues are especially annoying (although not deal breakers) because they worked fine prior to iOS 6. Like my car's audio system, I guess my router/PC/internet miraculously became broken all on the same day that I updated my devices to iOS6 too.


    The "extremely frustrating" statement comes not from these things not working, but from spending time troubleshooting to come up with *why* it doesn't work, since it worked before. The user is left wondering if they aren't doing something correctly since it *should* work (since it did before).

  • apu2009 Level 1 Level 1

    What bothers me is that not all devices can be updated. Sure, my Pioneer radio will receive a firmware upgrade, and that's great because I'll be back to a proper working state. What happens to those people that are using Bluetooth headsets or handsfree devices? Not all of those can be issued a firmware update that will fix their problems. In that situation, it would be up to Apple to actually provide the proper backwards compatibility for those devices, no?

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    I have not heard of any Bluetooth head phones being affected, I have a pair from plantronics that still works fine.  For the headsets and hands free, this is not affected, this is running on a different protocol that works just fine.

  • apu2009 Level 1 Level 1

    There's been a few posts of Beats headphones that stopped working.

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    I have also seen reports of headphones and headsets not working, as well as cars where the phone doesn't work (not cars that stream music, display metadata, etc). A perusal of the comments on The Verge's article on this issue alone will show that this is not isolated to just head units and is also affecting handsfree, A2DP, etc, in some cases.


    I can break the handsfree in my car and my friend's car, and my friend's car doesn't support streaming, avrcp, a2dp, etc, it's just the handsfree protocol for making calls.

  • rustykerr123 Level 1 Level 1

    I did a quick search and found with the Beats headphones other people are having issues with the connection dropping, with can be so many different reasons.  But I did find that users of a pair of sony bluetooth headphones has the issue of no bluetooth control.  I have tested both my headphones and my headunit, the both play without dropping the connection.  I drive an hour each way to work, if it would drop the connection every 20-30 like others are saying that would drive me so nuts that I might have paid anything for a different phone.

  • apu2009 Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah, I haven't experienced the audio drops on my Pioneer unit. Audio works perfectly, calls work perfectly. Only thing that's missing is being able to control tracks from the unit and also the metadata.

  • rustykerr123 Level 1 Level 1

    Mine is also a pioneer, the 4400BH model.  I purchased this one less then a month ago because of the Bluetooth features, my older Sony had Bluetooth audio and I loved it, had no meta tags and no caller ID with this new car, I had the option of the 2 din models so I went for a more expensive model that had everything I wanted, just for some of it to be taken away a week or so later.

  • apu2009 Level 1 Level 1

    Yup, I have the 2400BT model. Luckily Pioneer already issued a statement showing which models will be updated and which ones won't.


  • rustykerr123 Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah, I was surprised to see Pioneer was the first to say this to the public, Glad I went with Pioneer, it is looking better for us then some others.  The only reason I went with Pioneer was I purchase a Pioneer surrond receiver for my tv and it works great, I also liked the Auto EQ and Balancing.

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    You guys are cracking me up.  Because Pioneer is working out a patch for Apple's fault, some of you are saying this isn't an apple issue.    Apple released a version of blue tooth that is NOT backwards compatible and since Pioneer is going to keep their customers happy by releasing a patch for Apple's negligence.     Pioneer's fix will correct 33% of the $5000+ in equipment I have that is not working due to Apple's shady iOS release.


    If 6.1 isn't released by the 19th,  all of my iphone 5's are heading back to at&t.

  • apu2009 Level 1 Level 1

    I highly highly doubt it'll be released by the 19th. There haven't been any developer seeds, there's no way it'll be released as a final build without allowing developers early access to test their apps against it.

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