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    Excellent! Thats what I have as well. So you just followed the directions for the 2400 update, and everything works the same with the update? Including the HD radio feature?

  • rickfromharleysville Level 1 Level 1 (75 points)

    Yes. The updates listed earlier in this discussion are the same for all the models shown. Note: the update only effects the Bluetooth section of the head unit, not the tuner.

  • Pathfin9 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Excellent! Thank you for clarifying that for me!

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    I was able to update my US version AVH-4400BT with my iMac today took 3 tries before it worked . At the end i didn't get the "completed" message instead it said "updating" for about 2-3 min i then just exited the screen and tested it out and was happy to see all was back to "normal" . Thanks all for your help.

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    Ok, so I have the Pioneer DEH-8400BT. I downloaded the update software from Pioneer's homepage and followed through the instructions. I connected my Macbook via Bluetooth with the Pioneer and ended up with an error code 10?!

    Can anyone help me with that? The Bluetooth section of the radio won't work anymore, there's just the error code 10 on the display! I can't even try the update again, nor I can delete the system of the radio 'cause this menu item is gone!

    Please, can anybody help me with that?

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    This is from Pioneer support:


    Thanks for your email. Error-10 means that power has been lost to the internal bluetooth module. If this problem persists after power cycling the unit (turn the car off, then back on), the unit will require service.


    If you just purchased the unit, see if your dealer will exchange the unit for you. If they won't assist, go to:



    Click on "Find a Service Center" to look a up a repair center in your area. If you are under warranty, bring a copy of your receipt with you when you drop off the unit.


    I return my unit because it was still under warranty.

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    So just to bring everyone up to speed so they don't have to go through hundreds of replys, the issue is that when Apple released the IOS 6 they built the bluetooth to be 4.0 compliant, however they did not build it backwards compatable, so any device that is not 4.0 compatible is subjetc to expeprience any number of problems. This is not just iPhone 5 it covers the 3/4 series as well.

    Some of the things that are being seen is:

    1. unable to connect to bluetooth devices (headsest, car head units earhones etc... not limited to any particular brand, my issue is with a 4s and a oioneer head unit.)

    2. if it does connect then it stops playing or "Skips"

    3. very poor sound quality

    4. on partial functionality (in my case it will connect but when streaming music i can play the song but have no controls to play/pause skip forward/backward or any music ID tagging display like name or artist of the song)

    Currently Apple refuses to even acknowledge there is a problem (this has been going on since IOS 6 was released in September)

    Apple response is you need to update your devie to be 4.0 compliant, even if that means that your 2012 BWM does not work, I gues you need to buy a new BWM again the issue is all over the place with many different vendors.

    For me personally the bluetooth phone part works better than the streaming audio I have to about twice a week delte the pairing from both the iPhone and the head unit for the blue tooth to finally connect for phone part. I dont even try the audion streaming any more. The head unit i have is a pioneer 2012 model pioneer avh-p8400bh and poineer is working on updates from thier side although that seems to have stopped as well.

    I have opened a case back in September and have called several times and each time I am told that they (apple) are not seeing hardly any problems with the bluetooth audio and that it is most likely my device.

    I know this is not a comforting response but may help some of the new people on here. Several people have suggested that we go to W.A.T.C.D.O.G and report it there to see if they added pressue will help out casue. I personally have done so.

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    Thanks for the help all.  I can say that I have successfully upgraded my Pioneer AVH-2400BT using the european firmware and my macbook air.  Here's my procedure:


    Clear bluetooth settings in AVH

    Pair Macbook air with AVH

    Under the bluetooth dropdown on the mac select the AVH>"Browse device"

    You'll get a window that has the "upgrade" folder in it.  Navigate to the folder

    ***Important step here***

    I kept getting failed uploads here when I'd drag and drop into the upgrade folder.  The key is to now go back to the AVH>Home>Settings>Upgrade bluetooth firmware.  Click "ok" and it will now say "Waiting for Data" or something like that.  Drag and drop the firmware file now into the upgrade folder.



    Upload takes a few seconds and then about 2-3 minutes for the firmware to update. 

    Cycle power on the AVH

    Repair your iPhone now.


    I had to go into bluetooth devices under the AVH settings and reclick my iPhone device to get the audio working right.  After that, I'm getting all metadata and streaming with itunes app and Pandora.

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    Adding in -


    Just got off the phone with Pioneer customer support and they are planning on releasing updates "by this spring" for all units that remaing effected" and are listed on this compatibility report. 



    And now we wait....

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    Here is one of the big problems I am just now seeing: The new firmware will be released in a few months, but if we assume that apple will resume there summer release of IOS and iPhone (which I have seen reports of this), then if any change is made that affects bluetooth, then we will have to wait another 8+ months to get another update to replace the one that we received a month or so before.

  • JimHdk Level 7 Level 7 (28,295 points)

    darrelm_1967 wrote:



    So just to bring everyone up to speed so they don't have to go through hundreds of replys, the issue is that when Apple released the IOS 6 they built the bluetooth to be 4.0 compliant, however they did not build it backwards compatable, so any device that is not 4.0 compatible is subjetc to expeprience any number of problems. This is not just iPhone 5 it covers the 3/4 series as well.

    This is incorrect. The BT 4.0 standard is backward compatible with BT 2.1 if the BT 2.1 handler is truly compliant with the BT 2.1 standard. Unfortunately, some, but certainly not all, BT 2.1 implementations did not fully adhere to the 2.1 standard. This causes problems when they are used with any BT 4.0 implementation. Note thatt many BT 2.1 implementations have no problem with iOS 6 and BT 4.0. Clearly users in this state with no problems aren't posting on this forum.


    Note also that iOS 6 only uses BT 4.0 on iDevices which have BT 4.0 hardware: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch 5.


    Some vendors are well aware that they have a problem with BT 2.1 vs BT 4.0 and are, slowly, correcting this.

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    Same problem here I really think we broke this unit. I am going to have to send my unit to pioneer. luckily it has a few months left of warranty.

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    Well if you do send it back to pioneer and they accept taking it back let us know, I bought mine in september, about 1 week before ios 6, now when the next iphone is released, which I will be buying, I will have to buy the 2013 model to have full support.  I have been very happy with my pioneer products except for this headunit.

  • armando956 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I think they should since i talked to the retailer that sold it to me, and he said as long as i have the receipt he will send it off for me asap. i wonder if there is anyway to acces the stereo using a computer and a cable...hmmm....

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    iOS 6.1 has just been released.


    I have found iOS 6.1 to actually fix my bluetotth issues with my "Beats Wireless".


    *originially on 6.0 my music would cut-out every 5-15 minutes*


    After 6.1 installed, I have not had any cut-outs what so ever. I have been listening to music for 3 hours straight without any cut-outs as of 1/28/13.


    6.1 on my iPhone 4S has fixed my bluetooth issue as of now. (Siri is still disabled via bluetotth which was not a problem in 5.0) Will be testing iPad 2's bluetooth later today to see if 6.1 also fixes this issue, since I have had the same problem since 6.0 came out.



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