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  • William Kucharski Level 6 (14,965 points)

    on the autocorrect!


    The thing is, the problem even seems to vary within brands, but I do know my iOS 6 iPhone 4S worked beautifully on both the headend in an FJ Cruiser as well as the Microsoft SYNC system in a rented Ford Mustang GT.


    Hopefully we'll see definitive answers on this soon.

  • woodmeister50 Level 5 (4,855 points)

    As far as Ford SYNC systems are concerned, Bluetooth

    issues are not just limited to iPhones.  One scan of the

    SYNC forums will show you that Bluetooth connectivity

    issues are, for lack of a better term, adventures at times.


    Something that has worked in the past is making sure

    WiFi is turned off before entering the car.  Don't know

    why, but in the past, many SYNC users found out

    turning of WiFi resulting in pairing and full operation.


    The other common solution to Bluetooth issues with any

    phone was to do the "fuse pull" hard reset of the SYNC system.


    In my case, my 2012 Focus is working quite well with

    my iPhone 4S and iOS6.  Voice commands for making

    calls for people in my address book work fine.


    Music, however, I playback through the USB connections.

    Even on this system, the audio quality is an order of magnitude

    better over USB than on Bluetooth.  I find listening to music

    on any Bluetooth based system upsets my stomach with its

    compression effects and artifacts.  Then again, I didn't grow

    up in a generation being trained to accept lower quality MP3/AAC

    music media.

  • rustykerr123 Level 1 (25 points)

    Well Bluetooth audio stream is always going to be much lower quality then USB.  With USB, your head unit is accessing the full quality and can create a buffer. With Bluetooth, it can not send the full quality track over the Bluetooth connect, it is just too large to send that quick, you also are not able to have a buffer, it is live. 


    My head unit however sounds great on Bluetooth, I believe this has something to do with the head unit, the phone, and the environment, all these can greatly effect your connection quality.  Also, my music is all compressed to 128kbps, that was the only way to get 18.85 GB of music to fit onto a 16GB iPhone, my next phone needs to be bigger.

  • crankerchick Level 1 (20 points)

    For streaming Pandora/Bluetooth/Slacker, Bluetooth is sufficient and easier (just continue playing where i left off-no hands required--at least before this bluetooth issue) for me in my factory TL Tech. For my music, I already keep an older larger iPod Classic hooked up via iPod dock connector since it both sounds better and allows control of the unit with the head unit.


    Now that I have to make sure the iPhone unit doesn't resume streaming before the phone is fully connected (else I lose all audio including the phone), I might as well to through my aux port since I can't just get in the car and let the stream resume anyway. Boy, you get so used to having things just work automatically without having to do anything, and then problems like these show up and it's like it's the end of the world. Third world problems...LOL. No more whining from me.

  • rustykerr123 Level 1 (25 points)

    It sounds like I have the least of the problems.  My only issues are the meta tags gone and control gone.  I have not been affected on the call function, it will connect fine and have audio and I can get my address book, which doubled in size after iOS 6 and facebook.  I don have any issues with drops, weird sounds, or anything else.  Of course, I have disconnected the connection and deleted it on both the phone and unit, then reconnected from the phone, I don't know if there was any other problems before doing that, I did not test that.


    I know what you mean by everything just working, I have dealt with many used or dirt cheap new electronics for years which were terrible.  Recently I have replaced most of it with expensive new electronics, so much better, last thing to go is my TV.

  • crankerchick Level 1 (20 points)

    I didn't have an iPhone prior to this iPhone 5, so I made a new connection for the phone when I paired it to my car's bluetooth. Everything seemed fine, except for the metadata. Then I got in the car one time and it tried to resume the stream. I had sound for a second, then I saw the bluetooth connection drop and reconnect. The sound stopped, yet the phone was still playing. If I switched the phone's output to speaker, it was playing fine, but still not playing through the car's speakers. Phone audio no worky either. I can now consistently break it. Just leave my car's audio input to bluetooth and turn off the car. When I get back in and start the car, it will pair, start the music, then drop it and reconnect, yet I've lost all audio.


    My work arounds are to either make sure I take the car's input off of bluetooth and put it on the radio/aux/iPod before turning the car off. Otherwise, if I forget, I have to try and hurry when I get back in the car to get it off the bluetooth input before it initiates playback, else I have to take it off bluetooth and turn the car off and back on.


    Sometimes it does resume fine, but it's not predictable.


    I just hope that when I'm not actually using bluetooth, it connects fine. I really have no way of knowing it has connected fine in that situation unless I actually check it every time I get in the car. Seems tedious. I already can't remember to take it off bluetooth input before I turn the car off. I'd hate to get a call while driving, only to find my audio is all borked. Wouldn't be the end of the world obviously, but would suck.


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  • rustykerr123 Level 1 (25 points)

    Wow that sounds different then the issue I have, Mine will not resume, I have to pull the phone out each time and press play.  Your issue may be isolated to iPhone 5, it is a different OS on each device, so the bug could be a little different on iphone 5, but I am not sure, I just have a iPhone 4s.

  • crankerchick Level 1 (20 points)

    I need to spend some time with my iPad and iPod (4th gen). They both don't display metadata, but I need to see if they have the resume problem.

  • Abcm12 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am not techy savy but this is what I noticed with the navigation music system in my car. I can add 4 different phones it will recognize and delete at will too.  However, when I want to listen to music it only recognizes 2 portable players.   When I deleted all the phones I went into the setting for audio and saw that under portable player it had listed my old iPod and my old phone and there was no way to delete them!!! So, I had to reset the entire system and delete all personal data. After I did this and paired/sync my new phone it added to the settings on phone and then I went to audio setting and under portable player it had added my phone too and there was now an empty slot. Hope this helps.

  • Dr Agonlord Level 1 (0 points)

    Exactly the same issues, Pioneer DEH-6400BT. worked perfectly with 5.1.1 on iphone 4. new iphone 5 on ios6 is pants with the pioneer. does nothing til you select play on iphone and will not respond to car controls. Regardless of whether this is an apple issue or a pioneer issue, it is annoying. something changed at apples end to kill the connection though. At least it still streams music (manually setting it off of course), but not having steerinng wheel controls is a real pain

  • Edthered007 Level 1 (0 points)

    Im too having the same problems with the pioneer DEH-6400BT


    I mailed pioneer and had this response




    We are aware of the changes Apple have put in place on the iOS6 but they
    only came to light when the update was released.  Everyone else is using
    v1.3 for Bluetooth Audio control so Apple decided to change to 1.4!  We are
    currently in the process of running both iOS6 and iPhone 5 through all our
    products to confirm compatibility and look at working out what can be do to
    get these working with our existing product range.  As and when updates
    become available they will be released on our website so if you register
    yourself and your product on our site you should receive and email to let
    you know.

  • Matt_Ward Level 1 (0 points)

    Look. Its plain to see that Apple messed up on the Bluetooth testing. This is an ios6 issue. Beta testers discovered the issue and it didnt get fixed in time for release. Why? I think that it was due to the presure Apple was under to release iphone 5 due to market presures (samsung?) FFS it doesnt even pair with apples own mac book pro running lion which was suppose to be more like ios. Its just dumb mistake. Apple dont own bluetooth technology. They dont own the protocol or its profiles. They are users of it like everyone else except they made some coding errors in this release. Its thier problem, they will fix it, if not then they are stupid. One thing is for sure i will not update my ios again untill ive check the forums for feedback.

  • jester56 Level 1 (0 points)

    This is really some kind of insanity. I, and lots of others, installed the APPLE iOS 6 upgrade on our phones. Before the upgrade, many people used their iPhone Bluetooth features without any trouble on their Kenwood, Alpine, Pioneer, etc., etc., car stereos. Here comes the APPLE upgrade and we, in good faith, perform the upgrade. POW! No more BT functionality as before. So let's see... APPLE upgrade - 1. Car Stereo upgrade - 0. So by not doing something to address the APPLE upgrade, the stereo manufacturers are somehow at fault here?


    As consumers who spent good money on both iPhones AND expensive car stereos, I for one couldn't give a rat's butt how or who gets it fixed. I want the easiest and fastest patch available ASAP! All the ******** back and forth about APPLE or whoever isn't doing anything to fix the problem. I absolutely love my iPhone and I can't see using anything else. But this "who struck John" crap needs to go by the wayside and SOMEBODY needs to FIX THE PROBLEM!

  • William Kucharski Level 6 (14,965 points)

    Edthered007 wrote:


    Im too having the same problems with the pioneer DEH-6400BT


    I mailed pioneer and had this response


    We are aware of the changes Apple have put in place on the iOS6 but they
    only came to light when the update was released.  Everyone else is using
    v1.3 for Bluetooth Audio control so Apple decided to change to 1.4! 


    Given AVRCP v1.5 was ratified a month ago…

  • fjr_birddog Level 1 (0 points)

    I just called Apple support & opened a case on the Bluetooth issue. 


    Less than a week after it's official release, Apple's CEO issued an apology for the new MAPS app.  Yet a hardware/software compatibility issue that COULD NEVER HAVE PASSED TESTING WITH APPLE OR THE AFFECTED MANUFACTURERS remains unaddressed.


    The MAPS app issue was practically front-page news.


    On the call, Apple support told me that the issue is in the hands of the device manufacturers, and not Apple.  I also asked about rolling back to IOS 5.1.1, but was told that's not "allowed".  The tech said not to expect IOS 6.1 for at least a couple of months due to all the other bugs they are working on, and that Apple has received thousands of complaints regarding Bluetooth issues under IOS 6.


    I'm not angry.  I'm very frustrated.  I'm sure many of you following these forums are experiencing the same feelings & problems.  Please make your voices heard by contacting Apple support directly to open a case file.


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