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    Does (worked beautifully) include AVRCP & META-DATA ?

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    Re computables comment of :-

    Ever since Jobs died Apple only cares about making money.  In the coming years the quality of Apple product will go down hill IMO.  I can't drive and change songs on my brand new but before IO6 car stereo, this is a safety issue.  Device manufactures that complied to the "Made for iPhone/ iPod" program should sue Apple for breach of contract.


    Couldn't agree more.


    Add in the fact I have actively talked people out of buying iPhones of late for he very reasons stated here.


    The iPhone 5 is no great leap over the iPhone 4. It is better in a lot of ways, but not groundbreaking.

    The lack of help/input/interest related to the Bluetooth issue shows that Apple really do not care about it. It doesn't affect everyone so why even respond?

    In many ways the loss of Steve boy may have been at the right time as I for one feel hat Apple are heading for a fall and are already on the slippery slope.


    We, the customers, are the people who often rave about how good the hardware is. Advertising only goes so far. If it were not for me and one very young member of the family, not one family member wold have an apple device. So the 4 iPads, multitude of iPods, 3 iPhone 4's and one iPhone 5 owe their ownership to me, not apples advertising.


    None of the 4 owners are moving up to a 5. They ask what it's like and I give honest answers.


    The sooner somebody at apple realises that ANY problem affecting users after THEIR update to the software, is going to be seen as their fault, and even if it isn't their fault, the problem itself sits there EVERY SINGLE DAY reminding them that something that once worked now doesn't.


    I would happily have bou4ht a 4s running IOS 5 over the iPhone 5 running iOS 6 had i known what apple were going to do. The ONLY reason I have held out for the problem being fixed is because I hope pioneer pull their finger out and fix my particular hardware set up, but I still have an iPhone 4 as well as my 5. If the worst comes to the worst I will eBay the 5 and consider my options after fully looking into what will work for me. If I end up having to do that to get my steering wheel controls back, then my time with apple is coming to an end. It will be android.


    The only loss is any apps I have purchased and the cloud, along with the app store. But for me? Most of the stuff is just for fun, while the steering wheel controls are both safety related and were always used every day.


    I feel for all those affected, those who updated an older device that used to work, only to find it no longer does. Those who bought a new device and had the problem forced upon them. But I am especially annoyed that somebody at apple has started to cut the iOS signing time of older software to such a short time. If nothing else

    hey should allow older users to roll back to ios 5x.


    All in all, I find apple disappointing in their handling (or lack of handling) this issue.


    Maybe everyone should write to watchdog instead and see about getting the issue recognised. Maybe somebody in

    he apple hierarchy will then think about their customers rather than sticking their heads in the sand and ignoring it altogether.


    I have gotten used to not having he steering wheel controls now, but it hasn't stopped me being massively ticked off and constantly reminded it isn't there wheneveri get in the car.


    Time is ticking. After all, if hey don't fix it before I jump, that's a minimum of one family (who always follow my lead as I am their tech support) who will be leaving the fold. Not to mention a few friends who also ask advice.


    That large screen on the Samsung starts to look better every day

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    I am really sorry, but can we keep these philisophical "I hate Apple" discussions away from here? People here are probably more interested in a solution or a way to make this public to Apple than in those "This phone *****" or "Apple is worse since Steve died" etc. comments. They do not help anyone. They are only good for the one who writes it to let off steam. Others need to scan those comments for anything useful. It's a waste of time. Open your own discussion and call it "I think Apple *****" or "I want Steve back!" or whatever. If you don't like the phone, try to get a refund or sell it. ;-)


    Seriously - please consider the practicability of your solutions and comments. In my opinion, a lot of once useful threads get blown out of proportion by these non-helpful comments and are then left to die. I have my issues with the new iPhone 5 as well (actuallty, I love the design, but don't really appreciate iOS 6), but I won't let my steam off here. I need a solution.


    This is the biggest thread I could find where people actually talk about the BT problem. In my case, my iPhone 5 (iOS 6, not 6.0.1 - I do not want to update since there are still bugs) won't repeat, shuffe or go to the next/previous album through my Mazda CX-5 via Bluetooth. I can skip back/forth and see the Metadata, but that's it.


    I also had a problem with incoming calls being redirected to the actual phone itself, not through the car speakers, but that was resolved by changing the Accessibility settings on the iPhone as follows:


    Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Physical & Motor -> Incoming Calls -> Set to "Headset"


    This forum is not monitored by Apple. So, if you would like to make this problem known to Apple, use their feedback site, explain the problem, and maybe slip the link to this thread into the feedback as well:



    If you think others should be aware of this, try other forums and tweet and encourage people to do the same. The only way to make this public is by word of mouth.


    I know a lot of people are p.o., but just complaining here won't help anyone.


    Just my 2 cents.


    And now write that feedback and send a tweet already! ;-)

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    I can see your point to a degree. And equally agree that it is all too easy to go into rant mode. But I am one who did follow the feedback route. Apples response to that and others who have apparently gone the same route is still as far as I know, zero. It's almost like it doesn't exist. Bluetooth connection used to work fine and did exactly what was promised of it. Apple did an update to the software and now Bluetooth  doesnt work as it did anymore.

    It *****. I don't hate apple. I hate the fact that this problem is here, that people are suffering with it and that there is no acknowledgement of the problem, nor is there light at the end of the tunnel for those people. It isn't as though there is a comment from apple somewhere saying, we are aware of it and it is being addressed. Unlike the maps issue that got an apology, the Bluetooth issue is under the public radar UNTIL members of that same public are hit by the problem and end up here.

    Those who post here are often at there wits end. Especially if you are told its broke now you updated and you can't go back. 

    For me? I hope somebody somewhere in apple IS reading these posts, whether just the simple posts, or the disappointed rants of those who are disenchanted. People already come in and say 'I can't be bothered reading 37 pages, here is my problem'. And guess what, from the start and to date, it is STILL the same problem. It doesn't work properly anymore.


    Get somebody to tell us it will be alright in x amount of days/months and all the rants will likely end. But silence just allows it to fester away.

    In a year it won't matter as any new hardware will likely be compliant and the older stuff will be consigned to the incompatibility lists of the manufacturers involved.

    VHS/Betamax anyone? Anyway, I bow out of any further rants and apologise unreservedly if I have offended anyone reading them. I do not apologise for saying the things I have said as I feel apple really are letting their customers down.


    That is of course a personal view only.

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    I can understand your anger and pain. I know it's frustrating. But I don't think ranting helps them admit anything. I think one has to be defiant. I agree that Apple f**ked up iOS6. Now they have to fix it. They have a lot on their radar: Maps, WiFi issues, iTunes 11... I hope that eventually, they will be made aware of this issue and hopefully fix it, since a huge number of users will be affected. I hope that the sheer influence of this number of users will make them find a solution.


    Apple is the biggest-ever US company in the world (see here).I don't think it is still possible to send individual eMails and hope they notice it individually. The only way they'll notice will probably be through a high number of comlpaints or the media. :'-(


    And now write that feedback and send a tweet already - again! ;-)

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    Beautiful! I had a nice collection of links here, and then - after pressing enter - Apple tells me they are updating the discussion forums, and all is lost.


    Basically, I have the feeling that Bluetooth DOES work fine with my car.


    It reads here:

    Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP 1.4)

    Audio/Video Remote Control Profile allows remote control of playback functions on the iOS device from compatible devices (commonly Bluetooth devices that use the A2DP profile). The latest version of iOS supports the following commands: pause, play, stop, next track, previous track, and browsing.


    Apart from "Browsing", everything works fine! Only "next" and "previous folder" do not work, if that is meant by "browsing". I have to pick a different album from the phone (annoying). However, I noticed that when I am in the whole playlist, I can choose any song. "Repeat" and "Shuffle" are greyed out on the car unit, but it seems that it's not supported, anyway. ID3 tags are shown as well.


    Phone book is downloaded, and outgoing calls are fine. After adjusting some settings as mentioned before, even the incoming calls work fine.


    I'm a bit confused, now... does my phone work as it should, or not?





    Awesome... check this:


    "View comment" under Mazda CX-5 with iPhone 5:


    Due to the phone software, incoming calls will not be received at random occurances on the Hands-Free system. We have communicated these issues to the device manufacturer. Please check back for updates.




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    Okay, to sum up - do we have any solutions for our problems yet?


    I've got a Pioneer DEH-8400BT and really annoys me that it's not working the way like it did before the update to iOs 6.

    It's not just annoying but also dangerous selecting the songs or other stuff on the iPhone itself instead of the back and forward button on the pioneer radio.


    So, what can we do?

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    Solutions ? NO.


    what can we do? Beyond complaining, not a lot from what I can see.


    Whole situation *****. I am sure if we get ignored long enough the problem will go away by itself. People will replace things and get things working by alternate means. Makes you feel like a valued customer owning a premium product doesn't it? Oh, no, it doesn't.


    It ***


    Some companies these days are so large that it is next to impossible for an individual to get any kind of answer. All we can do is share the problem details in wider circles and hope some of those with the ability to actually contact someone in the appropriate company will actually do so. Til then? Living in hope is all that's available.

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    I gave Alpine a call yesterday (I have an Alpine CDE-133BT), and they finally told me an update that should fix the problem is getting preapared for release soon.  Of course, they wouldn't give me an exact date, but it's good to know that they are well aware of the issue and working on a fix. 

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    For what it's worth, I just submitted a request to The Verge to ask them to do more digging and to at least run another article on the subject.


    I'm inclined to believe as was posted in pages past, that Apple will not fix nor even comment on something they don't think is their issue. Being that iOS 6.0.1 has come and gone and there hasn't been a word on this topic from Apple, there's a good chance it is the device manufacturers with the problems, not Apple. While I don't know the technicals of the BT protocol and why such a situation could occur, the fact that Apple isn't saying or doing anything probably truly means they don't think it's their problem.


    That said, I just want an answer.


    Just because *some* manufacturers issue updates doesn't really say who or what messed up, only that they are taking the initiative to fix it. I would like to know what is causing the problem to at least have some sense and some closure. I'm not of the mindset that I'll ever see an update from my car's MFR, but at least I can point my blame somewhere and have some real answers to support me.


    Next I'm going to contact ReneRitchie with iMore and maybe even CultOfMac too. Perhaps they would be willing to do some testing or at least post on the issue.

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    I have the same head unit. Please reply back or let me know if you anything more on the Alpine update.

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    Contrary to popular belief, the problem is apparently known in the wider community:


    I reckon the problem is that there are a lot of different threads.


    I'll try to put a link to this discussion into the others I might find.


    Contacting someome at an Apple blog might also be a good idea.


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      Motorola HX 550 bluetooth headset here.


      Bluetooth stays connected, but Siri drops frequently. Below issue is repeatable.



        However here is an interesting thing: take the iphone and set lock screen to never. Now make an email with siri--be sure to activate her with call button on headset. get to the body and get some text in there. then just stop talking. LOCK SCREEN APPEARS!!!!!! and of course your draft is gone.There does seem to be a work around for some--maybe all these issues. Don't use the call button--use the buttons on the phone.Siri seems to behave properly with scenerio above---sans call button. She does not go to lock.I'm bummed because I just bought this for the iphone 5 and it will not work properly


    Over at Motorola forums "its an apple issue" according to forums manager

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    I am STILL having micro cut-outs in the music when I play musiv via my Bluetooth stereo headset.


    I have the following models, and ALL of them have the same problems (although the Beats Wireless are the worst, actually stopping on me at times):


    Nokia BH 505

    Jabra Halo 2

    Beats Wireless by Monster



    What I have noticed is that the bluetooth seems to be easily influenced... there is some interference.


    For instance, when I pass street where there are trafic signals, as soon as I pass the trafic signal, there are many cut-outs in the music!


    That happens EVERY time, so it is NOT a coincidence.


    Any ideas?


    The bluetooth problems came straight after iOS 6.... so why didn't they fix it with iOS 6.01?!?!?


    I have given up writing to Apple about this... Apple doesn't seem to care about its customers!

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