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    aviationwiz wrote:


    FatMac\>MacPro wrote:


    A general question since I did the upgrade both on an actual Lion installation and a virtual machine and both worked: how was the upgrade done? Using Software Update, a downloaded Delta updater or the Combo Updater? In both instances I used the downloaded Combo Updater without any problem.


    I updated my computer using Software Update

    Thank you. From the wording of other posts in other forums, that seems to be the most common thread connecting the problems so far. Indeed, there's one thread in the Mountain Lion community complaining about the 10.8.2 update now not showing up in Software Update. I wonder if it's been pulled.


    I believe (somebody correct me if I'm wrong) that the update delivered by Software Update is customized for your Mac to make the download as small as possible. The updates that developers are offered for testing are the delta and combo files, so it may be the process rather than the file components that are at issue here. I've been trying the updates on both Lion and Mountain Lion on partitions in a multi HD Mac Pro, and the combo updaters seem to work.

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    I just took out 2GB of RAM to bring me down to 6GB, and am still exhibiting the same problems. I also can not boot to the Recovery drive.

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    Grant Bennet-Alder wrote:




    " A Mac that cannot boot to an appropriate Installer DVD has a Hardware problem."


    I would normally tend to agree, but that problem started alonside all the other problems that have just started occuring from the 10.7.5 update.

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    Pull all your Hard Drives.

    Restart while holding the Option key. this should get you into the ROM-resident Startup Manager:


    Startup Manager: How to select a startup volume


    With no drives, you should get a blank screen, but the Eject/Open DVD should be active. use it to open the DVD reader and insert your Installer DVD.


    Will it now show up as a bootable Volume?


    Will it actually Boot?

    -If yes, there is something on one of your other drives that is causing a problem starting up.

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    I had the same problem, on my MBP (


    Bought Mountain Lion 10.8.2


    Created a Boot Disk.


    Installed it over the top.


    Et voila!


    So, there you go...


    My problem solved.

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    Last night tried everything everyone else tried...took out RAM, hard drives. Tested, retested, put in same in various one point, got the mouse pointer to show on the blank white display and the "?" folder to flash up briefly all to no avail.  Suspect the software update is not compatible with the RAID card.  Does anyone else run a RAID? Was able to run the update without any difficulty on my MacBook Pro.  Got both computers the same year, 2007, but the difference is that the laptop can be upgraded to Mountain Lion and the MacPro can't. Will have Apple see what it can do with the MacPro and report back.  Am considering going with a MacBook Pro Retina for my main system in the near future and doing a lot more via the cloud. 

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    Hi Skypainter,


    What graphics card (or cards) do you have?


    Can you boot into verbose mode (Command V) and post the log you get?  (is it a panic screen?).

    If you can't boot into Safe Mode, the Verbose mode may help diagnose.

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    I have the same problem -- hangs up after login.  Safe Mode restart actually allows startup, but with two logins required for some strange reason.  I am not sure what is happening there!  The second login comes up automatically and I am no longer in Safe Mode.  Shutdown and restart and the problem is still there.  I have not tried any PRAM flush or disk repair as yet.


    The last crash report in the system log had the following -- typical of all the problems logged:


    2012-09-22 18:35:23 +0700[1]: Job appears to have crashed: Segmentation fault: 11

    2012-09-22 18:35:23 +0700[1]: Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds

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    Sorry, all this on a Macbook Pro (mid-2010) that has previously had graphics chip failure resulting in kernel panic attack.  The second of two attempts at replacement was successful.

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    Further info:


    Second login shows two login IDs (one of which was deleted today.  Login window states SAFE Mode, but no such designation appears on desktop menu bar.


    Cannot verify or repair disk permissions as "insufficient permissions".


    Is the install somehow corrupted?


    Any suggestions.

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    Update: took the MacPro into Apple today.  The Genius who helped was the most experienced fellow at the store.  Even with his diagnostic software, he could only get into the RAID utility using Snow Leopard tools.  He got nothing at all using Lion diagnostics. It appeared there was no had been configured as RAID 5.  I gave him the go ahead to set up a new RAID configuration, however, when he started this process, a warning said the disks were already in a RAID.  He did not think it was a hardware issue.  He took it in the back to work on it further. My husband is very experienced with PC troubleshooting, and not bad with Apple products, but we knew we did not have the tools that Apple does.  The tech said he will give us the details of what he finds. It seems he likes the challenge this issue presents.  Although this MacPro was top of the line in 2007, it is old no matter the outcome, it will become a storage tower.  At least I will have 2 TB of backup!

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    I appreciate your assistance, unfortunately, the most I ever got was a flash of the folder with the question mark. Wound up taking it into Apple (see my notation before this one). The Genius didn't think it was a hardware issue at all. I will post the outcome.  The tech said he will advise what was the likely cause, and what fixed it. On my iPad at the moment and not able to recall off the top of my head what graphics card is in it.  When I post the outcome, I will add the specifics on hardware...

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    Many of us recommend against Apple RAID card, even against RAID5.


    New OS is a good time to backup, erase/reload.


    AND use a bootvdrive not on the controller.

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    Oh...wish I had talked to you before I bought the MacPro in 2007!  Think it was in 2008 that the RAID card went bad.  Apple replaced it and it and the RAID setup has been fine until this update. Unfortunately the 2007 model I have does not allow Mountain Lion.  I see you have a lot of points so I hope you don't mind me asking what you think of the new MacBook Pros with retina.  No matter if Apple can fix the issue with this particular machine, it will move into a secondary (storage) role. What makes RAIDs undesirable?  From my old PC days, I ran a RAID to provide robustness.  When Apple change to Intel, I changed and ordered my current albeit currently unusable dream graphic machine.  I don't think I would ever go back to a PC for many reasons, not the least of which is the kind of support found on this forum.  When I get a new computer (soon) I want one of the retina MacBook Pros. 


    Thank you for your comments.

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    Just as an update to my specific problem, I brought it in to the Apple Store today, and using an external drive to boot in to first, they were then able to get my Mac Pro to boot in to 10.7.5 with that drive being the only one in the system, incorrectly diagnosing my other hard drive as bad. I brought it home, and within minutes, the display had blurry lines throughout, the colors were off, and quickly moved to a full blown lock up. I then tried to install 10.7.4 from my bootable flash drive, however, even with 10.7.5 completely wiped off my drive, the display problems persisted.


    Purchasing a new video card ($250) from Micro Center fixed the problem, and I was then quickly able to restore my system from a Time Machine backup (which was on the drive the Genius Bar erroneously diagnosed as bad). Now I'm up and running on 10.7.4, and won't be touching 10.7.5 again.


    While I'm not sure how an OS software update could brick a video card, I do know that the problem I had started after restarting from the 10.7.5 install, and then persisted to have problems (and make the computer unusable) until it was replaced.