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  • William Kucharski Level 6 (14,965 points)

    chan0219 wrote:


    Thanks Fancher!  One more if you don't mind. Will all these issues still happen if I use the pioneer iPhone cord to plug it in and use pandora and my music?? Or are all these issues just if your trying to use the wireless Bluetooth?


    Just Bluetooth; corded connectivity is not affected.

  • tophermoon Level 1 (0 points)

    I updated to 6.0.1 from 6.0 and when I got in my car (2010 Toyota Tundra with stock bluetooth stereo) my iPhone 4 would not connect. I made the phone forget the bluetooth device that was my car stereo, and then repaired it. I can stream music, but I can no longer use the hands-free feature. I cant make calls or receive them. This is very frustrating!

  • fabiooli Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm having the same trouble, I bought the iPhone 5 and a Beats wireless all togheter and it's really disapointing because I bought it for running and the music stops all the time and the bluetooth conection sometimes is lost so I have to stop, resync and after 5 minutes all the same. I'll go to Apple store today but I'm hopeless...

  • tophermoon Level 1 (0 points)

    I fixed my issue. My head unit can sync via Bluetooth with a audio device, a phone, or a device that is both an audio device AND a phone (iPhone). When I upgraded my iPhone to 6.01 it changed it to an audio device only. I deleted my iPhone from the head unit's memory and re-synced it as a phone with audio capabilities. Works as before.

  • jtmcke Level 1 (0 points)

    This is unbelievable.  I thought that waiting until now to update my 4S to ios 6 would be a good idea, you know, SO APPLE CAN TAKE CARE OF ANY BUGS!


    A known issue that screws thousands and thousands of people over has lingered for over 2 months with no resolution.  iOS 6.0.1 didn't do anything to help it. 



    This is such amateur hour BS.  How long until we have a fix for this?  Apple is turning into such a POS company.


    1 more software update is what apple has to fix this before I go and get myself something else.  I'm so fed up with their holier than thou approach to fixing problems.  They have so many thousands of dollars of my money at this point, it really feels like a punch to the gut to have bluetooth audio so messed up in my car.  Its driving me insane because I bought a fairly expensive head unit for my car which was new in 2012.  What POSSIBLE excuse does apple have to not have this fixed by now?  absolutely f-ing ridiculous and unacceptable.

  • F this. Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree.  I am such a fan of Apple--spending more on Apple products than any other company, hands down.  And I find this just beyond absurd.  (Aaaaand the whole Google maps BS too)  --But wanted to pipe back in that the brand new Alpine CDE-HD138BT is insanely hard to use withe the iPhone now....but not if you're still running IOS 5!  Ridiculous. It's obviously an Apple issue as it's affected so many different head units.

  • Dr Agonlord Level 1 (0 points)

    It would be nice if instead of having the Bluetooth 'upgrade' forced upon us in the IOS6 packages, we could perhaps have an option to have either the newer standard OR the older standard rather than just the one we now have to use.

    If the JB users can arm and disarm bluetooth stacks at will, why can't apple give us a similar option. That way, those of us that used the older standard with NO ISSUES, could get things working again, while those who had no problems or needs for the older standard could use the newer firmware.


    I would happily sacrifice the new abilities of the standard in order to have my phone and in car equipment speak to each other properly like they did before IOS6.


    6.01 proved that Apple were unrepentant and had moved forward at the expense of those customers who are having trouble. Leaving it to the ICE manufacturers to sort the problem out is bordering on an insult to all those who have bought an iPhone 5, or upgraded previous devices to IOS6+


    My loyalty to the brand has been severely dented. couple that with the speed they released the ipad 4 after the 'new ipad' (a stupid name, why not call it the ipad 3?), and suddenly they seem to be rushing things out without any care for those buying their equipment.

  • dwest1023 Level 1 (20 points)

    well said. I've probably bought my last iphone.

  • linkovich Level 1 (0 points)

    +1. Well said, and I think I've also purchased my last Apple product.  An Apple store "employee" tried to tell me that my phone had been "submerged", when both indicators are clearly WHITE and it's never even been NEAR water, and my phone is, coincidentally, two days away from end of warranty.  I can buy another one for $200.  So what good is their "warranty"?  This "employee" even tried to tell me that Ford's Sync may not meet Bluetooth standards.  Right, and that's why my neighbor's Galaxy SIII links right up with both of our new Fords, and why it worked fine BEFORE I updated from iOS 5.


    We currently have five Apple products.  This was my one and only trip to the Apple store for a warranty problem that's THEIR fault, and I was treated like a stupid kid.  Apple's "premium" image evaporated right in front of me.


    iOS 6.0.1 killed reliable Bluetooth.  End of story.  And to try to pin that on me when Apple's update did the damage was the last straw.

  • WilsoisGOD Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the issue where my music and books are no longer on my phone but my PC says they are :/

  • William Kucharski Level 6 (14,965 points)

    FWIW, my iOS 6 iPhone 4S and now my new iPhone 5 have worked beautifully with Microsoft Sync in multiple Ford rental cars.


    As a first debugging step, I've found it's critical that you both tell the phone to "Forget This Device" for the car head end and delete the phone from the car's list of devices, then re-pair.


    I had a number of strange glitches with my personal vehicle when I upgraded phones that were all solved by doing this.

  • obtusegoose Level 1 (10 points)

    I just bought the Beats Pill bluetooth speaker. This morning it started randomly skipping while playing back music. This is odd, because I've never had an issue playing music back on my inexpensive Creative D100 bluetooth speaker (which the Pill is suppose to replace). So what's the deal? Is the Beats Pill using a newer version of bluetooth, so that's why it's not working with the updated version of Apple's bluetooth? There's no point in owning a $200 bluetooth speaker that won't work with iOS6.

  • Jody.78 Level 1 (0 points)

    Does anyone from Apple actually monitor and comment on these posts or is it just for complaining in vain ??? I have just fitted a pioneer deh 8400bt head unit to my car, I'm using an iPhone 5 with it for audio streaming and it sends the audio ok. Like most posts the only thing displayed on the screen is the name of the phone connected and all selections have to be via the handset. It would appear that prior to iOS 6 the unit would receive track information etc and skip/rewind could be done from the head unit.


    A couple of weeks ago I fitted a Sony Bluetooth head unit to my wife's car and all functions work on this no bother with her iphone 5 to the extent that she has her steering colum controls and everything. The Sony radio was actually cheaper but I fancied the pioneer as it had 2 USB inputs at the rear to hide the wiring etc.


    I didn't have time to read through all 37 pages of this thread and was just wondering if anyone from Apple ever comments or acknowledges these issues



  • Computable Level 1 (5 points)

    No they don't monitor or care that we have issues with old products that don't work with Bluetooth or there old dock connector.  They want us all to buy new docking stations and stereos because it's the manufactures fault that they didn't check if their products work with the new OS6.  Even if the product doesn't support firmware upgrades.


    The fact is, these manufactures thought that if they comply to Apples "Made for iPhone/ iPod" program that Apple products would always be backward compatible and they should be.  Apple either wants to make a new wireless standard (my opinion) or they don't care.  They are doing their best to even hide this 37+ page post from their own website. They buried it even though its one of the most talked about issues. Why hasn't or macrumors even mention this and only care about Maps app or scratches.  This is the single biggest dissappiontment. 


    Ever since Jobs died Apple only cares about making money.  In the coming years the quality of Apple product will go down hill IMO.  I can't drive and change songs on my brand new but before IO6 car stereo, this is a safety issue.  Device manufactures that complied to the "Made for iPhone/ iPod" program should sue Apple for breach of contract.

  • linkovich Level 1 (0 points)

    Not to pile on here again, but it also seems like the Apple fanboys like to chime in once in a while and say things like "it works perfectly fine for me" and/or "you must be doing something wrong".


    Yes, I deleted all of the pairings listed.  Yes, I know what I'm doing.  Yes, I knew what I was doing for the past three years when my previous iPhones streamed media into my two Fords without a hiccup before iOS6 came along.  And no, I never had my iPhone within ten feet of water, let alone being acused of "submerging" it by an "Apple Genius", especially when I came home after that happy Apple Store trip and found that both of my water indicators were WHITE.  And the "Apple Genius" smacking my 4S around on the counter is the only abuse it's seen in an entire year.  It sure wasn't abused by me.


    These (and other) forums wouldn't be littered with complaints about iOS6 if it worked the way iOS5.x worked - or if it just worked, PERIOD.  iOS6 Bluetooth has bugs, PLAIN AND SIMPLE.  I'm not brand-loyal.  I just want something that works, and, at the moment, it doesn't, at least not seamlessly and reliably.  BTW, Android DOES.


    Finally, Apple treated me like dirt the one and ONLY time I confronted them with a warranty issue, especially since we own five Apple products.  Add smaller screens, poorer recent ratings and performance versus competitors, zero admission of bugs or problems, and slow upgrades/fixes, and I no longer have an image of Apple as "premium", other than significantly higher prices.


    Apple had better get its act together, and FAST.  Word spreads VERY quickly in 2012.

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